”No ” Huang Ying shook his head, he was telling that the Sage God didn ’t help the Gods.

” then? ” Ye Chen wanted to know what happened next, what the Sage God would do if he didn ’t help the gods.

”He was the only person who tried to stop the battle from taking place, the Sage God never got involved in the battle, he was a neutral and powerless person, he had acquaintances on both the God and Demon side, so the Sage God ’s wish was to stop the ongoing battle.
happened ” Huang Ying said to Ye Chen.

”He did that alone? ” Ye Chen asked if the Sage God did that alone.

”Of course, he tried to stop the battle alone, the Sage God ended up fighting with both Gods and Demons, the battle was extraordinary, it is said that the Sage God was able to endure hundreds of days alone against billions of gods and demons back then ” Huang Ying told the Sage God was able to defend against billions of cultivators who were at the peak of the God Realm.

”Wow ” Ye Chen was shocked when he heard Huang Ying ’s story, Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Sage God would be that strong.

”Then who won in that battle? ” Ye Chen asked who won in that big battle.

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”Nothing ” Huang Ying said that there was no victor in the battle that took place.

”Huh, how come? ” if there is no winner then what happens, this is very strange for Ye Chen.

”Because the Sage God couldn ’t stop the war, he created a dimension that was used to confine the fighting gods, the Sage God also separated the two regions that were inhabited by God and Demon respectively that you know today God Realm and Demon God Realm ” Huang Ying explained to Ye Chen.

”You mean, we are now living inside a dimensional barrier created by the Sage God? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying.

”That ’s right, the God Realm that you know today is only 5% of the original territory of the God Realm, without knowing it we live in a prison that makes the profound energy in God Realm become depleted as time goes by, this is what makes the era of the gods end , that ’s because the pure energy is becoming more and more depleted and making it difficult for cultivators to break through ” said Huang Ying to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen listened carefully to what Huang Ying said, to be honest Ye Chen was surprised when he heard the story from Huang Ying, Ye Chen gained new knowledge about this.

”Then what happened after that? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying.

”The war is starting to subside, it ’s because every time the God Dan Demons try to invade, their strength will decrease when they enter each other ’s territory, it makes it difficult to conquer enemy territory. ” Huang Ying told the reason why the war could subside, that Sage God made a barrier where gods and demons cannot reach their opponent ’s territory.

”Then what happened to the Sage God? ” Ye Chen asked what happened to the Sage God after the most chaotic war in the history of the God Realm.

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”The Sage God disappeared, no one knows where he went, after that battle he disappeared from the world, many theories spread, some say he got out of this prison, some say he was injured and hid in a faraway place from all God eyes ” Huang Ying said uncertainly, she didn ’t know very well about the existence of the Sage God.

”But now that I see that you have inherited the power of the Sage God, as long as you can obtain the full inheritance of the Sage God, you should be able to break the barrier that the Sage God has set up to lock us up. ” Huang Ying said expectantly, Huang Ying really hoped that Ye Chen was able to break the barrier that was enclosing them.

”Can you say I can get in and out of this prison? ” Ye Chen said to Huang Ying.

”You still don ’t have the Sage God ’s dimensions inheritance, so you can ’t do that ” Huang Ying explained to Ye Chen.

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