Ye Chen was quite surprised when he saw Huang Ying kissing him, it was quite surprising when he saw Huang Ying kissing Ye Chen.

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The feeling of Huang Ying ’s lips was very comfortable, she had soft and smooth lips, it felt comfortable when having a kiss.

Ye Chen ’s mind started to become restless, Huang Ying ’s kiss made Ye Chen ’s mind go wild.

Even the wine that was just given by Huang Ying was unable to make Ye Chen relax and about like before.

”Calm your mind, just relax ” Huang Ying told Ye Chen to calm his mind, lest Ye Chen ’s mind be messed up because of this matter.

Ye Chen tried to do what Huang Ying said, to be honest Ye Chen was a little difficult to do what Huang Ying said, what Huang Ying said was quite difficult for Ye Chen to do.

Even though doing what Huang Ying told him was difficult to do, Ye Chen still tried his best, Ye Chen tried to calm his mind and heart, lest he lose control in a situation like this.

A while later Ye Chen finally calmed down, he managed to calm himself back down to his previous state, now Ye Chen is very calm and very relaxed.

After Ye Chen started to calm down, Huang Ying started to pass the memory of her knowledge to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt a very large and a lot of information flowing through his mind, to be honest there was a lot of information, Ye Chen had never seen this much information in his life.

It wouldn ’t be strange if Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen, a normal human brain would definitely not be able to digest this many thoughts, even Ye Chen was starting to get a little dizzy with the information Huang Ying gave him.

Ye Chen couldn ’t just give up, he had to fight and try his best, lest Ye Chen be defeated by this kind of thing.

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Ye Chen tried to digest the knowledge given by Huang Ying, he digested all the knowledge given by Huang Ying.

Ye Chen felt that right now he was in the middle of a huge sea of ​​knowledge, if Ye Chen wasn ’t careful enough then maybe this sea of ​​knowledge could sweep Ye Chen away very easily.

Ye Chen had to absorb all of these and study them the knowledge given by Huang Ying.

After transferring information and knowledge to Ye Chen, Huang Ying released her lip from Ye Chen, she saw Ye Chen currently closing his eyes and trying to absorb what she just gave him.

”I hope you don ’t disappoint me ” Huang Ying hopes that Ye Chen will not disappoint her, Huang Ying really hopes that Ye Chen can absorb all the knowledge she has gained, it will help Ye Chen ’s life journey in the future.

Huang Ying started to touch her lips, it was Huang Ying ’s first time in close contact with someone, the feeling of doing so was very pleasant for Huang Ying.

”This feeling isn ’t bad. ” Huang Ying could feel that kissing wasn ’t a bad thing, this feeling was very comfortable for her.

Huang Ying wanted to experience this again, but the opposite sex was currently busy, so Huang Ying could only hold back for a while.

Ye Chen continued to study all the information and memories that were nearby, this amount of information was really a lot which made Ye Chen have to spend quite a long time.

Ye Chen didn ’t know when he would be able to finish all of this, Ye Chen must have taken a long time to finish this.

Unknowingly a few days had passed, Ye Chen was now almost done with studying all the memories that Huang Ying had given him.

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After several long days, Ye Chen opened his eyes, he finally learned all the memories that Huang Ying had given him.

After getting the memories from Huang Ying, Ye Chen had a very broad outlook, he felt he could do whatever he wanted.

”Are you done?, do you like the gift I gave you? ” Huang Ying came to Ye Chen ’s side, she asked if Ye Chen had finished digesting all the knowledge she gave.

”Well, thank you very much for what you have given ” Ye Chen was grateful for what Huang Ying had given.

”Um ” Huang Ying nodded, pleased to be able to help Ye Chen with his problem.

”Miss Huang, how much time has passed? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying, wanting to know how much time had passed.

”You don ’t need to be so formal.
You can call me Huang Ying, it ’s been 10 days since that day. ” Huang Ying said that it had been 10 days since he kissed Ye Chen.

The feeling of that kiss was still vivid in Huang Ying ’s memory, it was like poison that continued to affect Huang Ying ’s memory.

”10 days ” Ye Chen did not expect that after 10 days had passed, what happened to Li Jingyi and Chi Shui above, most likely both of them were worried about Ye Chen.

”Looks like I have to go back soon ” Ye Chen had to go back, he couldn ’t let Li Jingyi and Chi Shui worry about him.

”Are you going? ” Huang Ying looked disappointed when she listened to Ye Chen leaving this place, she felt a little reluctant to let Ye Chen leave this place.

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Honestly Ye Chen was the most interesting person to talk to Huang Ying, Huang Ying quite enjoyed talking with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at Huang Ying, Ye Chen could see a sadness on Huang Ying ’s face.

Huang Ying had lived in this place alone for a very long time, so he must have been very lonely.

”Huang Ying, if you don ’t mind, how about you come with me. ” Ye Chen invited Huang Ying to come along with him.

”You asked me to leave this place? ” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen, Huang Ying didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would ask him to leave this place.

Huang Ying had indeed lived in this place for a long time, he had lived in this place alone.

”What ’s wrong, don ’t you want to? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying, why did Huang Ying hesitate to come with him.

”I have a problem with that ” Huang Ying said that he had a problem getting out of this place.

”What ’s your problem, just tell me ” Ye Chen said to tell what problem Huang Ying had.

” that .
., I have sworn not to leave this place. ” Huang Ying said that he had sworn not to leave the valley of memories, so Huang Ying could not accept Ye Chen ’s invitation.

”I see. ” Ye Chen nodded, as if he couldn ’t force his will on Huang Ying.

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Ye Chen looked disappointed when he heard this, there was a certain disappointment when Ye Chen heard this.

”But if anyone has genuine feelings for me, then I can leave this place ” Huang Ying said to Ye Chen.

”Eh? ” Huang Ying ’s words made Ye Chen slightly surprised, Ye Chen immediately looked at Huang Ying who was in front of him.

Huang Ying turned his head away, he looked embarrassed when he looked at Ye Chen, what was previously said was something to be ashamed of.

”So it ’s like that ” Ye Chen now understood what he had to do, it seemed like he was going to help Huang Ying out of this place.

Ye Chen couldn ’t let a beautiful goddess like Huang Ying stay here for the rest of his life.

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