Ye Chen and Huang Ying spent their time together, they both continuously practiced Dual Cultivation without thinking about anything else.

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Ye Chen focused on being with Huang Ying, he liked having a relationship with Huang Ying.

Huang Ying  was already limp, she really tired when she faced Ye Chen.

To be honest, Ye Chen ’s strength was truly beyond limits, he was actually able to make Huang Ying as helpless as she was now.

”I give up, so please spare me ” Huang Ying was finally the first to admit defeat, she was already completely exhausted when facing Ye Chen.

Honestly, Ye Chen had enormous strength, this made Huang Ying unable to deal with Ye Chen anymore.

”Are you no longer able ? ” ask Ye Chen to Huang Ying who is under him.

”You are still asking, you don ’t see that it is so swollen ” Huang Ying complained to Ye Chen, she had fought all out with Ye Chen until now.

Ye Chen saw what Huang Ying meant, it was true that it was already quite swollen.

Ye Chen seemed to be too hard on Huang Ying, Huang Ying was already too hard to withstand the attack that came from Ye Chen.

Due to Huang Ying ’s state of being unable to support Ye Chen, Ye Chen had no choice but to let Huang Ying go.

If it continues, it will be a trauma for Huang Ying, maybe Ye Chen will no longer get any rations from Huang Ying.

Ye Chen pulled possession from Huang Ying, himself lying right beside Huang Ying.

Huang Ying felt empty when Ye Chen left, she felt empty when Ye Chen ’s left.

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”I want to rest ” Huang Ying said that she wanted to rest, Huang Ying was quite tired.

”Let me hug and accompany you ” Ye Chen said that he would hug and accompany Huang Ying.

Huang Ying didn ’t reject Ye Chen ’s good intentions, she just let Ye Chen do as he pleased.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying rested, they both enjoyed very precious time together.



Meanwhile on the surface, Li Jingyi and Chi Shui were still waiting patiently for Ye Chen, they both didn ’t know why Ye Chen had still not returned, it had been tens of days, but Ye Chen still hadn ’t appeared either.

”Is he okay, it ’s been more than ten days? ” Chi Shui asked Li Jingyi who was beside her.

”He must be fine, he might be facing some problem ” Li Jingyi said that Ye Chen might be facing a problem.

”Hey, dragon, what ’s down there, quickly tell us ” Chi Shui finally asked the water dragon to tell her what was down there.

”There is someone very powerful below, most likely right now he is thinking how to get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower ” the water dragon told Chi Shui, he told Chi Shui what was in there.

”Who is it, is great? ” Chi Shui asked the water dragon, to be honest Chi Shui was very curious, she wanted to know who the water dragon was referring to.

”From what I heard from the seniors before, the person who lives in the interior is a goddess, if I ’m not mistaken she has the nickname of the Goddess of eternal snow who was able to freeze 1/10 of the God Realm ’s territory in the past ” the water dragon told Chi Shui about the person who live at the bottom of the lake.

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”Is that a dangerous person? ” Li Jingyi asked the water dragon if the person the water dragon just said was a bad person.

”No really, she ’s not evil, but she is quite obsessed with knowledge, she must be forcing young master to answer difficult questions ” the water dragon told what might happen.

”I see. ” Chi Shui and Li Jingyi were relieved by what had happened, it seemed that the reason Ye Chen had not returned was because he had not been able to answer Huang Ying ’s question.

In fact, Ye Chen was currently having fun with Huang Ying.

Moments later Chi Shui received a distress call from one of the Sect disciples.

”I ’m leaving, it seems that something happened in the Sect. ” Chi Shui said to Li Jingyi, she said that Heaven Dream Sect was having a problem.

Li Jingyi nodded, she understood the problem Chi Shui had.

”When I finish my problem, I will see you two again. ” Chi Shui said that she would meet Li Jingyi and Ye Chen.

Chi Shui only hoped that Li Jingyi and Ye Chen could get out of this place alive and obtain the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

Chi Shui went to find the whereabouts of the Seven Fairy Succubus, they had to quickly leave this valley of memories.

Chi Shui had already obtained the location map of the valley of memories from the water dragon, so getting out of this place was not difficult.

Li Jingyi saw Chi Shui leave, now that she was alone, Li Jingyi looked at the lake and hoped that Ye Chen would appear soon.


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Ye Chen and Huang Ying rested for a while, Ye Chen started to stabilize his cultivation, Dual Cultivation with Huang Ying made Ye Chen improve enormously.

Huang Ying had already regained his strength, it ’s just that there was still a bit of numbness in her body, this felt a little uncomfortable for Huang Ying.

Although it was still a little uncomfortable for Huang Ying, Huang Ying was able to carry on with his usual activities.

”Are you ready to leave this place? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying.

”Of course, I ’m ready ” Huang Ying said that he was ready to leave this place.

”Didn ’t you pack your things? ” Ye Chen asked Huang Ying.

”No need, this is a world that I created, I can pack everything easily ” Huang Ying said that she could pack everything easily.

”oke ” Ye Chen had forgotten that this was a small world created by Huang Ying, so Huang Ying of course could easily pack up everything in this place.

”Come with me ” Huang Ying showed Ye Chen a way out, she guided Ye Chen out of this place.

With the help of Huang Ying, Ye Chen came out of the small world created by Huang Ying.

Ye Chen is currently at the 10th stage of the Divine Monarch Realm, Ye Chen ’s increase in strength can be said to be too great.

One more step Ye Chen Ye Chen will step into Divine Preceptor Realm realm.

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Ye Chen couldn ’t believe this increase in strength, it was really an enormous increase in strength.

Ye Chen who was previously at the Divine Rebirth Realm stage, had now advanced to an even higher level.

On the other hand Huang Ying also benefited greatly, her strength increased and she became more and more beautiful and seductive, her charm radiating more and more which made Ye Chen feel excited when Ye Chen saw her.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying came out of the small world, after leaving the small world, Huang Ying waved her hand, instantly the blue portal shrank and became a marble, Huang Ying took the marble and put it away.

”Isn ’t that too easy ” Ye Chen saw that what Huang Ying did was very easy, Ye Chen also wanted to try it one day.

”Never mind, you have a fairy gate, there ’s no need to do such things anymore. ” Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen not to do that, Ye Chen already had a fairy gate, the fairy gate mechanism was far more perfect than the small world created by Huang Ying.

”Okay I see ” Since Chu Yuechan seemed dissatisfied with this, Ye Chen had no choice but to skip this matter.

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