Luo Tian looked more and more flaming when he listened to Ye Chen ’s words.

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In his life, this was Luo Tian ’s first time hearing someone who dared to say that his attacks were so mushy, this was the greatest humiliation Luo Tian had ever endured.

”You, you really want to die ” Luo Tian pointed at Ye Chen, Luo Tian ’s face turned red with anger.

”You will die if you don ’t leave this place immediately ” Ye Chen returned Luo Tian ’s words, Ye Chen told Luo Tian to leave this place.

. ” Luo Tian let out an extremely powerful profound wind, the Jade Lotus Peak and the other eight peaks were enveloped by the windstorm.

The area around this place became pitch black, lightning flashed from above the sky, Luo Tian ’s power created a terrifying phenomenon.

Luo Tian ’s immense power naturally caused a tremendous disaster, people who were cultivating immediately came out when they saw the commotion outside.

Even the Peak Lords showed up and saw what was going on outside, who would dare to make such a fuss out here.

”Who dares to mess in my place? ” Ning Xia went straight out of her room, she went straight to the entrance of the Jade Lotus Peak, Ning Xia wanted to know who dared to wreak riot on her territory.

Apart from Ning Xia all the female disciples from Jade Lotus Peak also came out, they all wanted to see who was making a mess in front of the Jade Lotus Peak entrance.

When Ning Xia and all the female disciples arrived in front of the Jade Lotus Peak ’s entrance, they found Luo Tian being enveloped by a windstorm, meanwhile Ye Chen and Mu Xueying were near Luo Tian.

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”What happened in this place? ” Ning Xia came down, she immediately asked what happened in this place.

”Greetings Lord Peak ” Ye Chen greeted Ning Xia who had just appeared.

”Chen, what happened? ” Ning Xia asked what happened in this place.

”Nothing happened, I was just trying to push this guy away but he put up a fight ” Ye Chen said to Ning Xia.

Ye Chen explained what happened to Ning Xia, he tried to tell Ning Xia that Luo Tian tried to find trouble first.

”Luo Tian, ​​how dare you look for trouble at my place ” Ning Xia was angry at Luo Tian who had dared to look for trouble in her place.

”Lord Peak Ning, it ’s not what you think, he is the one who challenged me ” Luo Tian said to Ning Xia, Luo Tian tried hard to explain to Ning Xia.

”Who challenged you, you were the first to attack me ” Ye Chen said to Luo Tian and Ning Xia.

” You .
”Luo Tian pointed at Ye Chen, this man is very good at speaking.

”If you don ’t believe it, we can ask Sister Xueying this, she must know what happened ” Ye Chen pointed at Mu Xueying, he was one of the people who saw what happened.

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”Xueying, why don ’t you explain everything ” Luo Tian hoped that Mu Xueying could explain everything to him, Luo Tian hoped that Mu Xueying would explain what just happened.

”Master, Luo Tian was indeed the one who attacked first, Ye Chen didn ’t even counter Luo Tian ’s attack, you could say it was a one-sided attack ” Mu Xueying said what happened, she said that Luo Tian was the one who attacked while Ye Chen only defended from Luo Tian ’s attack.

Mu Xueying wasn ’t lying when she said this, Ye Chen hadn ’t even counterattacked from the start, meanwhile Luo Tian had already attacked Ye Chen several times.

Ning Xia looked at Luo Tian, ​​Luo Tian had dared to attack the disciple from Jade Lotus Peak, Ning Xia must not let this thing pass.

”you ” Luo Tian was really very annoyed, he was really caught up in trouble, Luo Tian ’s reputation would be affected because of this matter.

”What ’s the fuss? ” Shin Pi came, the lord of Cloud Sky Peak came and saw what was going on.

”what kind of commotion is going on, it ’s disturbing the nap I had ” Mo Chiyi also came, she asked what was going on in this place.

Honestly, Mo Chiyi was annoyed when she saw someone interrupting her nap, this could affect Mo Chiyi ’s mood.

”who is this handsome man? ” Mo Chiyi looked at Ye Chen, this was the first time Mo Chiyi had seen a handsome man like Ye Chen.

Mo Chiyi  had many fans from various places, all of her pursuers were handsome and held high positions, but this was the first time Mo Chiyi had seen a man so handsome like Ye Chen.

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”Looks like there ’s a good party here ” Yun Yang also came, he said that there is a good party in this place.

”Explain what happened in this place ” Shin Pi told Luo Tian to explain what happened in this place, he trusted Luo Tian more than Ning Xia, Ye Chen and Mu Xueying.

”Lord Peak, I ’m having a battle with that man for daring to insult my strength, but it seems that man doesn ’t dare to fight me after challenging me ” Luo Tian said to everyone.

”When did I say I was afraid of you ” Ye Chen replied to Luo Tian ’s words, Ye Chen was never afraid when dealing with Luo Tian.

”Then let ’s fight ” Luo Tian challenged Ye Chen to a battle.

”Stop-stop, instead of you fighting like that, why don ’t you guys settle this battle on the arena, it ’s more honorable ” Yun Yang stopped Ye Chen and Luo Tian ’s sparring, he told the two to settle this matter on the arena.

”That ’s a very good idea ” Shin Pi totally agrees with what Yun Yang said, it ’s better for them to settle this matter in the arena.

” are you brave? ” Luo Tian asked Ye Chen, Luo Tian challenged Ye Chen to solve this matter in the arena.

”Do you think I am afraid of it, of course I accept this ” Ye Chen accepted Luo Tian ’s challenge.

”If I win then you must stay away from Sister Xueying, don ’t show your face again, otherwise you will suffer the consequences ” Ye Chen showed a hint of his domination, when Ye Chen did this, the entire Lord Peak felt a tremendous pressure from Ye Chen.

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”This handsome man? ” Mo Chiyi was surprised by the dominance that Ye Chen just displayed, she couldn ’t believe that he would tremble when she saw the dominance that Ye Chen just displayed.

”I ’m not afraid of your bluff, if I win you better never talk to Xueying again ” Luo Tian also said the bet he wanted, he wanted to try to drive Ye Chen away from Mu Xueying.

”Agreed ” Ye Chen agreed with this matter, the opportunity had been created which meant that there would be a battle between Ye Chen and Luo Tian.

”1 week from now we will meet in the arena of life and death battle, prepare yourself to lose ” Luo Tian said to Ye Chen.

”You also prepare yourself ” Ye Chen said to Luo Tian.

Ye Chen and Luo Tian both gave warnings, both gave warnings to each other.

After agreeing on a battle, Luo Tian left this place 1 week from now there would be a battle between him and Ye Chen.

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