”I know that, but I don ’t want you to get into troublesome matters ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

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”This is not a troublesome matter, this is something that is very easy for me. ” Ye Chen said that it was very easy for him.

There was nothing difficult in this kind of matter, it would be very easy for Ye Chen to resolve this matter.

Mu Xueying saw that Ye Chen was very confident, Mu Xueying didn ’t know where Ye Chen ’s confidence came from.

”Okay, I won ’t stop you anymore, let ’s practice. ” Mu Xueying didn ’t stop Ye Chen, instead Mu Xueying took Ye Chen to practice.

”What kind of training, is it bed training? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

In this matter Ye Chen still had the audacity to tease Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying immediately pulled Ye Chen ’s ear, Mu Xueying was annoyed at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen really couldn ’t be taken seriously, this man was always trying to tease her.

”Wife, do you intend to kill your husband ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying who pulled her ear.

”I really want to do that, that way no more women will fall victim to what you did ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying lectured Ye Chen for a while, after teaching Ye Chen enough, Mu Xueying took Ye Chen to the training ground.

”The practice room has now been moved underground, so Ye Chen and Mu Xueying just need to go downstairs to the building.

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”Husband, from now on you will be an instructor ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen that from now on he would be an instructor.

”Why all of a sudden ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

”It was a request from Lord Peak, she wants you to teach the women here, your skills are good enough, so you have to teach them all. ” Mu Xueying immediately explained why she wanted Ye Chen became an instructor

”oh, so this is a request from Lord Peak, then I will accept this ” Since this is a request from Lord Peak, then Ye Chen will accept this matter.

”Very good ” Mu Xueying was happy that Ye Chen willing to accept this offer, that way he doesn ’t have to force Ye Chen.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying arrived at the practice room, there are already a lot of women waiting for practice here.

”Everyone gather now ” Mu Xueying called all the female disciples, she informed all female disciples to gather right now.

All female disciples gathered, they all gathered in front of Mu Xueying.

Everyone wanted to know why Mu Xueying had told them to gather, Mu Xueying must have wanted to tell them something.

”Everyone, for today, Ye Chen will train you, he will be your instructor for today. ” Mu Xueying informed that Ye Chen would be their instructor for today.

”Yay ” several women looked happy when they heard this, they looked happy to hear that Ye Chen will be their instructor.

With Ye Chen being the instructor, they can easily get close to Ye Chen, this is something that everyone has been waiting for.

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”Calm down ” Seeing the seemingly noisy atmosphere, Mu Xueying immediately stopped people -people who are around this place, he told everyone not to make a fuss.

Mu Xueying ’s orders made all the women speechless, they immediately fell silent when they received orders from Mu Xueying.

”Good. ” Mu Xueying nodded in satisfaction, she was satisfied when she saw all the women becoming obedient.

”Ye Chen, they are now your responsibility, you better train them well. ” Mu Xueying handed the responsibility of this place to Ye Chen, now Ye Chen is in charge of this place.

”Okay, just leave everything to me ” Ye Chen nodded, he told Mu Xueying to hand over everything in this place.

After saying this, Mu Xueying left, she left to the woman near Ye Chen.

”Instructor Ye Chen, what are you going to do? ” all the women asked what Ye Chen was going to do.

”How about we discuss the theory of practice first, before we do the practice I want you to know the theory in practice ” Ye Chen said to all the beautiful women in front of him.

”Okay ” all the beautiful women nodded, they listened to the theory that Ye Chen would give.

Ye Chen gave the ways to practice, he explained everything very easily, Ye Chen explained the easy way to practice and increase their strength & abilities .

All the women listened to Ye Chen, they listened to Ye Chen ’s lesson.

Ye Chen ’s lesson was very interesting, they never knew there was such a thing in this world.

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All the beauties in this place had never listened to Ye Chen ’s theory of practice, so they wondered if they could do that.

”Okay, let ’s do some practice, are you guys ready? ” Ye Chen asked everyone in front of him.

”Ready ” everyone answered, they said that they were ready to do field practice.

”Then let ’s do it ” Ye Chen was going to test the women in this place one by one, he wanted to see the abilities of each of the beautiful women in front of him.

That way Ye Chen could provide a suitable training for all of them.

The first woman came forward, she was a beautiful woman with a slender appearance and had a body that looked like an 18 year old girl.

Between the parts of her body there is a place that is quite prominent, that place is at the waist, this woman ’s waist is very slim and perfect, it will definitely be comfortable when holding this woman ’s waist.

This beautiful woman is showing her abilities, she is showing some of the skills she has.

Ye Chen saw the skills that this woman had, there were still so many flaws and mistakes that this woman had made.

”Instructor, what do you think? ” asked the female disciple to Ye Chen.

”There are still too many mistakes ” Ye Chen gave an honest assessment, he said that there were still a lot of mistakes.

” Is that true? ” The female disciple did not expect that Ye Chen would say that he had so many faults.

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”Don ’t be too sad, I ’m here to correct the mistakes that you all have, so don ’t doubt your abilities ” Ye Chen tried to comfort the women in this place, he didn ’t want them to misunderstand what he wanted.

”Okay, I understand ” the female disciple could understand, she was sure that Ye Chen would not belittle them.

Ye Chen started to teach this female disciple, she taught the moves while helping her.

In that case Ye Chen had to make some direct contact with this female disciple with a slender waist.

The female disciple looked embarrassed when she had some direct contact with Ye Chen, it was very embarrassing when she had direct contact with Ye Chen.

When the female disciple made direct contact with Ye Chen, she felt her heart beat rapidly, plus her breathing was a little uncontrollable, she seemed very nervous when she was around the man she liked.

”You ’re too tense and nervous, try to relax . ” Ye Chen tried to help the female disciple who looked very tense when she was with him, this woman was too tense when she was around him.

”It ’s a bit difficult ” The female disciple said that she couldn ’t relax, being around the person she liked seemed really hard.

”Let me help you a little ” Seeing the female disciple couldn ’t relax then Ye Chen would help her.

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