”This radiance, is this heavenly lightning? ” Luo Cangseng looked surprised when he saw what Ye Chen had shown.

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”This is really genuine, he can control the heavenly lightning? ” Luo Cangseng really didn ’t believe there was anyone capable of controlling heavenly lightning, this was an impossible thing to do, even Luo Cangseng had never heard of something like this.

”It must be a trick, don ’t be fooled by something like this ” Luo Mang still couldn ’t believe it, he was sure that this person was just bullying them.

Luo Mang didn ’t believe that there was someone who could control heavenly lightning, controlling heavenly lightning was an impossible thing to do, even the gods in the past could never do that.

Luo Mang stepped forward, he intended to attack Ye Chen, Luo Mang ’s injuries were still not fully healed, so Luo Mang couldn ’t show his full strength to Ye Chen.

”Wait a moment ” Luo Cangseng tried to warn Luo Mang, Luo Cangseng ’s warning was really no joke, Luo Cangseng was afraid that Luo Mang would make a mistake that could get him into big trouble.

Luo Cangseng saw that this was really the person that the great powers in the God Realm were looking for, it must be this person who created a phenomenon that could make the entire God Realm tremble.

”You die ” Luo Mang attacked Ye Chen, he launched a very deadly attack on Ye Chen.

Luo Mang coated his hand with profound wind, after coating his hand, Luo Mang used the enormous amount of profound energy he had to do this.

Luo Mang ’s attack was no joke, obviously being hit by this attack, a person ’s body could be torn to pieces, the power of this attack was like a lethal nuke.

”Boom ” Luo Mang ’s attack hit Ye Chen ’s body, Ye Chen didn ’t dodge Luo Mang ’s attack.

”Hahaha, feel it ” Luo Mang looked very happy when he landed an attack on Ye Chen, this attack should be enough to kill Ye Chen.

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When Luo Mang attacked Ye Chen, Luo Cangseng felt something strange, he felt that his hand couldn ’t be moved.

Luo Mang looked at his hand, when Luo Mang looked at his hand, he found that his hand was missing.

” what just happened? ” Luo Mang screamed, he didn ’t know what had happened to him.

”Quickly retreat now. ” Luo Cangseng told Luo Mang to immediately retreat, otherwise something more terrible could happen.

” Where are you going? ” Ye Chen didn ’t let Luo Mang escape, he restrained Luo Mang who was trying to escape from this place.

”Arghh ” Luo Mang roared, he felt excruciating pain when Ye Chen grabbed his wrist.

Luo Mang ’s wrist started to burn, in a very short time Luo Mang ’s arm was turned into ashes.

Luo Cangseng looked horrified when he saw what had happened, to be honest what had happened was terrifying, Luo Mang ’s body was instantly turned to ashes when he touched Ye Chen.

”You monster ” Luo Mang looked scared, his two arms had been crushed by Ye Chen, now he has no arms.

Luo Cangseng immediately pulled Luo Mang back, if it continued like this, then it was certain that Luo Mang would be killed by Ye Chen.

”Let ’s just run away from this place ” Luo Cangseng invited Luo Mang to leave this place, the enemy they were facing was too terrible, just seeing it made Luo Cangseng get goosebumps.

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”Want to run away?, it ’s not that easy ” Ye Chen wouldn ’t let Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang escape so easily, he couldn ’t just let the two of them escape.

Ye Chen couldn ’t let the Luo Clan escape, they already knew his secret, that ’s why these two had to disappear from this world.

Ye Chen made a lightning dome, he sealed off all exits that were owned by Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang.

”Damn it, our exit is blocked ” Luo Cangseng didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would block their exit, now what should they do to get out of this place.

Ye Chen walked over to Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang, both of them looking confused to get out of this situation, they no longer had a way to get out of the dangerous situation that threatened their lives.

”You guys have no way out anymore ” Ye Chen said that he had no way out anymore.

”Shit, we ’re really desperate, it seems I have no choice but to ask the Sect for help. ” Luo Cangseng had no other choice but to ask the Sect for help.

Luo Cangseng took out a canister of fireworks, this was an emergency signal held by people with very high positions in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

If Luo Cangseng pulled out the fireworks wick in his hand, then the people of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect would come and help them out of this situation.

This was the only way for Luo Cangseng to escape from Ye Chen, he would not be able to escape if he fought Ye Chen alone.

Luo Cangseng had already estimated Ye Chen ’s strength, at least Ye Chen ’s strength might be comparable to Peak Lords, so the Peak Lords could help him.

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Luo Cangseng pulled the wick, a huge firework shot out and rose into the sky.

”boom ” A huge fireworks explosion occurred, the explosion was big enough for everyone to see.

”So he ’s trying to ask for help, okay, time to end this ” Since Luo Cangseng was trying to ask the Nine Immortals Peak Sect for help, Ye Chen had no choice but to quickly end this.

Ye Chen started to raise one hand of his, Ye Chen closed his eyes and started reading something.

When Ye Chen did this, the sky suddenly changed color, the sky became extremely dark, it was even darker than night, millions of white lightning flashed and made a sound that could shake one ’s soul.

Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang trembled, they again saw something that made them both amazed and scared.

The phenomenon that occurred covered an enormous area, the entire Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm was covered in pitch black clouds.

”You have to pay for everything ” Ye Chen raised his hand up, a dragon appeared from behind the lightning, this dragon was enormous and made of heavenly lightning, the lightning dragon roared towards Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang.

Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang looked terrified when they saw the appearance of a dragon made of lightning, they were really scared to death.

”God ’s Judgment Lightning ” Ye Chen swung his hand downwards, when Ye Chen did this, the lightning dragon also descended towards Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang.

” Not .
. ” Luo Cangseng and Luo Mang shouted, they tried to block the attack that was aimed at him.

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”BOOM ” A very powerful lightning explosion occurred, a very long pillar of lightning appeared and could be seen by everyone in the distance.

All the cultivators saw a white pillar, they just fell silent when they saw the white pillar rising into the sky.

” what ’s that? ” The reinforcements from the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm were shocked when they saw what happened, what happened left everyone feeling shocked.

”Hurry up, something seems to have happened ” one of the senior core disciples told the others to leave immediately, Lord Peak would definitely catch up with them.

The core disciples of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect immediately headed for the Luo Clan manor, all of them approaching the Luo Clan manor.

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