”Once this match starts, no one can stop the match, the entire arena will be covered by a barrier, once someone loses the barrier will be destroyed ” Li Minho explained the rules of this life and death arena, as long as one of the two didn ’t lose, then there will be a barrier protecting outsiders, that means outsiders will not be able to interfere with the battle between Ye Chen and Luo Tian.

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Ye Chen nodded, so while the battle was going on, no one could interfere with the two.

Ye Chen and Luo Tian can fight freely without worrying about other people interfering with their battle.

”Once the barrier is activated, then that means the battle will start soon, do you understand? ” Li Minho said to Ye Chen and Luo Tian, ​​once the barrier was activated the match would start immediately.

After telling the rules, Li Minho decided to leave this place, he let the two fight as they pleased.

After Li Minho left, inside the arena only Ye Chen and Luo Tian were left, the two of them stared at each other and waited for the battle to begin.

The barrier began to activate, an enormous barrier began to activate and enveloped the life and death battle arena.

The activated barrier was extremely large and extremely thick, it seemed it won ’t be easy for someone to break through this great barrier, it will take time to break this great barrier.

Once the barrier has completely covered the arena, then the match can be said to have started.

”Go ahead, I will give you 10 chances to attack first before I defeat you ” Luo Tian gave Ye Chen an opportunity to attack him.

It was obvious that Luo Tian wanted to show off his strength in front of everyone present.

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Xing Han nodded in satisfaction, it seemed that Luo Tian was trying to show the upper class people that he was worthy of being a patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

As a patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect Luo Tian needed to have great foundation and strength, and Luo Tian tried to show that to everyone in this place.

”Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave, then I won ’t hesitate ” Ye Chen just smiled as he listened to what Luo Tian said, Ye Chen didn ’t know if Luo Tian was really great or he was trying to make it up in front of everyone in the crowd.
this place.

Since Luo Tian provided an opportunity for Ye Chen to attack first, Ye Chen would not miss the opportunity given by Luo Tian.

Ye Chen stepped forward and started hitting Luo Tian ’s stomach, Ye Chen used 10% of his strength to hit Luo Tian.

Ye Chen wanted to have fun, so Ye Chen didn ’t end this battle right away.

”Bam… ” Ye Chen ’s punch landed perfectly, it hit Luo Tian stomach, He immediately knelt on the ground, his stomach hurt and was very nauseous, it felt like Luo Tian wanted to vomit.

From the corner of Luo Tian ’s mouth, fresh blood came out, this fresh blood came out because Luo Tian had internal injuries.

”What! ! ! ” All Peak Lords, Core Disciples and Xing Han were shocked when they saw Luo Tian who was kneeling when he received Ye Chen ’s punch.

people started to wonder about what had happened, they were confused about what had just happened, what had just happened was something they could hardly believe in.

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Especially to Lord Peak and Xing Han, they were shocked to see Luo Tian kneeling when received an attack from Ye Chen.

”What the hell, doesn ’t Luo Tian already have a very high cultivation, how can he kneel when he receives an attack from Ye Chen ” Shin Pi started to ask the other Peak Lords around him.

”Should be That ’s right, Luo Tian is now at the early stages of the Divine Overlord Realm, his strength should be close to ours, so how could he kneel with just a small blow. ” This former combat veteran was even confused by what had happened.

”so strong, how did Ning Xia train him? ” Mo Chiyi is more attracted to Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s strength is definitely higher than the competition time to become a core disciple.

Even though the competition period is still about 1 month, how can Ye Chen become so strong.

This is a question in Mo Chiyi ’s heart, curiosity this made her curious about Ye Chen more and more.

”junior Ye Chen is so great, he made Luo Tian kneel with just a punch ” the beautiful women from Jade Lotus Peak cheered when they saw what happened, they were all now in unison supporting Ye Chen in order to win the battle against Luo Tian

”why are you kneeling like that? ” Ye Chen asked Luo Tian, ​​he asked why Luo Tian was kneeling like that.

Ye Chen ’s words might be very short, but it certainly made Luo Tian feel very embarrassed.

Whereas previously Luo Tian was very arrogant when facing Ye Chen, but now he made to kneel in front of Ye Chen.

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”I just wanted to make you look great, this time it won ’t happen ” Luo Tian got up, he got up as if nothing had happened to him.

Luo Tian endured the pain, he tried to save his lost face, if Luo Tian didn ’t get up, then it was certain that people would think not good on him.

Who is Luo Tian, ​​he is a direct disciple of Xing Han, if Luo Tian loses then it will definitely be a blowhard for Xing Han.

”Great, once, then I still have 9 steps left, be prepared ” Ye Chen said to Luo Tian, ​​he told Luo Tian that he still had nine attacks left.

Luo Tian gritted his teeth, he couldn ’t go back on his words, it could also humiliate Luo Tian.

Luo Tian regretted the decision he made earlier, now that he couldn ’t take revenge on Ye Chen, he had to withstand 9 more attacks from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled evilly, he couldn ’t wait to have fun with Luo Tian, ​​Ye Chen would definitely make Luo Tian crawl in front of the audience here, then it was certain that Luo Tian would not dare to look for Mu Xueying anymore.

”Be prepared, the second blow is coming ” Ye Chen told Luo Tian that the second blow was coming.

Luo Tian didn ’t want to play around anymore, he covered his body with wind armor, so Luo Tian could block Ye Chen ’s attack.

. ” Luo Tian was hit so hard by Ye Chen, he was sent flying hundreds of meters into the barrier.

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Ye Chen ’s current punch was much stronger than before, this sent Luo Tian ’s body flying.

The audience was again shocked when they saw what happened, they were all shocked by Ye Chen ’s actions that attacked Luo Tian.

Luo Tian was already seriously injured from Ye Chen ’s two attacks, if it continued like this, Luo Tian would definitely lose at Ye Chen ’s hands soon.

”Tian, ​​don ’t mess around anymore, quickly beat that guy right now ” Shin Pi shouted at Luo Tian, ​​he told Luo Tian not to mess around when facing Ye Chen.

Shin Pi felt pity when he saw Luo Tian who was the object of Ye Chen ’s violence, how could a direct disciple of the Patriarch lose to a new core disciple like Ye Chen.

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