Shin Pi looks very annoyed when he sees that there are students who support Ye Chen, he doesn ’t like when he sees Luo Tian being insulted.

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After all, Luo Tian was a former disciple of Shin Pi, so it wasn ’t strange that Shin Pi was very displeased when he saw someone mocking or berating Luo Tian.

Being bullied by Shin Pi, the disciples who were shouting cheating immediately fell silent, they didn ’t dare to scream anymore for fear of getting into trouble.

”Oh, so you used such a thing. ” Ye Chen only smiled when Luo Tian took the Life Redemption Pill.

Luo Tan had to pay a price to use the Life Redemption Pill, Luo Tian did that to defeat Ye Chen, he would not lose to Ye Chen

”the battle has just begun prepare yourselves ” Luo Tian said that the battle had just started, he would attack Ye Chen using full power.

An extremely strong profound wind shot out from Luo Tian ’s body, it created an enormous vortex.

Inside the arena it became very noisy, the strong winds tugging at anything nearby.

If Ye Chen had no strength, Ye Chen would have been dragged into the whirlwind.

”This person is a little stupid ” Ye Chen saw that Luo Tian was a little stupid, this person ’s defense was very open, Ye Chen could attack him easily.

to others, attacking Luo Tian in this condition was impossible, but to Ye Chen it was an easy thing to do.

Ye Chen flicked his finger, a needle-sized profound flame appeared, Ye Chen shot these flames into the vortex of wind.

The flame needle shot into the wind, it directly smashed into the wind vortex that was released by Luo Tian.

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. ” a big explosion occurred, a fire explosion ignited an even bigger fire.

The whirlwind turned into an enormous fire vortex, the explosion just now turned the whirlwind into a deadly vortex of fire.

”Arghh ” Luo Tian who was in the whirlwind shouted, it was obvious that Luo Tian had suffered injuries while in the vortex.

”This man is a little cunning ” Vei saw that Ye Chen was quite cunning, this man used the enemy ’s attacks to destroy the enemy.

It had to be admitted that Ye Chen was very smart, he could use abnormal means to defeat his enemy.

Because Luo Tian was trapped inside the fire vortex, Luo Tian immediately stopped showing off his strength.

After Luo Tian stopped showing off the strength he possessed, the vortex of flames instantly disappeared into thin air.

Luo Tian appeared with burnt clothes and several other burns.

Luo Tian ’s appearance was not being looked at, he looked tattered, Luo Tian seemed to have just had the worst day of his life.

Luo Tian looked very angry at Ye Chen, he looked at Ye Chen with a gaze filled with hostility.

Luo Tian was no longer able to control his anger, he was completely unable to control his anger towards Ye Chen.

To be honest, Luo Tian ’s anger was already at its peak, this was the first time anyone had been able to anger Luo Tian to the current state.

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”Oi, what ’s with that appearance of yours, did you just get burned by your own technique, how can you be that stupid, don ’t you know about the rules of self-safety ” Ye Chen said to Luo Tian.

Ye Chen tried to stir up Luo Tian, ​​he tried to irritate Luo Tian with what happened.

”This bastard, I will kill you ” Luo Tian ’s anger was unstoppable, he could not stand Ye Chen ’s humiliation.

Luo Tian put his palms together, he started to concentrate fully on doing this.

Moments later, this place became extremely dark, black colored clouds and strong winds filled the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

A green light appeared from behind the clouds, this light became more apparent as it descended from the sky.

This green light turned out to be a weapon with a super large size, this weapon is diverse in total there are nine weapons.

At the sight of this phenomenon, almost all of the Peak Lords who were present stood up, all of them looking towards the sky.

”This, has the patriarch really worked on Luo Tian about something like this? ” All Peak Lords did not expect that Luo Tian had mastered the highest technique in the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

This was Xing Han ’s strongest technique, it was an ace that was rarely used except in an emergency.

And now that Luo Tian was using this thing against Ye Chen, it would definitely be very difficult for Ye Chen to survive this attack.

”Ye Chen, you will definitely die ” Luo Tian opened his eyes and started to roar towards Ye Chen, he roared with all his might towards Ye Chen.

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”Nine Immortals slaughter Law ” Luo Tian roared, himself dropping the Nine Immortals slaughter Law.

The nine weapons that were in the sky descended, these nine weapons headed towards Ye Chen who was below.

When the nine weapons descended, a strong pressure pressed down on Ye Chen, this pressure was likely due to the nine weapons descending at an extremely fast speed.

”He will die ” All Peak Lords believed that if Ye Chen received this attack, then it was certain that Ye Chen would die.

Everyone couldn ’t stop this match, so they could only see Luo Tian trying to kill Ye Chen.

The nine guns descended and hit Ye Chen, when this thing happened an enormous explosion occurred and shook hundreds of miles away.

The most affected were the spectators who were around this place, some of the spectators even lost their footing due to the strong earthquake that occurred.

Everyone was in awe of what had happened, they were all amazed when they saw Luo Tian unleash such a terrifying attack.

If there wasn ’t a barrier in the arena, surely the spectators would be dragged away, they would all be dragged away and most likely die in this place.

The arena was filled with dust, the arena looked shattered and chaotic after receiving Luo Tian ’s Nine Immortals slaughter Law.

An enormous hole was formed as a result of Luo Tian ’s powerful attack, one would think that no one would survive an attack like this.

But to prove whether Ye Chen could endure or not, then they had to see where Ye Chen was.

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The dust finally started to dissipate, neither traces nor Ye Chen ’s figure was seen around this place, Luo Tian and the audience did not see any traces of Ye Chen around this place.

”Is Ye Chen ’s body shattered into pieces? ” some people began to speculate that Ye Chen ’s body had been blown to pieces, the attack just now must have been strong enough to crush Ye Chen.

”Success, Tian won ” Shin Pi looked overjoyed when he saw Luo Tian won, the attack just now must have been enough to shatter Ye Chen ’s body into pieces.

”How strange, if the match is over, then how can the barrier not disappear? ” Yun Yang found it strange, why didn ’t the barrier disappear when Ye Chen had already lost to Luo Tian.

”It ’s possible to fail in that case. ” Ru Maan said that there was a possibility of failure.

”I won ” Luo Tian started to cheer, he was celebrating his victory over Ye Chen.

” applause .
,applause .
,applause .
,applause .
, ”people started to applaud Luo Tian, ​​they had to admit that Luo Tian did have an ability.

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