The cheers from the audience continued to resound, everyone praised and congratulated Luo Tian for winning over Ye Chen.

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Luo Tian was overjoyed by this he was overjoyed to have won over Ye Chen, now no one would dare to bother him with Mu Xueying.

”Junior Ye Chen, is he okay? ” women from Jade Lotus Peak very worried about Ye Chen ’s condition, they looked worried about Ye Chen ’s unknown condition, everyone could only hope that Ye Chen could survive the attack just now.

Even though Ye Chen ’s chances of surviving were very little, all the female disciples of the Jade Lotus Peak still had high hopes for Ye Chen. 

Luo Tian really enjoyed this compliment, he was carried away by the compliments given by the people around this place.

”Sis ” when Luo Tian was celebrating his victory, a sound of falling ruins rang out.

A figure came out from within the rubble, the figure that came out was Ye Chen, he came out from within the rubble.

”My clothes are dirty ” Ye Chen cleaned his clothes, he cleaned his clothes from the dust.

It was a pity that the clothes that Ning Xia had given him had to be dirty, and this was all because of Luo Tian ’s fault.

Everyone in the audience was silent when they saw Ye Chen who was in good condition, they were all shocked by the condition that Ye Chen was able to survive without any injuries on his body.

Even though Luo Tian ’s attack was quite strong and deadly, how could Ye Chen survive and avoid Luo Tian ’s extremely deadly attack.

The most shocked was Xing Han, he was speechless and gawked when he saw Ye Chen was able to survive without an injury, it was clear that it was an impossible thing for Xing Han to explain.

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Luo Tian turned around, he looked towards the origin of the voice he just heard, Luo Tian saw Ye Chen who was in good health, there was not a single wound visible on Luo Tian ’s body.

”You, how are you still alive after receiving the attack just now? ” Luo Tian pointed at Ye Chen, he could hardly believe it when he saw Ye Chen who managed to survive the powerful attack he launched.

”I was just lucky. ” Ye Chen said that he was lucky to be able to survive Luo Tian ’s attack.

Everyone started talking about what happened, they couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was lucky and survived Luo Tian ’s deadly attack.

”I can ’t believe you must be lying ” Luo Tian couldn ’t believe it, obviously Ye Chen must be lying to him.

”if you don ’t believe it, then it ’s useless for me to explain again to you, let ’s continue our battle ” Ye Chen didn ’t bother to explain what happened to Luo Tian.

Luo Tian became more and more wary, he became more and more wary of Ye Chen.

Luo Tian had already lost quite a bit of profound energy, so his remaining strength was already very little.

Luo Tian had to find the fastest way to end this match, if this continued, then it was certain that Luo Tian would lose out of time.

”Master, it seems that you ’ve played around enough, let ’s end it all. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to stop messing around and get serious about beating Luo Tian.

”I ’ll do that right away ” Ye Chen nodded, he would immediately do that.

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Ye Chen just wanted to test his abilities, it turns out that Ye Chen ’s abilities are already very strong, at least Ye Chen who is now above Luo Tian.

Thanks to the Hollow Point Belt, and Lightspeed shoes, Ye Chen ’s current strength could not be underestimated, the current Ye Chen was no match for Luo Tian who had already inherited Xing Han ’s inheritance.

Ye Chen raised both his hands, Ye Chen raised both his hands up high, Ye Chen ’s right hand gave out profound fire, meanwhile Ye Chen ’s left hand gave out Profound Ice.

The two elements covered Ye Chen ’s hand and wrapped it around like a boxing glove.

The audience started to pay their attention to Ye Chen, it was rare for them to see a cultivator with dual strength like this.

Only strong and talented cultivators were able to do something like this, only those who were talented could use the two elements.

Vei is getting more and more attracted to Ye Chen, this man has two opposing elements, fire and ice are elements that are opposite to each other, even the slightest mistake in controlling these two elements will have very fatal consequences for the user.

Even though Ye Chen would become strong with these two elements, there was still the worst possibility that would happen, if Ye Chen was negligent even a little it could be an advantage for Luo Tian.

”Ready, let ’s finish this battle ” Ye Chen advanced towards Luo Tian.

”Bam…, Bam…, Bam…, Bam…, Bam…, Bam…, Bam .
, Bam .
” Ye Chen launched various attacks towards Luo Tian , Ye Chen hit from up and down left and right .

Luo Tian could not see the arrival of Ye Chen attack, he could only defend and accept Ye Chen attack . 

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Ye Chen ’s attack was very fast and powerful, Luo Tian ’s body was instantly burned and frozen when he received the attack.

Luo Tian couldn ’t feel any pain, the wound he received made him unable to feel pain anymore.

”Boom ”Luo Tian was dropped to the floor, he was now knocked down by Ye Chen to the floor.

Luo Tian tried to get up and fight Ye Chen, too bad Luo Tian couldn ’t get up, his body was already numb from the endless onslaught of attacks.

Ye Chen stood up on top of Luo Tian, ​​he stepped on Luo Tian who was in underneath.

”Are you ready to lose? ” Ye Chen said to Luo Tian who was under him, this time Luo Tian will lose.

”I will never lose ” Luo Tian refused to lose, he would never lose to someone like Ye Chen

”Too bad, but this will be your loss ” Ye Chen said that it would be Luo Tian ’s defeat.

Ye Chen put his two hands together, the fire and ice in Ye Chen ’s hands merged into one.

To outsiders, what Ye Chen did was something strange, it would make a very, very big explosion, fire and ice would be extremely sensitive, both of them would be extremely sensitive when they met each other.

”Stop right there ” Shin Pi tried to stop Ye Chen, both of them tried to stop Ye Chen from beating Luo Tian.

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”Ye Chen you better stop, and give up. ” Shin Pi gave Ye Chen a voice transmission, Shin Pi told Ye Chen to give up right now.

After all, Luo Tian was the future Patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, if Luo Tian lost to a new disciple like Ye Chen, it would make the Nine Immortals Peak Sect lose face.

Plus there were countless observers from outside the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, if they saw this, what would they think.

This was the same as saying that Xing Han was incompetent when it came to training a disciple.

”Hahaha, that ’s ridiculous. ” Ye Chen laughed in his heart, what Shin Pi said was extremely ridiculous.

Ye Chen didn ’t care about Shin Pi ’s words, he attacked Luo Tian who was below him.

”Boom ” An extremely terrifying explosion occurred, Ye Chen ’s impact made the entire Nine Immortals Peak Sect shake, it was much stronger than before.

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