Song Ziyu had finished removing all of Ye Chen ’s clothes, she very deftly removed all of Ye Chen ’s clothes.

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Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Song Ziyu would be so nimble, this woman was too nimble in removing Ye Chen ’s clothes.

”Ziyu calm down ” Ye Chen tried to calm Song Ziyu down, this woman was getting bolder and bolder.

”What ’s wrong?, are you afraid?, Are you still saying that you are a man ” Song Ziyu said to Ye Chen.

”-_- ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Song Ziyu would look down on him, this woman was really looking for trouble with him.

”I see, I guess I have to let you know who I am. ” Ye Chen couldn ’t stay silent when Song Ziyu lowered his pride as a man.

There was no such thing as pity anymore, it was time for Ye Chen to show his qualities as a master of Song Ziyu and a man.

Ye Chen started to show his strength, he started an attack towards Song Ziyu, Ye Chen started to touch and caress Song Ziyu ’s body, he enjoyed Song Ziyu being wrapped in a nurse outfit.

Song Ziyu was forced to let out sighs and moans when she received Ye Chen ’s touch.

”This is amazing. ” Song Ziyu really enjoyed this, she really liked the feeling that Ye Chen gave.

Of course Song Ziyu would like Ye Chen ’s feelings, Ye Chen had already honed his skills, of course a virgin like Song Ziyu was not a difficult opponent for Ye Chen to face.

After playing together with Song Ziyu for a few minutes, Song Ziyu was already very weak, she was already very wet.

” More .
., more.
” Song Ziyu kept asking for more, she wanted to do more things with Ye Chen.

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”She has great passion ” Ye Chen could see that Song Ziyu had immense passion and lust, this young lady was far more lewd than Ye Chen thought.

Song Ziyu started to open her eyes, she started to wake up a little, the first thing Song Ziyu did was hug Ye Chen, she kissed Ye Chen passionately.

Ye Chen looked surprised at what Song Ziyu was doing, whether this woman was awake or still in a semi-conscious state.

Ye Chen looked into Song Ziyu ’s eyes, he saw that Song Ziyu was still in an unconscious state, what she was doing right now was following her instincts.

”It was a bit shock to me, I thought she was fully awake. ” Ye Chen was a little relieved when he discovered that Song Ziyu was still not fully awake.

”This woman, how did she actually become like this? ” Ye Chen couldn ’t help but think about Song Ziyu, how could Song Ziyu be like this.

”Let ’s do it, I want it. ” Song Ziyu said to Ye Chen, she wanted to have a relationship that was more distant than Ye Chen.

Song Ziyu ’s eyes were filled with love, she looked at Ye Chen with intense love.

From this alone Ye Chen could see how Song Ziyu felt about him.

”You ’re so cute when you ’re honest like this ” Ye Chen felt that Song Ziyu was very funny when she was honest, Ye Chen liked Song Ziyu who was honest like she is now.

What Song Ziyu said was the truth in her subconscious, this woman had completely fallen for Ye Chen.

After seeing Song Ziyu feelings, Ye Chen should probably answer Song Ziyu feelings.

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Even though Song Ziyu was originally annoying, this woman was still a young woman who could be said to be still in her growing age.

In the God Realm age isn ’t everything, in this world there are still so many things that can ’t be explained using words.

Just as Ye Chen was thinking about something, he found Song Ziyu had already taken off the clothes Ye Chen was wearing.

”Wow, this part is really scary. ” Song Ziyu was a little scared when she saw Ye Chen ’s big thing, she was really scared when she saw Ye Chen ’s big thing.

In this dream Song Ziyu did not expect that Ye Chen would possess such a huge weapon, Song Ziyu was still not very experienced in this matter.

Because Ye Chen ’s is slightly different, Song Ziyu is very curious, this curiosity is very disturbing to Song Ziyu.

Seeing the courage of Song Ziyu, Ye Chen decided to let this woman do what she wanted, Ye Chen wanted to know what Song Ziyu was up to.

Song Ziyu started to play with Ye Chen ’s thing, she started to hold and touch Ye Chen ’s.

”This looks very real ” Song Ziyu felt that this was very real, never expecting that dreams would become so real like this.

Song Ziyu could feel what Ye Chen ’s big thing was like, she felt that Ye Chen ’s was hot and extremely hard, it was like a big sturdy stick.

”What should I do now? ” in a situation like this, Song Ziyu started to get confused, he didn ’t know what to do in a situation like this.

Song Ziyu had to think, what should she do in such a situation, from what Mei Yueli taught, Song Ziyu should do just that.

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Song Ziyu started to ride Ye Chen ’s body, Song Ziyu current position was riding Ye Chen ’s body.

”It ’s a little scary, but I ’ll give it a try, a dream like that probably won ’t happen a second time. ” Song Ziyu was really very curious and wanted to try, something like this probably wouldn ’t happen the second time in her life.

Song Ziyu positioned Ye Chen ’s big thing, she wanted to match Ye Chen ’s thing with his.

Because Ye Chen ’s is too long, Song Ziyu has a little trouble, she has a hard time doing this. 

Plus Song Ziyu was still inexperienced, so doing this would be extremely difficult for Song Ziyu to do.

”Do whatever you want and just enjoy it. ” Song Ziyu decided to enjoy this, she decided to enjoy everything that was happening right now.

Song Ziyu started to eat Ye Chen ’s big thing, she tried to match Ye Chen ’s big thing.

Ye Chen ’s huge object encountered a bit of resistance while trying to break through, Song Ziyu ’s was still not opened by anyone.

”This hurts.
. ” Song Ziyu felt a stinging pain, she felt an extremely severe pain.

This pain was so real, it made Song Ziyu realize what had happened.

”Wait a minute, don ’t tell me this ” Song Ziyu finally realized what had happened, she felt strange why this was so real.

”Did you just wake up? ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu who was having fun, Ye Chen only smiled when he saw the expression on Song Ziyu.

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”This, don ’t tell me this is reality? ” Song Ziyu finally realized that this was reality.

”Of course, you ’re really bad when you ’re delirious, are you that perverted? ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu.

Song Ziyu ’s face immediately turned red when she heard what Ye Chen said, in Ye Chen ’s eyes, she must be a lewd and shameless woman.

”This is so embarrassing ” Song Ziyu tried to run away, she tried to run away and went to find a hole to hide.

Song Ziyu is trying to run away, she is trying to get out of this embarrassing situation.

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