Number Two had no resistance, he was dragged away by Ye Chen, the two of them left the battlefield where it was already certain who would win this battle.

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After feeling quite far from the Sect, Ye Chen threw Number Two down.

. ” Number Two hit the ground and made a large crater hole.

Number Two crawled out of the crater, he directly stared at Ye Chen who was above the sky.

”Bastard, how dare you ” Number Two roared at Ye Chen, he was furious with what Ye Chen had done.

Ye Chen came down, he stood in front of Number Two, right now they could fight without worrying about the people around.

the terrain here is very quiet, no signs of life can be found around this place.

”Let ’s finish our battle, I ’m already itching to finish the battle with you ” Ye Chen wanted to immediately fight and end all this, as long as Ye Chen defeated this person, then everything would be resolved soon.

”Do you think I ’m a soft persimmon that ’s easy to beat, I won ’t be easy to beat ” Number Two didn ’t accept Ye Chen ’s words, he wasn ’t that weak to lose to Ye Chen.

”I think you are indeed a soft persimmon, am I wrong with that ” Ye Chen said to Number Two.

”You are brave enough to say that to this old man, don ’t you want to live in this world anymore? ” Number Two pointed at Ye Chen.

”Me?, of course I want to live in this world, there are still many things I want to do in this world ” Ye Chen replied to Number Two.

”-_- ” Number Two ’s face started to darken, somehow this man in front of him was so annoying, Number Two wanted to tear Ye Chen into a thousand pieces.

”This brat is too good at speaking, I am not his match ” Number Two realized that Ye Chen was very good at speaking, Number Two was no match for Ye Chen in speaking.

Instead of him wasting time arguing with Ye Chen, it was better for Number Two to just go and attack Ye Chen, it would save him a lot of time.

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Ye Chen of course already realized the intentions of this person in front of him, Number Two wanted to attack Ye Chen with all his might.

Number Two stepped forward, he used a wind palm to attack Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t immediately dodge Number Two ’s attacks, Ye Chen preferred to face the enemy head on, that way Ye Chen was able to gauge the strength of his enemy.

”Boom ” clash was unavoidable, the two retreated after an exchange of attacks.

Ye Chen took a few steps back, meanwhile Number Two took hundreds of steps back.

”What exactly is this guy made of, how does he have such a tough body? ” Number Two looked in disbelief when he saw Ye Chen ’s strength, how could Ye Chen have such immense power.

Ye Chen ’s physical strength was getting bigger and bigger, of course this made Number Two feel difficult when he met Ye Chen ’s attack.

”His strength is decent, it seems he still hasn ’t shown it all. ” Ye Chen started to measure the strength of his opponent, it seemed that his opponent had not yet fully used his strength.

If Number Two decided to use full power, it would definitely be a draw, the two of them would have both retreated tens of steps back, but it seemed that Number Two had underestimated Ye Chen and only used what little ability he had.

”how can a disciple like you have this kind of power ” Number Two asked Ye Chen, he asked how Ye Chen could have this strong power.

Whereas Ye Chen was only a core disciple, so how could Ye Chen get this strong power.

”Who knows ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to answer Number Two, he didn ’t want to reveal his identity to Number Two.

”So you want to act mysterious too, then I ’ll go with your game. ” Number Two expended all of his strength, the ground beneath his feet instantly cracked and crumbled as Number Two unleashed the full power he had.

The ground began to lift into the sky, lightning began strike in all directions, plus a very loud roar was heard.

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Number Two brought out all the strength he had, he didn ’t mess around when dealing with Ye Chen.

Number Two advanced towards Ye Chen, he tried to launch an attack towards Ye Chen.

”you Die ” Number Two roared at Ye Chen, he extended one hand of his towards Ye Chen ’s neck.

Ye Chen immediately brushed Number Two ’s hand away, after which Ye Chen used  Frost Nova to attack Number Two.

Part of Number Two ’s body froze when it received an attack from Ye Chen, Number Two started to shiver slightly when it received an attack from Ye Chen.

”His movements are very fast, I have to find a way to beat him. ” Number Two had to find a way to beat Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s speed was too fast, it was very difficult to approach and attack Ye Chen.

”Then let ’s attack from a distance, Dancing Slash Circle. ” Number Two used ranged combat techniques to fight Ye Chen.

Around Number Two began to appear several circles of wind, the circle of wind wanted to release thousands of slashes aimed at Ye Chen.

The slash of wind that came out cut everything that was in the vicinity, all things were destroyed very easily by this attack.

”Dance and die ” Number Two looked very happy when he used this attack to attack Ye Chen.

Every enemy that was hit by this attack would definitely try their best to dodge this attack, they would definitely try to dodge this powerful attack.

As a result they will be like a dancer, and as a result they will die of exhaustion.

Number Two really enjoyed this moment, he wanted to see Ye Chen die the most painfully.

Contrary to the prediction that Number Two had said, Ye Chen was currently very relaxed, he didn ’t seem to be dodging the attacks used by Number Two.

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Ye Chen advanced, he broke through countless wind slash storms.

Ye Chen looked extremely relaxed, he didn ’t show the slightest bit of fear or weakness when facing this attack.

If ordinary people faced this attack then it was certain that they would be instantly cut into pieces, but not for Ye Chen, this attack was not strong enough to cut Ye Chen.

With the protection of the Heavenly Armor and the inheritance of the Sage God, Number Two ’s attacks were naturally unable to injure Ye Chen.

Number Two gawked when he saw the unharmed Ye Chen, he couldn ’t believe this person barged forcefully into his attack.

”This person, what is his body made of, why can ’t my powerful attack scratch him? ” What he was seeing right now was something that didn ’t make sense, how could Ye Chen be unharmed after being hit by Number Two ’s powerful attack.

Ye Chen stepped forward, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Number Two ’s neck, Number Two was now being strangled by Ye Chen, he couldn ’t escape from Ye Chen ’s palm.

”You are so troublesome, why don ’t you just die quickly ” Ye Chen felt that Number Two was such a troublesome person, he should have died very quickly.

” Fast.
., let go.
I ” Number Two told Ye Chen to let go of himself, he really couldn ’t breathe from being strangled by Ye Chen.

”hahaha, forget about you, it ’s so funny, I wouldn ’t do such a thing, why don ’t you just die ” Ye Chen tightened his grip, he intended to kill Number Two.

Number Two ’s face had started to turn blue, the blood on his body had started to stop moving from being strangled by Ye Chen.

Number Two tried his best to free himself from Ye Chen, unfortunately the strength of Ye Chen ’s gripping hand was too strong, he was unable to escape from Ye Chen ’s grip.

Ye Chen ’s grip was too strong, it cracked Number Two ’s neck, in a moment Number Two ’s neck would be crushed by Ye Chen.

”Stop right there ” just as Ye Chen was about to kill Number Two, he heard someone stop him.

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”Who else is this? ” Ye Chen turned around, he looked in the direction the voice came from just now.

The direction the sound came from just now came from the sky, above the sky there were hundreds of thousands of soldiers with very complete clothes, they carried spears, swords and arrows, these troops were preparing to fight against Ye Chen.

The army of archers alerted Ye Chen with their arrows, they all targeted Ye Chen ’s body below.

”On orders from Immortal Sky Empire, you should surrender right now and release the ministers from the empire ” the army commander ordered Ye Chen to release Number Two.

”You Immortal Sky Empire troops, how can you defend the enemy, are your brains in trouble? ” Ye Chen couldn ’t help but wonder, how could Immortal Sky Empire troops defend criminals.

Even though the Code Breaker organization had destroyed the capital a few months ago, then why are they now supporting the movement of these rebels.

”This is an order from the Emperor, if you don ’t surrender right now, we will treat you as an enemy. ” The army commander said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen to surrender right now.

”How could I give up so easily, if you get in the way I will destroy you ” Ye Chen could no longer trust these people, Ye Chen didn ’t know the situation in Immortal Sky Empire, this made Ye Chen unable to just give himself up.

”So you don ’t want to give up, then you will die, shoot. ” The commander ordered the archers to shoot Ye Chen.

With just one command, millions of arrows were shot towards Ye Chen, these arrows had been strengthened, so they could injure cultivators who had a fairly high cultivation base.

Ye Chen raised his hand, he used the powerful wind power to clear the arrow that was aiming at him.

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