Ye Chen parried all the attacks, all the attacks that were aimed at Ye Chen were parried with ease.

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”Shoot again, don ’t stop before I tell you ” Seeing that the first attack failed to hit Ye Chen, the troop commander immediately ordered all the troops to shoot Ye Chen back.

All the troops shot at Ye Chen, they all shot a huge number of arrows at Ye Chen.

”They don ’t learn from the first mistake. ” Ye Chen once blocked the arrow that was aimed at him, this time Ye Chen turned the arrow back towards the army from the Immortal Sky Empire.

All the arrows turned, all the arrows turned and headed towards the Immortal Sky Empire ’s army.

The troops from the Immortal Sky Empire naturally panicked when they saw what was happening, they panicked slightly when facing the attacks that were headed their way.

”make a defense ” the commander ordered the troops in front to make a defense.

The shield-bearing troops rushed forward, they created an enormous barrier.

This barrier easily blocked the arrows that shot towards them.

”Sufficiently strong barrier, it is made from a large number of forces combined ” Ye Chen saw that this was a very strong shield barrier, this barrier was made by combining the various forces of the forces.

”Army of swords, prepares to attack ” Seeing that the arrow attacks didn ’t work on Ye Chen, the commander decided to send the best army of knights to fight Ye Chen.

Tens of thousands of troops advanced towards Ye Chen, all of them riding on a flying sword.

This army was flying very fast, they shot like a strong gust of wind.

This army was aiming for Ye Chen, they all immediately launched the same attack towards Ye Chen.

Hundreds of thousands of swords shot towards Ye Chen, these hundreds of swords were controlled by the knights.

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Ye Chen crippled the Number Two in his hand, Ye Chen only temporarily crippled this person, Ye Chen still needed the information from Number Two.

”You guys want to challenge me with a sword, alright, I ’ll show you what a true flying sword is like.

”God Fire Sword ” Ye Chen used his strongest technique to deal with the enemy.

A sword with a powerful radiance appeared above Ye Chen, this huge sword appeared as a result of the fusion of tens of thousands of swords summoned by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could almost completely master the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords, so Ye Chen could display the full power of the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

Ye Chen started to control the God Fire Sword, he destroyed the swords belonging to his enemies.

The God Fire Sword shot out very quickly, it shot and destroyed all the enemy ’s weapons, even the enemy ’s Armor was very quickly disarmed.

In just under five minutes, all the enemies were defeated, all the knights were defeated by Ye Chen.

The army commander started to get worried, his troops were easily defeated by Ye Chen.

Even though these were well-trained troops, how could they be defeated so easily by Ye Chen.

”You want to surrender now or I will have to make you pay a fair price ” Ye Chen told all the enemies to surrender, their resistance would be futile.

Ye Chen was currently in full mode, he was in full mode in battle against his enemies.

If indeed these people were not willing to give up, then Ye Chen would definitely fight them all.

”We will not give up, as an army of the Immortal Sky Empire, we have very high self-esteem ” the troops of the Immortal Sky Empire refused to lose, they would not give up easily.

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”If you don ’t want to surrender then I will fight against you ” Seeing that the enemy didn ’t want to give up, Ye Chen no have choice but fight & against them.

After a long time Ye Chen decided to advance, he immediately headed towards the enemy in the sky.

”Everyone prepare to attack ” The commander ordered the troops to prepare to fight Ye Chen, his troops must be able to defend against Ye Chen.

The troops from the Immortal Sky Empire immediately set up a defensive formation, they all set up this formation to withstand the attack that was about to be launched by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen summoned the Divine Yin Yang Sword, he raised the Divine Yin Yang Sword and charged towards the enemy.

” Clang .
., Bam.
., Slash.
., Clang .
., Bam.
., Slash.
., ” a very fierce battle took place, hundreds of thousands of people surrounded and intended to kill Ye Chen, this is a senseless battle.

Ye Chen attacked the enemies around him, he attacked all the enemies that tried to attack him.

The situation was very serious, Ye Chen was like being swarmed by hundreds of thousands of ants, Ye Chen ’s figure was nowhere to be seen.

”Sky wind law ” Ye Chen used a strong gust of wind to get rid of nearby enemies, enemies nearby were extremely annoying.

Using a very strong crushing force, Ye Chen had managed to get rid of the people who were ganging up on him, these people flew like grains of sand.

”There are so many enemies, are you sure you can fight them? ” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, the number of enemies is overwhelming, it is quite difficult to defeat them.

Plus they were quite a well-trained army, their every move was extremely skillful, they could cooperate very well against Ye Chen.

Besides that their backup was very skilled, they supported each other to face Ye Chen.

”You use a very wide attack, use all the strength you have, if you continue like this, then it will not end ” Chu Yuechan gave a suggestion to Ye Chen, Ye Chen should use a wide range attack.

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”wide attack, then I will just use Frost Age ” Ye Chen thought to freeze everyone, it is impossible for Ye Chen to kill all these people.

These people took orders directly from someone, there must be a mastermind behind all this.

Ye Chen opened two Veins at once, he opened his Fire Veins and Water Veins, Profound power welled up in Ye Chen ’s body, Ye Chen felt very strong and had boundless Profound Energy.

”Okay, time for all of you to sleep well.
Ye Chen raised his hand in the air, a pale blue light shot out of Ye Chen ’s hand.
Ye Chen ’s

”Frost Age ” expanded his power, he froze everyone around him.

This light was quite dazzling, almost all soldiers could see this light., they were all covered by this light, after which their vision turned white.

They were all instantly frozen into Ice, the area around this place has also been frozen into Ice, the previously green area has now turned into a vast expanse of Ice.

”Finally done ” Ye Chen relieved that everything was over, by now he should have won the battle.

”Husband… ” After Ye Chen ’s victory, Mu Xueying and Li Jingyi came over, both of them approached Ye Chen.

”Why are you guys here? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying and Li Jingyi why the two of them were in this place

”We were worried for you, are you okay ” Li Jingyi was worried about Ye Chen ’s condition, he was worried when he heard Ye Chen was fighting a large army.

”Everything is done, so you don ’t have to worry anymore ” Ye Chen said that everything is over, so Li Jingyi doesn ’t need to worry anymore.

”Xueying, do you know what happened to Immortal Sky Empire, why did they become our enemy instead? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, it is possible that Mu Xueying knew some important information.

”Husband, I just received news that one of my older brothers has usurped power from the King Realm, so all of this is not under the control of the King Realm, it seems that the Code Breaker Organization is playing a role in this situation ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen.

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”was still a tremendous upheaval in the Immortal Sky Empire ,there the King ’s orders, it turns out that the rulers of the Immortal Sky Empire have changed ”Ye Chen now understands, it seems that these people are forced to carry out orders from the new King.

”Let ’s go back first, then we will find out more about this matter ” Ye Chen invited Mu Xueying and Li Jingyi to return, they will discuss this matter further

Mu Xueying and Li Jingyi followed Ye Chen, they should talk about this again.

Today all plans are far from expected, what Ye Chen guessed is wrong, solving this problem will definitely not be an easy thing to do.

The Code Breaker Organization had successfully conquered the Immortal Sky Empire, naturally their chances of winning in battle would be even greater.

So Ye Chen had to rethink in order to be able to resolve this matter, he had to end the Code Breaker Organization to its roots.

Before returning, Ye Chen took Number Two with him, Ye Chen had a lot of questions he needed, he would search for information from the memories that this person had.

Ye Chen did not return to the Sect, he decided to return to his home.

Ye Chen was absolutely certain that the Sect ’s situation must have been very chaotic, surely the Sect was recovering from the damage they had suffered.

Apart from the enemy side, there were many victims from their Nine Immortals Peak Sect who had injuries and needed to be treated seriously.

War is not a good thing, there will definitely be a lot of casualties in a serious big battle like this, such a thing can ’t be avoided, the Code Breaker organization is eyeing the Nine Immortals Peak Sect, from the Nine Immortals Peak Sect is a real threat that must be dealt with by them..

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