After dividing up the tasks, Ye Chen went along with Li Jingyi to leave, they went to the palace.

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Ye Chen didn ’t show himself right away, the two of them were hiding somewhere while looking at the situation around.

”I hope Xueying and Fei can carry out their duties ” Ye Chen hoped that Yan Fei and Mu Xueying could carry out their duties, so that Ye Chen and Li Jingyi could go inside.

”Husband, what are we going to do, how are we going to live after this situation ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know how they would live after this situation.

”You don ’t need to worry, everything will be fine, after all this is over, we will live as usual ” Ye Chen tried to comfort Li Jingyi, he wanted Li Jingyi to relax in dealing with this matter.

Ye Chen of course knew what kind of pressure Li Jingyi was under, Li Jingyi didn ’t like pressure, what Li Jingyi wanted was to live peacefully with Ye Chen without having to worry about the political problems in the kingdom anymore.

”um ” Li Jingyi nodded, she would believe what Ye Chen said.

. ” a very large explosion that was extremely large in the distance, Yan Fei and Mu Xueying had already started their action.

The moment a big explosion occurred, almost all the troops immediately left, they immediately saw what was really going on.

Several aftershocks appeared, and all the cultivators in the house rushed out to save themselves.

”They ’ve already started. ” Ye Chen saw that Yan Fei and Mu Xueying had already started doing their job to lure the soldiers out, soon the soldiers would definitely come out and look for the source of the trouble.

”Aren ’t they overreacting? ” Li Jingyi felt that what Yan Fei and Mu Xueying were doing was a bit too much, both of them were destroying and causing a bit of a riot.

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”It doesn ’t matter, as long as it ’s enough to outwit the enemy, then it ’ll be fine. ” Ye Chen didn ’t really mind what Yan Fei and Mu Xueying were doing.

As long as the two of them could attract the enemy with a commotion, then it would be a good thing.

A few moments later the soldiers came out, they all went straight to find out the source of the trouble, the soldiers thought that they were under attack, so everyone took their spear and got ready to fight.

Some soldiers left the palace, they went to see what happened, now the palace guard had eased slightly.

”Are you ready? ” Ye Chen asked Li Jingyi he wanted to know if Li Jingyi was ready to do their job

”I am ready ” Li Jingyi was ready, she wore a mask on her face, this showed how ready Li Jingyi was.

”Very good ” Ye Chen was happy with the answer Li Jingyi gave, it meant that they were ready to do their job of defeating Li Gun and freeing Li Kun.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi went up to the palace, the two of them immediately snuck into the palace.

Because Ye Chen already knew where it was the enemy imprisoned the King Realm, Ye Chen could easily find the whereabouts of the place they were going.

”The guard is still a bit more than I thought ” Ye Chen could see that around this place there are still a lot of guards, it looks like they have to knock out the guards around this place.

”Leave everything to me, I will cripple them all ” Li Jingyi said that he would be the one to deal with this matter, Li Jingyi had the ability to solve this problem.

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because Li Jingyi insisted, Ye Chen let Li Jingyi do what she wanted.

Li Jingyi raised her hand, when Li Jingyi did that, the bodies of all the guards were covered in water, all the guards were locked in the water.

. ” the guards started screaming, they all started asking for an outside help, too bad all the guards were currently locked up in the water prison, so they couldn ’t help their comrades who were in trouble.

In just a matter of seconds, these people had turned pale, they had passed out and were unconscious.

Li Jingyi only intention was to cripple them, he had no intention of doing anything further than that.

”Hmm, not bad either. ” Ye Chen acknowledged the method used by Li Jingyi, Li Jingyi ability was getting better.

After all the guards were cleared, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi could leave, they headed towards the palace which was at the very back.

The palace was supposed to be the cold palace, it was the place where the imperial concubines who had made a big mistake were exiled.

To think that Li Gun would put the King Realm and his personal soldiers in such a place.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi arrived at the cold palace, after arriving Ye Chen and Li Jingyi saw the situation inside.

The situation inside was not good, Ye Chen looked at Li Kun and his soldiers who looked pale and withered, they seemed to have been sucked dry by something.

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” what happened? ” Li Jingyi started asking what happened to these people, why they all looked so pale.

”Jingyi, it ’s a method of absorbing your opponent ’s strength, it ’s a very dangerous technique. ” Ye Chen told what was going on, Li Gun was currently trying to absorb the power of everyone here for himself.

”Isn ’t that dangerous? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, Li Jingyi wanted to know if the method they used was safe or not.

”Honestly, it is very dangerous, if it continues they will all die on the spot ” Ye Chen replied.

”Then let ’s settle this matter. ” After hearing this matter, Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to immediately help them.

”Wait a minute, there are various kinds of traps inside, if it ’s active, then it will be troublesome for us, let me clear it first ” Ye Chen didn ’t let Li Jingyi go right away, he was going to clear the traps that were placed around this cold palace .

”Shadow Clone ” Ye Chen made a clone, he wanted to activate all traps using his clone.

Using the Shadow Clone, Ye Chen ’s clone broke the door and started running around the room, the clone activating all the traps and traps in existence.

., Shock .
., Whoos.
.., Bam .
. ” all traps activated, all activated and directly hit Clone Ye Chen.

”What the hell ” Li Gun looked so shocked, he was really shocked when he saw what happened.

”Who was the idiot just now? ” Li Gun cursed very loudly, who was the stupid fool who activated all the traps.

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”It ’s me, do you have a problem ” Li Jingyi appeared in front of Li Gun, she showed herself in front of Li Gun.

When Li Jingyi appeared, Li Kun and the other soldiers looked at Li Jingyi, they couldn ’t completely see clearly who the woman who had just arrived was.

”Who?, want you with me? ” Li Gun asked who Li Jingyi was, what did Li Jingyi want to come to this place.

”I have come to stop the atrocities you are committing. ” Li Jingyi told her the reason she came to this place.

”Hahahahaha ” Li Gun laughed when he heard what Li Jingyi just said, what Li Jingyi said was very entertaining.

”Are you kidding me, you are just a woman, what can a woman like you do? ” Li Gun looked down on Li Jingyi, he saw Li Jingyi as a helpless woman.

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