Li Gun ’s army would arrive so quickly, Li Gun ’s army was very alert, they knew that Ye Chen and Li Jingyi had already entered.

”Alright, I ’ll go to fight them ” Since Li Jingyi decided to fight against Li Gun, then Ye Chen would go and fight the troops that came, Ye Chen could feel that the people who came were strong, their aura was very big.

”I won ’t let you guys pass easily ” Ye Chen wouldn ’t let these people pass easily.

”That ’s him, he must be the one who made a fuss, let ’s catch him ” Soldiers rushed towards Ye Chen, they intended to attack and capture Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stepped forward, he went to fight all those who had evil intentions against him.

. ” the battle between Ye Chen and Li Gun ’s army was inevitable, both sides began to show their abilities.

Li Jingyi and Li Gun started fighting, Li Jingyi launched her own attack at Li Gun.

Li Gun didn ’t want to lose, he resisted Li Jingyi attack, he used the wind around himself to block Li Jingyi attack.

. ” Li Gun was forced back a few steps while holding back Li Jingyi attack.

when Li Gun tried to block Li Jingyi attack, Li Gun discovered that Li Jingyi strength was so great, his barrier was unable to completely block Li Jingyi attack.

”What the hell, was that attack just now ” Li Gun looked very surprised when he received Li Jingyi attack, Li Jingyi attack was quite strong.

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”Looks like I was too careless ” Li Gun might be too weak, that ’s why he was easily defeated by Li Jingyi.

”This woman does have some abilities, I ’d better be a little serious. ” Since Li Jingyi had abilities, Li Gun had to be serious about fighting this guy.

Li Gun attacked Li Jingyi, he used his fist to attack Li Jingyi.

When Li Gun attacked, Li Jingyi waved her hand, quickly gathering water and blocking Li Gun ’s movement.

”Damn, this is really troublesome ” Li Gun started to feel troubled, he felt troubled by the water that kept holding his movement.

Li Gun used his profound energy, a strong wind erupted from Li Gun ’s body, this wind blew away the surrounding water.

after expelling all the surrounding water, Li Gun continued his attack on Li Jingyi.

”Water Glory Wave ” Li Jingyi used the Water Glory Wave, an enormous water wave suddenly appeared and filled the cold palace room.

Li Gun who was advancing was directly dragged backwards, he couldn ’t resist when being dragged by this great power.

Li Jingyi couldn ’t show the full power of the Water Glory Wave, Li Jingyi still had to restrain himself, otherwise he could possibly destroy this palace.

Li Gun ’s body was dragged by the waves of the Water Glory Wave, he was like a shirt in a dryer, his body spinning erratically.

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”Damn, what the hell ” Li Gun couldn ’t believe that he would be treated like this by Li Jingyi, some parts of Li Gun ’s body and clothes started to be torn apart by this attack

even though the power of the Water Glory Wave was small it still had a terrifying power, this capable of crushing humans to pieces.

Unable to get out of this situation, Li Gun used his brain, he used tens of thousands of years of battle experience.

Li Gun used his wind power to break out of the waves, with his wind power, he managed to reverse the waves that allowed his body to escape.

”The wave hit the wall, the wall was instantly destroyed when it was hit by a super strong wave.

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