”What is someone like you doing in this place? ” Ye Chen said to the mysterious person in front of him.

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”Hahaha, so funny, you still ask, after what you just did ” this person laughed, he laughed at Ye Chen who didn ’t know what he just did.

”Oh, so it ’s like that, it ’s not strange that the Code Breaker organization is very bold in attacking the empire, it turns out that there is a Vengeance Fate Sect behind it, ” Ye Chen said to this mysterious person.

”Hooo, so you ’ve guessed who I am, it ’s interesting, you two are really weird people ” This person was more and more attracted to Ye Chen and Li Jingyi, both of whom were very mysterious and possessed of great knowledge.

”Husband, is he the one behind all this? ” Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

”Of course, he is the one behind all this, he has been watching us for a long time, it seems he is angry that we messed up his plans ” Ye Chen explained to Li Jingyi what had happened.

”You ’re so great, I didn ’t even notice ” Li Jingyi started to be amazed by what Ye Chen was doing, how could Ye Chen find this person ’s whereabouts.

”You are a little interesting, how can you see where I am? ” People from Vengeance Fate Sect also had to acknowledge Ye Chen ’s greatness, how could Ye Chen find his whereabouts so easily.

”You may be able to hide yourself, but I can feel how you are watching me ” Ye Chen said to the mysterious person in front of him.

”Hahaha, very interesting ” person from Vengeance Fate Sect laughed again, he didn ’t expect that Ye Chen could find himself because of such a thing.

”You two have ruined my perfect plan, you two have to pay for what you have done ” said a person from Vengeance Fate Sect to Ye Chen.

”I ’m sorry for what happened ” Ye Chen apologized for what happened, he said in a very polite tone.

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”It ’s not that easy ” said a person from Vengeance Fate Sect to Ye Chen.

”Then what do you want from us? ” Ye Chen asked what this man wanted, this man definitely wanted something.

”You are very clever, I really want something, I want you two to join me, you both have the ability to be a master.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi looked at each other, both looking helpless at what this person said.

”We are not very interested in such things, we are a couple who live with freedom, we will not join a troublesome thing ” Ye Chen replied to the words of the person in front of him.

”Too bad, you guys have really great talent ” this person shook his head, even though Ye Chen and Li Jingyi had great fighting talent.

”Then I ’ll just arrest you by force ” Because they couldn ’t persuade Ye Chen, this person wanted to catch Ye Chen by force.

”How can you do something like that to us, when we have refused so politely, ” said Ye Chen to the person in front of him.

”I don ’t care about that matter, I do whatever I want, that ’s us Vengeance Fate Sect ” this person said that he likes to do whatever he wants.

The person swiftly went towards Li Jingyi, he intended to catch Li Jingyi who was beside Ye Chen.

When this person wanted to touch Li Jingyi, Ye Chen immediately held the person ’s hand.

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”Don ’t mess with us, don ’t make me angry. ” Ye Chen warned the person in front of him not to anger Ye Chen, Ye Chen was most annoyed when he saw that someone was intending to do something bad to the person he loved.

”You do have decent abilities. ” person from Vengeance Fate Sect acknowledged Ye Chen ’s abilities.

Having failed in his act, this fellow retreated, he retreated several tens of meters away.

”My name is Tai Eng, you guys remember the person who will arrest you ” Tai Eng introduced himself to Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”What other fool introduces himself to his enemy ” Ye Chen couldn ’t think how Tai Eng ’s brain worked, how could he tell Ye Chen his name so easily.

”Husband, this person is from Vengeance Fate Sect, he should be a strong person, we must be careful when fighting him ” Li Jingyi warned Ye Chen that people from Vengeance Fate Sect must be dangerous people.

”You are absolutely right, he is from Vengeance Fate Sect, there is nothing good about this person. ” Ye Chen completely agreed with what Li Jingyi said, there was nothing good about this person.

”but right now we have no choice but to fight against this person ” right now the two of them had no choice but to fight against Tai Eng.

”I will try to help you beat this guy ” Li Jingyi will try to help Ye Chen beat Tai Eng.

”Then let me fight him ” Ye Chen would fight Tai Eng, meanwhile Li Jingyi would try to help Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stepped forward, just as Ye Chen was about to go forward, Ye Chen saw something strange, under his feet as if there was something strange.

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Seeing this, Ye Chen immediately used his own strength, from the bottom of the shoe a huge profound fire shot out, it instantly burned the ground that Ye Chen stepped on.

When Ye Chen did this, worm-like monsters began to emerge from the plant, they came out because they were unable to withstand this excessive heat.

”What are you doing with my beloved pet, are you tired of living? ” Tai Eng was angry when he saw Ye Chen torturing his pet.

”who told you to put an animal like this in this place ” Ye Chen thanks to Tai Eng, who told this person to put a disgusting creature in front of him.

”How dare you insult the pet I have, I won ’t let you off easily ” Seeing Ye Chen dare to insult his pet ,Tai Eng was already very upset, he would definitely make Ye Chen regret what he said.

Tai Eng stepped forward, he started to attack Ye Chen using his skills.

Tai Eng ’s skill was earth, he lifted the ground under Ye Chen and started pounding Ye Chen using it.

Ye Chen tried to hold the ground that was thrown by Tai Eng, he tried his physical strength to hold the ground.

With his strong physical strength, Ye Chen managed to withstand Tai Eng ’s attack.

”no way how could that happen ” Tai Eng amplified his attack, he tried to pound Ye Chen into a pulp of meat.

With the full strength that Tai Eng mustered, Ye Chen started to retreat backwards.

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It seemed that in terms of Tai Eng ’s strength being still above Ye Chen ’s, he was still above Ye Chen ’s.

”he ’s quite tough, looks like he ’s almost the same as Fu Chou ” from Tai Eng ’s strength maybe this man has the same status or even he is under Fu Chou.

”why are you still holding on, just give up and accept your fate ” Tai Eng started to get angry, he got angry when he saw Ye Chen managed to hold on for a long time.

”It took more than this to beat me ” Ye Chen said that it would take more than this to beat himself.

Ye Chen channeled the power in his palm, he used a great power to destroy the huge chunk of earth that was in front of him.

.. ” The chunk of earth shattered into pieces, it scattered in all directions.

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