”What exactly is he preparing for? ” Ye Chen asked what Li Jingyi was preparing.

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”Husband, I forgot to tell you, Lord Peak is coming to visit you, she wants to go to your house to see how you are ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

” Ehhhhh, why so suddenly, what did he do here all of a sudden? ” Ye Chen asked what Mu Xueying was doing, why did she come in such a sudden manner.

”That, actually when you weren ’t present at the Sect for a few days, I told him that you were sick, I think that ’s the reason why he came here. ” Mu Xueying told the reason why Ning Xia had decided to come to this place.

”Wait a minute, how can you make such an excuse when I didn ’t do anything? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, why did Mu Xueying have to make such an excuse to Ning Xia.

”I don ’t have any reasonable excuses, even if I don ’t make excuses, surely Master will still be here, so I can ’t do anything about it ” Mu Xueying replied with an innocent face.

Mu Xueying looked innocent, she didn ’t look like she had done a big and meaningful mistake.

”Why didn ’t you tell her that I was fine, so he didn ’t have to come here? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying should have told Ning Xia that Ye Chen was fine, then everything would be resolved very easily.

”Of course I ’ve already mentioned the matter, the problem is that Master doesn ’t want to listen to what I say, he doesn ’t believe what I say. ” Mu Xueying told Ning Xia that she didn ’t believe what she said.

”Never mind, everything happened, it ’s fine to let her come to this place ” since everything had already happened, there was nothing Ye Chen could do.

”Master won ’t do anything to you anyway, so calm down ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

”Okay, I understand ” Ye Chen nodded, he is a good person, then when he comes we will take care of him ” Since Ning Xia is a good person, Ye Chen decided to have a banquet for Ning Xia.

”That matter, Jingyi has already done that, so you don ’t have to think about it anymore. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen not to think about it anymore.

”Wow, Jingyi is so fast, I think I should give him a reward for what he has done. ” Ye Chen intended to give a reward for what Li Jingyi had done.

Ye Chen wore a lecherous expression when he thought of this, Li Jingyi is a submissive wife, of course it would be very easy to ask Li Jingyi for that.

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”What are you thinking? ” Mu Xueying tapped Ye Chen ’s head, she already sensed that Ye Chen thought something bad about Li Jingyi.

”Do you not like me thinking about Jingyi, then how about I just think about you ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying, Ye Chen smiled at Mu Xueying, he told Mu Xueying that he would think about it.

”Husband, don ’t make my mood bad. ” Mu Xueying warned Ye Chen not to make her mood worse.

”Hahaha, fine, I won ’t make my wife ’s mood worse. ” Ye Chen laughed, he wouldn ’t make Mu Xueying ’s mood worse.

”Very good, I am going to do something. ” Mu Xueying wanted to go to do something, so she couldn ’t accompany Ye Chen here.

”Okay ” Ye Chen nodded, he didn ’t have a reason to keep Mu Xueying in this place anymore.

Mu Xueying left, she left Ye Chen alone in the living room.

”What will I do after this? ” Ye Chen wondered what he should do in a situation like this, there was nothing he could do in a situation like this.

”Master, why don ’t you go inside the fairy gate, i have something good awaits you ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that there is something good inside the fairy gate.

”What ’s that? ” Ye Chen was immediately excited when he heard what Chu Yuechan said, Ye Chen was very excited when he heard what Chu Yuechan said.

”Come in ” Chu Yuechan took Ye Chen inside the fairy gate, she was going to show it to Ye Chen.

Hearing this, Ye Chen immediately rushed into the fairy gate, he immediately saw what Ye Chen had.

When Ye Chen entered the fairy gate, Chu Yuechan sat sipping a cup of tea, what Chu Yuechan did was like a noblewoman.

”Where ’s the good one? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, he asked where the good things were waiting for him.

”Fufufu, you are so cute, don ’t you realize that I am tricking you ” Chu Yuechan said with a giggle.

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”-___- ” Ye Chen felt cheated by what Chu Yuechan said, why did he believe so much in what this tempting fairy said.

”Fufufufu, master I was only joking with you, why did you show such a reaction? ” Chu Yuechan said that she was joking with Ye Chen, why did Ye Chen show a funny reaction when Chu Yuechan was joking with Ye Chen.

”Come on, don ’t joke with me anymore, quickly tell me what you have for me ” Ye Chen asked what Chu Yuechan had of him.

”Why don ’t you check the status of the fairy gate, ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”huh ?,Fairy gate level up again, how come so fast? ” Ye Chen looked surprised when he learned this.

”Master, have you forgotten about Huang Ying?, he has a very big role in this matter ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Oh, you are absolutely right ” Ye Chen now remember, by getting Huang Ying, she should get a lot of experience, that beautiful goddess will definitely give Ye Chen a lot of experience.

”hopefully this time I get something good and decent ” Ye Chen prayed, he wanted something useful for Previously, there were only two that were most useful to Ye Chen, these two things had helped Ye Chen very well, this time Ye Chen wanted something even more powerful.

Ye Chen opened his status as the lord of the fairy gate, he saw the status hers inside the fairy gate

Lvl : 30

Name : Ye Chen

Age : 20 Years

Strength : 10th Divine monarch Realm

Special body : Ancient (Yang) Body .

Inheritance : Sage God, Azure Dragon, Heavenly silver flame.

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Technique: King ’s Heart Technique.

True God Body Technique .

Nine Shadows Steps .

Breaking Meteor Blow .


One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords ,1.
Hell Prison 2.
God Fire Sword 

Frost Age

Frost Nova

Shadow Clone

Perfect Steal

God Eyes

God Thunder Armor, God ’s Judgment Lightning and God Slayer Lightning Shot

Sky wind Law.

Sky Heaven Vortex 

Long Wind Suction 

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Azure Domain

God Master One Sword

Artifact : Reideran Pendant necklace

Divine Yin Yang Sword 

Black Dragon Sword

God Mask

Heavenly Armor

Women : Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu, Mu Lanyin , Qing Chen, Cheng Mengyan, Su Yuya, Feng Xue, Nanhua Caiyi, Zhang Shiyun, Xue Suyin, Li Qingzu, Nangong Xiang, Mu Xueying, Li Jingyi, Fairy Zhen, Yan Fei, Mei Yueli, Huang Ying, Song Ziyu, and many more.

Exp= 412.689/1.220.000.

”What a fast improvement, if I catch some beauties like Huang Ying, wouldn ’t that be a good thing ” Ye Chen started to think about finding some women like Huang Ying, it would definitely bring a lot of benefits to Ye Chen.

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