Ye Chen looked at these people, Ye Chen could see that they had been completely influenced by Chang Er.

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”It seems that there is no point in talking to these people anymore, their hearts and minds are completely controlled by Chang Er. ” Ye Chen felt that it was useless to talk to these people, their hearts and minds were completely controlled by Chang Er.

Since there was nothing else Ye Chen could do, Ye Chen decided to end this immediately, Ye Chen went and attacked everyone in this place.

”Nine Shadow Step ” With a very fast movement, Ye Chen knocked everyone down, he knocked everyone down in the blink of an eye.

”what! ! ! ” Chang Er was quite surprised when she saw Ye Chen take down everyone, to be honest what Ye Chen did was quite great, he brought down everyone that Chang Er had worked so hard to gather.

”Why are they all useless, it ’s useless I brought them ” Chang Er started cursing very loudly, she felt that these people were useless.

”Looks like I have no choice but to deal with this matter on my own. ” Chang Er couldn ’t rely on her servants, now she could only rely on herself.

”It ’s quite impressive to see you manage to beat my people ” Chang Er stood up from the chair, she walked towards Ye Chen.

”Little girl, why don ’t we stop this, you know I don ’t want to hurt someone like you, so you better stop now ” Ye Chen said to Chang Er, he told Chang Er to stop.

”Shut up, don ’t tell me, in this world there are only a few people who have the ability to order me ” Chang Er told Ye Chen to be quiet, in this world there are only a few people who can tell Chang Er.

”This little girl is more troublesome than Su Yuyu and Xing Mei ” Ye Chen felt that this little girl was more troublesome than Su Yuyu and Xing Mei.

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Although Su Yuyu and Xing Mei are naughty and unruly, both of them still have kindness in their hearts, but this woman, Ye Chen can ’t see that.

”Master, how can you call that woman a little girl, she should be much older than your current age, Chu Yuechan told that Chang Er is bigger than Ye Chen.

”Shut up, don ’t embarrass me like that ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan not to embarrass himself, if Chang Er were to hear this, Ye Chen would definitely be embarrassed.

”giggle ” Chu Yuechan giggled, Chu Yuechan couldn ’t help but laugh when she heard what Ye Chen said.

Chang Er snapped her fingers, a flame shot out from Chang Er ’s palm.

The fire in Chang Er ’s palm started to get bigger and bigger, it got bigger and started to envelop this room.

Things and walls started to melt when facing the extremely hot temperature, as the room temperature increased, people started to emit steam, it seemed that they were unable to withstand the temperature around this place.

”Hey, your people will get hurt if you do that ” Ye Chen said that the slaves around would die if Chang Er didn ’t stop now.

”I don ’t care about it, their life and death is not my responsibility. ” Chang Er told that the life and death of these people was not her responsibility.

If they died Chang Er could find a new one, it was quite easy for Chang Er to find a new one.

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”Wow, how can you say that, have you never been taught anything like this? ” Ye Chen pointed at Chang Er, how could this man dare to say such a thing to him.

”What ’s the matter, do you have a problem? ” Chang Er said to Ye Chen, Chang Er was getting impatient in fighting Ye Chen, she wanted to end this battle as soon as she could.

”Perhaps I should teach this naughty young lady a lesson, otherwise she won ’t learn how to appreciate things. ” Ye Chen would teach Chang Er a lesson, let this woman be aware of valuing things.

”I won ’t kill you, but I will make you feel a little pain, so enjoy this ” Chang Er said to Ye Chen.

”I ’m not that bad, how can I enjoy the pain, it ’s not tasteful ” Ye Chen said to Chang Er.

”Feel this ” Chang Er threw the fireball in her hand towards Ye Chen, the fireball shot towards Ye Chen.

when the fireball shot out, Ye Chen flicked his finger, with one flick, Chang Er ’s fireball instantly disappeared.

”Huh?, how did that happen ? ” Chang Er looked confused about what just happened, why her attack disappear

”strength is quite formidable, as expected of someone from the Five Lord Divine Academy ” Ye Chen had to admit that Chang Er did have abilities, this woman possessed an ability that could make her a disciple of the Five Lord Divine Academy.

” Of course I ’m great, otherwise how could I become a core disciple of the Five Lord Divine Academy ” Chang Er confirmed what Ye Chen said, if she wasn ’t great and strong, how could she be she would be accepted into the Five Lord Divine Academy.

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”But a thousand dear, you have a bad nature ” Ye Chen said to Chang Er again.

Chang Er ’s smile immediately disappeared, she looked at Ye Chen with a dissatisfied look.

”what ’s with the reaction you have, are you dissatisfied with what I just said? ” Ye Chen asked Chang Er.

”I am indeed dissatisfied with what you said, you are really very mean, I will definitely give you a proper punishment ” Chang Er said to Ye Chen.

According to Chang Er, Ye Chen was a bad man which was why he intended to give Ye Chen a punishment.

”We ’ll see who gets punished, I will punish you with all my heart ” Ye Chen said that he would go and punish Chang Er.

Ye Chen stepped forward, he stopped just inches in front of Chang Er.

”Too fast ” Chang Er almost had a hard time seeing Ye Chen ’s movements, she couldn ’t clearly see Ye Chen ’s movements.

Chang Er tried to back away, when Chang Er tried to retreat, Ye Chen grabbed her hand.

”Quickly let me go. ” Seeing that his hand was caught by Ye Chen, Chang Er immediately put up a fight.

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”Sorry, but I won ’t do that, the bad girl must be taught a lesson, that way she can change ” Ye Chen said to Chang Er.

As a good person, Ye Chen had to teach a lesson, with this Ye Chen hoped that Chang Er would return to the right path.

”Bastard, if you don ’t let me go, you and your family will disappear ” Chang Er said to Ye Chen.

Chang Er gave a warning to Ye Chen, she hoped that Ye Chen would be scared and let her go.

”Boom ” hearing this, Ye Chen took out his own strength, he showed Chang Er the power he had.

”It seems that you miss a punishment, I will give you a punishment that you will never forget ” Since Chang Er had dared to threaten Ye Chen, then Ye Chen would definitely make this woman pay for what she had said.

If Ye Chen didn ’t give Chang Er a proper punishment, then Ye Chen didn ’t deserve to be a man.

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