Chi Shui was a woman who liked to dominate, so how could she be like this by Ye Chen.

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”What happened to me actually? ” Chi Shui started to wonder what had happened to her, how could she be embarrassed when she faced Ye Chen.

”she has a nice body ” Ye Chen had to admire the body Chi Shui was holding, Chi Shui ’s body was quite beautiful and very seductive.

Chi Shui gave off a very seductive aura, this was probably due to his special body which attracted men when he saw her.

”What ’s with your reaction?, it ’s not like you ’re the first time ” Ye Chen asked Chi Shui, Ye Chen felt that Chi Shui was a little calmer than before.

Whereas previously Chi Shui looked wilder when teasing Ye Chen, but now he was calmer when facing Ye Chen.

”Do you like me taking the initiative to tease you? ” Chi Shui wrapped her arms around Ye Chen ’s neck, she wrapped her arms around Ye Chen ’s neck and started to tease Ye Chen.

”It wouldn ’t be fun without a fight ” Ye Chen said that this wouldn ’t be fun without Chi Shui ’s resistance, Ye Chen hoped for a little bit of Chi Shui ’s resistance.

Chi Shui should have some experience, so it would be fun to see the abilities this Lady had.

Last time Chi Shui teased Ye Chen with her seductive skills, even though in the end Chi Shui had to lose at Ye Chen ’s hands.

”Fufufu ” Chi Shui giggled, she smiled as she listened to what Ye Chen said, from what Ye Chen said, it seemed like Ye Chen was trying to fight with herself.

Chi Shui did not want to be underestimated, Chi Shui had to show her abilities, otherwise how could Chi Shui be called a Succubus.

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Don ’t underestimate Chi Shui ’s ability, Chi Shui ’s teasing ability is very good, even Ye Chen must be wary of Chi Shui ’s ability.

Chi Shui started to use her Charm to tempt Ye Chen, she used her Charm to tempt Ye Chen.

Chi Shui felt that Ye Chen was very difficult to seduce, this woman was very difficult to seduce using Charm.

Even though Charm is a powerful weapon possessed by Chi Shui, with her special body, Chi Shui can strengthen his Charm ability to the level where she can control other people ’s thoughts.

The problem was that the ability didn ’t seem to have any effect on Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s mind was too strong to be an opponent for Chi Shui.

Ye Chen saw that Chi Shui had already started to attack, this woman had already started to show her abilities as a Succubus.

For a while Ye Chen would let Chi Shui show his abilities, he wanted to see the skills that Chi Shui had.

Seeing that Charm still didn ’t work against Ye Chen, Chi Shui had no choice but to tease Ye Chen with physical contact, it was a quick way to get Ye Chen.

”I can ’t believe I can ’t beat you. ” Chi Shui was confident, this time she would definitely beat Ye Chen.

Last time she was defeated by Ye Chen, so this time she had to defeat Ye Chen, that way they could balance each other out.

”Little brother, you have a strong mind, it seems like this big sister ’s Charm doesn ’t work for you ” Chi Shui said to Ye Chen.

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”Fight better ” Ye Chen told Chi Shui to fight even better, maybe Chi Shui had a chance to win against Ye Chen.

”Looks like I have to show my abilities. ” Chi Shui snapped her fingers, in an instant Chi Shui ’s clothes disappeared, she changed into clothes that were much more sexy and seductive.

”ohhh, you immediately changed your clothes to very sexy clothes, it seems you are very serious about getting me ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui.

”I really want to get a younger brother, I will not be satisfied until I get you ” Chi Shui said that she would not be satisfied before getting Ye Chen, Ye Chen was like a curse that couldn ’t be removed, before Chi Shui got Ye Chen, Chi Shui felt if her heart will not be able to calm down.

”Looks like it ’s going to get more and more interesting ” Ye Chen felt that this was getting more and more interesting, Ye Chen couldn ’t wait for what Chi Shui was trying to do.

What was Chi Shui going to do, was she really able to show her abilities in front of Ye Chen or vice versa.

”Oh yeah, before that, this is for you ” Ye Chen gave the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower to Chi Shui.

”Oh ” Chi Shui saw the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower in Ye Chen ’s hand, she did not expect that Ye Chen would keep her promise, even though Chi Shui thought that Ye Chen might have used the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower With Li Jingyi.

The appearance of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower would definitely create a commotion, especially in the Heaven Dream Sect, where all women wanted to obtain a Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

”I am temporarily not interested in Yin & Yang Awakening Flower, I am more interested in you ” Chi Shui pushed Yin & Yang Awakening Flower aside, she was more interested in Ye Chen.

”Are you unwilling to use the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower? ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui.

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”Of course I will, and I have already found a candidate to use it, little brother, do you want? ” Chi Shui asked Ye Chen.

Here the best candidate is Ye Chen, he is the only best candidate in this world.

Plus Chi Shui still couldn ’t get Ye Chen, it would definitely be fun to get Ye Chen.

Chi Shui was very aggressive and wild, she was very bold in speaking what was in her heart.

Chi Shui started to take off the clothes that belonged to Ye Chen, she started to use her skillful fingers to tease Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to resist the attack made by Chi Shui, this woman ’s attack was quite aggressive, it was much stronger than when she was in dreamland.

Chi Shui smiled when she saw the expression on Ye Chen ’s face, it seemed that the attack used was enough to make Ye Chen feel difficult.

”You don ’t need to hold back, just leave everything to this big sister, I will make you feel the most comfortable feeling ” Chi Shui said to Ye Chen.

Chi Shui whispered and blew Ye Chen ’s ear, she gave Ye Chen a strong temptation.

Chi Shui showed her full abilities, this time she didn ’t hold back when she faced Ye Chen.

Chi Shui knew that Ye Chen was not easy to deal with, so she had to use her full strength against Ye Chen.

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”Then please teach me ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui, Ye Chen joined in the game, he told Chi Shui to teach him.

Chi Shui bit Ye Chen ’s ear with a soft bite, she also used her tongue to make Ye Chen.

Besides that Chi Shui ’s hands started to wander around Ye Chen ’s body, she started to touch Ye Chen ’s chest and stomach.

Meanwhile Chi Shui used her legs to stimulate Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was below, with a little stimulation from Chi Shui, Ye Chen ’s younger brother started to rise from her sleep.

”oh shit, how did she use an attack like this ” Ye Chen did not expect that Chi Shui would use a combination attack to stimulate Ye Chen.

Obviously this was a wonderful combination, Ye Chen felt pleasure and a feeling of comfort all over his body, all of them getting pleasure from the stimulation provided by Chi Shui.

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