Chi Shui came to help Ye Chen, she couldn ’t let the old woman try to deceive Ye Chen.

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”Succubus Mistress, what do you need in my little shop ” the old woman looked very respectful towards Chi Shui, to be more precise she was very afraid of Chi Shui.

”Are you trying to deceive someone? ” Chi Shui asked the old woman, Chi Shui looked at the old woman with a very sharp and piercing gaze.

”No, I didn ’t mean to do that ” The old lady started to panic, it seemed that her intention to deceive Ye Chen had been discovered by Chi Shui.

When the old lady saw Ye Chen, she immediately knew that Ye Chen was a rich person, so she decided to raise the price on Ye Chen.

Unexpectedly that Chi Shui would come and help Ye Chen, this made the old woman very panicked and didn ’t know what to do.

”Tell me how much it really costs ” Chi Shui asked about the original price of the thing.

”It ’s not that expensive, the original price is around 500 Divine Red Profound Crystals ” the old woman told Chi Shui that the original price of the item being sold was around 500 Divine Red Profound Crystals.

”Is an iron cube worth that much? ” Chi Shui did not expect that the original value of the cube was still so expensive.

”It is a very special item, it is a very strong iron, it is almost indestructible, even by any method. ” The old woman said that the iron in Ye Chen ’s hand was very strong, it was almost indestructible.

” Is that true? ” Chi Shui took the cube in Ye Chen ’s hand, she started to use her lightning power to scratch the cube.

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When Chi Shui used his profound lightning nothing happened, Chi Shui couldn ’t even scratch this cube.

”How did this happen? ” Chi Shui did not expect that this cube was so strong, it was able to withstand his lightning strike.

”I didn ’t lie to you, did I? ” The old lady said to Chi Shui, this time she did not lie to Chi Shui.

Chi Shui saw that this time the old woman was not lying, this cube was made of a material that was quite strong and difficult to break.

Ye Chen saw what Chi Shui was doing, he saw that Chi Shui ’s attack had no effect on the cube.

Even though Chi Shui was already very strong, plus now that he had broken through to a higher level thanks to having intercourse with Ye Chen, but Chi Shui was still unable to scratch the cube.

”It seems that I have to get this thing ” Ye Chen had to get this thing, he must not miss the opportunity to get something as mysterious as this.

This cube must be holding something, Ye Chen firmly believed that it held something amazing inside.

”Okay, I ’ll take this. ” Ye Chen paid the price of the cube, he gave the Divine Red Profound Crystal to the old woman.

”Thank you very much ” the old lady thanked Ye Chen, she was thankful that Ye Chen had bought this for her.

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”Next time don ’t do such fraud again ” Before leaving, Ye Chen didn ’t forget to remind the old lady not to do anything underhanded.

”I will remember this ” the old woman nodded, she would remember what Ye Chen said.

”Let ’s go ” Ye Chen took Chi Shui away from this place, Chi Shui only went with Ye Chen, he didn ’t know at all why Ye Chen insisted on buying this thing, even though the price of this thing could be said to be very expensive for the size of a cube.

”why did you decide to buy something like that? ” After a while, Chi Shui asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen kept buying that thing,

”Don ’t you see that there is something strange about this, with your current strength you can ’t scratch this thing, so this must be something That ’s great ” Ye Chen replied.

Chi Shui nodded, the cube in Ye Chen ’s hand was indeed strange, Chi Shui himself couldn ’t even scratch the cube.

”What is it actually, do you know? ” Chi Shui asked what the cube was, Ye Chen might know something about it.

” To be honest I don ’t know , I ’ll find out later ” Ye Chen also still doesn ’t know, but later Ye Chen will find out what this cube in his hand is, Ye Chen was curious about the contents inside this cube.

From Ye Chen ’s tone of voice, Chi Shui could be sure that Ye Chen was also not very knowledgeable about it, most likely Ye Chen would find out later.

Ye Chen and Chi Shui go meet Seven Fairy Succubus, Seven Fairy Succubus happened to have ordered a luxurious dining venue at this festival.

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”Here ” when Ye Chen and Chi Shui arrived, Chi Maiya gave a signal to Ye Chen and Chi Shui.

Seeing this, Ye Chen and Chi Shui came and sat at the table they had ordered.

Coincidentally there was already a lot of food on the table, they could immediately eat the meal as they pleased.

Ye Chen decided to eat, he enjoyed eating together with Chi Shui and a member of the Seven Fairy Succubus.

What Ye Chen did invited several gazes, some people looked at Ye Chen with strange looks, how could Ye Chen sit with Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus, it was something that most people in this place had difficulty accepting.

In the White Rose Star Realm everyone naturally knew Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus, they were a group of women who were not easy to provoke, so not many men dared to approach Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus.

Ye Chen ignored the gazes of the people around him, Ye Chen didn ’t want to be bothered by trivial things like this.

”Hey, have you heard the rumors circulating, later there will be an auction of a very beautiful woman, I heard her beauty is extraordinary to the point of making strong men bend their knees ” There were several conversations around, these people were talking about a woman which will be auctioned.

”Is that even possible, is there really a woman who can do that? ” Some people didn ’t believe the rumors they heard, they didn ’t believe the rumors that were impossible to believe.

”Are you underestimating me, this news is very accurate, I guarantee it is 80% accurate, I heard this from one of the people in charge of the auction ” said the man next to his partner.

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”Then why don ’t we see and if that ’s the case, then we can join ” because this news is 80% accurate, then colleagues around want to see and participate in the offer.

”Do you think it ’s easy to get something like this, listen to this, the starting price is very high, even I ’m sure that your savings alone won ’t be enough for the starting price ” this man sneered at his partner, there was no way they could take part in a big event involving people big and influential person.

”You ’re right too, we ’re only small figures, compared to people from big Sects and Clans, we can ’t possibly win ” they admitted that they weren ’t worthy of being compared to people from good backgrounds.

”Shui, do you mean valuable is a slave girl? ” Ye Chen asked Chi Shui who was nearby.

Chi Shui also listened to what the people around her had just said, they were discussing the auction that was going to be held.

”I don ’t know, it ’s quite rare for slaves to be the most special thing. ” Chi Shui wasn ’t sure, he wasn ’t sure if what was said was the truth.

”We can only wait for the auction to be held ” Chi Shui said that they could only wait.

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