”Did he also get the Divine Rainbow Crystal? ” Everyone immediately burst into a frenzy when they saw Ye Chen get the Divine Rainbow Crystal.

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”It ’s probably just part of it, some of it might just be bare rock. ” Sao Zhinmi tried to cheer herself up, she tried to convince herself that Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly hit the big prize.

”Little brother, why don ’t you go ahead and show the old lady ” Chi Shui said to Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen to show the results he had obtained.

”No problem ” Ye Chen nodded, he immediately showed what he got.

Ye Chen continued to cut all the pieces of stone and only left the Divine Rainbow Crystal.

”Wow, that ’s a huge Divine Rainbow Crystal, he really is very lucky. ” After all the stones were completely removed, everyone could see that Ye Chen had obtained an enormous amount of Divine Rainbow Crystals.

It could be said that Ye Chen was very lucky, he had managed to obtain a grand prize that no one else had ever obtained.

Sao Zhinmi was silent, she was speechless when she saw Ye Chen getting such a huge prize.

”Damn, why, why did I lose again? ” Sao Zhinmi was angry, why did she lose again, even though she had already invited the expert beside her, but how could she still lose to Chi Shui and Ye Chen.

”Sao Zhinmi this is your second defeat, now quickly hand over your belongings ” Chi Shui said to Sao Zhinmi.

Chi Shui was very happy, she looked happy when she took Sao Zhinmi ’s belongings.

Sao Zhinmi looked at Chi Shui, it seemed that Sao Zhinmi was starting don ’t like Chi Shui and Ye Chen.

”I won ’t leave mine to you ” this time Sao Zhinmi refused to give hers to Chi Shui.

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”Oh, so this time you refused to give the item we agreed on, it seems you are showing your true nature ” Chi Shui said to Sao Zhinmi.

Sao Zhinmi started to show her nature, this woman didn ’t want to give Chi Shui what was rightfully her.

”Of course I refuse ” Sao Zhinmi blatantly refused to give the gift that should have belonged to Chi Shui.

”Then I have no choice but to take it by force. ” Seeing Sao Zhinmi refuse to give her prize, Chi Shui had to snatch it from Sao Zhinmi ’s hands.

Chi Shui had been waiting for this, she couldn ’t wait to fight Sao Zhinmi anymore.

Chi Shui and Sao Zhinmi started to bring out their strength, they used the full strength they had against each other.

Because of this great power, the Red Rose Heaven Land began to tremble and shake.

Everyone inside could sense that there was a battle going on, this was clearly a battle between people with very large cultivation bases.

”Why is it like this? ” Ye Chen did not expect that Chi Shui would immediately fight with Sao Zhinmi, it seems that Chi Shui couldn ’t stand Sao Zhinmi ’s actions.

”Boom ” Chi Shui and Sao Zhinmi started fighting, they started exchanging several blows in the air.

Those people with weak cultivations left immediately, if they continued to stay in this place, then it was certain that they would be destroyed in this battle.

”You are looking for trouble I will make you regret this ” Sao Zhinmi said to Chi Shui, Chi Shui will definitely regret what she has done.

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”You are the one who will regret what you have done, I will definitely burn your body with this lightning ” Chi Shui said to Sao Zhinmi.

Chi Shui and Sao Zhinmi both attacked each other, neither of them willing to lose to the other.

Sao Zhinmi ability was wind, so she tried to attack Chi Shui using some very sharp wind blades, on the other hand Chi Shui used his lightning to burn and destroy Sao Zhinmi.

., boom .
., boom .
., boom .
., boom .
., boom .
.. ” explosion after explosion occurred, the stone gambling venue started to get messed up by what Chi Shui and Sao Zhinmi were doing.

”Shui, why don ’t you just end this right away ” Ye Chen who was downstairs told Chi Shui to end the battle immediately, with Chi Shui ’s strength, it should be enough for her to end this battle.

”Okay, I will listen to you ” Chi Shui nodded, he would end this battle soon.

”purple lightning domain ” Chi Shui opened a domain, it seemed that she was preparing to end the battle.

”Wind Garden Domain ” Sao Zhinmi also didn ’t want to lose, she opened a domain to fight against Chi Shui ’s domination.

The collision of the two hefty domains created a great phenomenon, this made the shaking more and more intense.

The people within the Red Rose Heaven Land were starting to worry about what had happened, Chi Shui and Sao Zhinmi ’s battle was too terrifying.

”Scram ” Chi Shui controlled a large amount of lightning towards Sao Zhinmi, meanwhile Sao Zhinmi also started shooting a large amount of wind towards Chi Shui.

”Boom ” All explosions occurred when these two powers fought, in this fight, Chi Shui was definitely stronger, she was superior to Sao Zhinmi.

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”arghhh ” Sao Zhinmi screamed, she screamed as she received Chi Shui ’s attack.

Sao Zhinmi ’s body was struck by lightning, this made the thin clothes on her body evaporate, in addition Sao Zhinmi ’s body became a little dark due to this lightning strike.

Because the lightning strike was strong enough, Sao Zhinmi ’s consciousness disappeared, she had already completely fainted from Chi Shui ’s powerful attack.

Chi Shui took the treasure that was in Sao Zhinmi ’s body, after taking her prize, Chi Shui returned to where Ye Chen was.

”Husband, sorry for making you wait so long. ” Chi Shui smiled at Ye Chen, she really enjoyed the brief battle with Sao Zhinmi.

”You ’re done, then let ’s go. ” Ye Chen took Chi Shui away, Ye Chen had finished putting the Divine Rainbow Crystal into the storage.

”Come on ” Chi Shui embraced Ye Chen ’s arm, the two of them left this place.

”I didn ’t expect Chi Shui to be that strong, it seems her strength has increased quite a bit ” San Tiaye came to Sao Zhinmi, he started to help Sao Zhinmi who was currently injured.

In the previous battle, San Tiaye did not expect that Sao Zhinmi, would lose so easily, Sao Zhinmi ’s defeat was too easy and made San Tiaye afraid, if Chi Shui could defeat Sao Zhinmi easily, then Chi Shui could also defeat San Tiaye easily.

San Tiaye brought Sao Zhinmi, he took Sao Zhinmi to the place where the Freedom Garden Sect group was.

After winning against Sao Zhinmi, Ye Chen and Chi Shui went to see the Seven Fairy Succubus, after which they headed to the auction site.

Today there would be a big auction, everyone naturally went and attended the auction, they wanted to know if there was anything they could be interested in.

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Ye Chen was led to a special room, it seemed that this special room was a place that had been prepared for Chi Shui.

As an important guest, of course Chi Shui had the special right to get a private room together with the Seven Fairy Succubus.

The room that is obtained is very complete, there are mattresses, chairs, and many other facilities in this room.

In this room is a special glass, this special glass is used to look at the auction stage, from the outside this glass cannot be seen, it is like a one-sided wall to block the view of outsiders.

So even if Ye Chen did something, outsiders wouldn ’t be able to see what Ye Chen was doing.

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