immediately bid at a high price.

Yong Hu bid again, he again bid with a high price.

”time for revenge ” it was time for Ye Chen to take revenge for what Yong Hu had done, Ye Chen raised the price several times for Yong Hu.

”Damn this guy again, he ’s trying to find trouble with me ” Yong Hu was quite annoyed when he saw the person in Vip ’s room who came back against him.

”I won ’t lose, 50,000 ” Yong Hu raised the price again, he raised the price again to make Ye Chen give up.

”50,001 ” Ye Chen raised the price, he raised one price at the very back.

”Bastard, 100,000 ” Yong Hu was furious he raised the price to 100,000.

”Wow, it ’s over 100,000 ” Everyone was shocked when they saw the price soar to 100,000, this was the highest auction price ever.

”hehe, feel it ” Ye Chen paused after making Yong Hu pay, he let this fat man feel the consequences for daring to challenge him.

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Yong Hu felt something was wrong, why would he pay such a high price for just a pill, when this pill might not be that expensive.

”This guy, just watch out ” Yong Hu was quite angry, he would definitely do bad things to Ye Chen.

The auction was quite disappointing, after the Phoenix majesty art there was nothing that Ye Chen was interested in.

Ye Chen had only been teasing Yong Hu by raising the price of this fat man ’s property.

Ye Chen ’s strategy was excellent, he was able to make Yong Hu lose countless profound crystals in this auction.

”Damn it, why do I keep losing ” Yong Hu is helpless, why does he always lose to Ye Chen, every time Yong Hu wants to stop, he is always preceded by Ye Chen, this makes him very annoyed.

”Okay, everyone after a long wait, finally we have arrived at the very core, here you will see the most excellent items in this auction ” the auctioneer said to everyone that this is the last part, this is what we have been waiting for.
waiting by everyone in this place.

Everyone had been waiting for this moment for a long time, they all couldn ’t wait to see what kind of item would be up for auction.

”This is it, welcome ” the auctioneer ordered everyone to give a welcome.

Everyone started clapping, they started clapping and started to see what would be shown.

A few moments later a woman in very closed clothes appeared, this of course made everyone feel confused.

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” what ’s this? ” Everyone looked very confused, they all looked confused by what was happening.

Some people already know that there will be an auction for slaves, it seems this woman is the slave in question.

”That woman, isn ’t that the woman I saved earlier? ” Ye Chen remembered who this woman was, she was definitely the woman in the group at that time.

”I thought she was a young woman from a rich family, it seems that my guess was wrong ” Seeing the woman this was on stage, Ye Chen could already deduce the identity of this woman.

”she is a very special woman, you may never see her in your lifetime ” the auctioneer informed that they might never see a woman like this in their lives.

” what ’s so special about that woman? ” What the auctioneer just said was clearly an insult, the average man here is someone with experience, they ’ve certainly met a lot of women, so what ’s so special about this woman.

”Young lady, why don ’t you show a little bit of your skills and make them all understand you ” The auctioneer told the beautiful lady to show her power.


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