Ye Chen ’s arm and leaned on Ye Chen ’s shoulder.

Hearing this, Zhao Jinshan, Tang Nu and Su Wansen stared, they did not expect Su Mengxin to be very brave to say that.

Ye Chen was the future daughter-in-law of the Zhao family, and Ye Chen ’s fiancée Zhao Yanyan sat right next to Ye Chen.

How could Su Mengxin dare say this, right in front of Zhao Yanyan.

Su Wansen was only trying to match Ye Chen and Su Mengxin, he wanted to see Zhao Yanyan ’s reaction, if Zhao Yanyan did not agree then the problem would be solved and he had fulfilled the promise he had made.

”Su Mengxin, Ye Chen is Yanyan ’s fiancé as well as the future daughter-in-law of this family, how can you say that ” Tang Nu ’s grandmother scolded Su Mengxin for trying to snatch Ye Chen from Zhao Yanyan.

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Tang Nu ’s grandmother suspected that Ye Chen and Su Mengxin stole behind Zhao Yanyan.

Tang Nu ’s grandmother found it strange that Zhao Yanyan was not angry after hearing this ”Yanyan how come you are not angry after hearing this? ”Tang Nu ’s grandmother questioned Zhao Yanyan ’s love for Ye Chen.

Usually women will immediately get angry after knowing the man she likes is being taken away by other women.

”Tang grandmother, you don ’t need to worry about me and Zhao Yanyan having talked about this before ” Su Mengxin looked at Zhao Yanyan.

”Your grandmother doesn ’t need to worry, me and sister Su Mengxin have decided together to be Ye Chen ’s wife, ” Zhao Yanyan said very casually.

”Bamm ”, this is like a thunder in Tang Nu ’s grandmother ’s ear, she had no idea that her granddaughter would say something like this.

How is it possible in a modern era like this there are women who are willing to share love with other women

Tang Nu ’s grandmother began to think whether Zhao Yanyan ’s head had just hit the wall, and it had become stupid

Zhao Jinshan and Su Wansen who were dazed for a long time finally realized, they did not expect Ye Chen ’s relationship would be like this.

”So it ’s like that ” Su Wansen nodded for a long time.

”Grandfather, you are not going to set me up with someone else? ”Su Mengxin asked her grandfather to no longer bring up arranged marriages in front of Ye Chen.

”You still dare to say it like that, do you know who the man I ’m trying to match with you? ”Said Su Wansen a little angry.

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The person he wanted to match with his granddaughter, apparently had a relationship with his granddaughter.

”Grandfather, who is that? ”Su Mengxin is a little curious who is the man whose grandfather chose as a suitable partner for her.

”Bad girl, that person is next to you ” Su Wansen pointed at Ye Chen who was being hugged by Su Mengxin.

”Su Mengxin was surprised after hearing this from her grandfather, why did her grandfather try to set herself up with Ye Chen.

”Grandfather, but why are you trying to set me up with Ye Chen ?, I want to know the reason ” Su Mengxin wanted to know the reason why her grandfather wanted to set herself up with Ye Chen, this is not like the grandfather she knew.

”Actually when I play chess, I make a bet with Ye Chen, if I lose then I will try to set you up with Ye Chen, Zhao Jinshan can be a witness to this ” Su Wansen explained everything to Su Mengxin.

”Bamm ” Grandmother Tang Nu ’s hands spread the table

”My husband JInshan, how can you not stop them from betting, you will instead sell our future daughter-in-law to others, if you don ’t give a pleasant answer I will not let you go ”angrily Grandmother Tang Nu pulled Grandpa Zhao Jinshan ’s ear.

”My wife is sorry, I will explain it to you ” Zhao Jisnhan tried to ask for mercy from Grandma Tang Nu.

”I want clarity right now ” Tang Nu pulled Zhao Jinshan ’s ear harder.

Zhao Jinshan felt his ears would come off from his current location.

Ye Chen was surprised to see Grandfather Zhao Jinshan who looked very manly, apparently afraid of Tang Nu ’s grandmother.

On the other hand Zhao Yanyan who saw this giggled, Zhao Yanyan was used to seeing scenes like this from his grandparents

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