Ye Chen started to petrify Qi Yunzhi, he started to give some touches to Qi Yunzhi.

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”Ahhhhhh ” Qi Yunzhi started to moan when she was touched by Ye Chen, Qi Yunzhi ’s body was very sensitive, so when Ye Chen touched it Qi Yunzhi felt a strange and very comfortable feeling.

”What is this feeling, it ’s so great ” Qi Yunzhi didn ’t know that touching it would be so comfortable, why had she never known about this matter.

Of course Qi Yunzhi had never known about this kind of matter, she had never been touched by a man like Ye Chen.

”How are you feeling? ” Ye Chen asked Qi Yunzhi, he asked how Qi Yunzhi was feeling at the moment.

. ” Qi Yunzhi couldn ’t answer Ye Chen ’s question, to be honest she couldn ’t answer Ye Chen ’s question because of incomparable pleasure.

”It seems that her consciousness hasn ’t returned yet. ” Ye Chen saw that Qi Yunzhi ’s consciousness had not fully recovered.

Ye Chen started to use his technique on Qi Yunzhi, he touched and stimulated Qi Yunzhi ’s exquisite body.

Even though it was just a light touch, the feeling of being touched by Ye Chen was so extraordinary, Qi Yunzhi felt his mind drifting off.

. ” Qi Yunzhi ’s breath started to get a little faster, he started to get excited because of Ye Chen ’s touch.

The more Ye Chen stimulated Qi Yunzhi, the stronger the aura of Qi Yunzhi ’s Charm only, this caused Ye Chen to experience a bit of trouble.

”Yunzhi ’s charm just gets stronger, does stimulating her make her charm stronger? ” Ye Chen discovered something new, he found that Qi Yunzhi would become stronger when stimulated.

Besides that Qi Yunzhi ’s Yin Qi was quite rich, Ye Chen felt this when he came into direct contact with Qi Yunzhi.

Even though Qi Yunzhi ’s virgin Yin Qi Aura was already very good, the moment it touched, it became more and more extraordinary for Ye Chen.

”Young master, please more ” Qi Yunzhi begged Ye Chen to do more to herself, Qi Yunzhi wanted more feelings.

This feeling was unbearable, Qi Yunzhi couldn ’t help but feel comfortable and uncomfortable in her body.

”If you really asked for it ” seeing Qi Yunzhi asking for more, then Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly disappoint Qi Yunzhi ’s wish.

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Ye Chen started to be bolder, he touched some of Qi Yunzhi ’s sensitive points, from the double peaks to the sensitive parts that Ye Chen touched.

Qi Yunzhi felt more and more satisfied, she was very satisfied with what Ye Chen had done, Ye Chen had made her feel a new great feeling.

”This is good, young master is really great. ” Qi Yunzhi thought of Ye Chen, now in his mind there is only Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was also having a bit of trouble, he was having a bit of trouble coming into direct contact with Qi Yunzhi.

Honestly Ye Chen felt very excited, he felt his blood starting to heat up.

Honestly, it ’s really hard to get close to a woman who has such a strong innate charm, this makes Ye Chen who has great mental strength find it difficult.

”Master, it must be very hard for you, fufufufu. ” Chu Yuechan laughed and teased Ye Chen, she laughed when she saw Ye Chen who was in trouble.

”You always tease me, just watch over you later. ” Ye Chen was in a bad mood, and Chu Yuechan always teased him in this kind of situation.

”Fufufufu ” Chu Yuechan giggled, she giggled when she saw Ye Chen who was annoyed with her.

Chu Yuechan really liked to tease Ye Chen, so it wasn ’t strange that she would tease Ye Chen in a situation like this.

”Ahhhh, I can ’t help it. ” Qi Yunzhi couldn ’t stand it anymore, she couldn ’t stand the pleasant feeling she was experiencing.

Finally Qi Yunzhi reached the peak, she first felt how a woman achieves happiness.

”I hope it works ” Ye Chen hoped that this method would work well, after all, the Aphrodisiac is not very strong, so it probably won ’t be too difficult to get rid of it.

Qi Yunzhi ’s body shook for a while, Qi Yunzhi had experienced the most extraordinary thing in her life.

Qi Yunzhi opened her eyes, she looked at Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Qi Yunzhi felt her body very light, she felt her body slightly weak after what happened, to be honest what happened made Qi Yunzhi feel a heavy addiction, what Ye Chen did had made her feel the most comfortable feeling in this world.

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Qi Yunzhi ’s fear was not without reason, she wanted to feel again the feelings that Ye Chen gave.

unfortunately Qi Yunzhi didn ’t dare to say that in front of Ye Chen, she didn ’t dare to say such things in front of Ye Chen, Ye Chen might think of herself as a lewd and shameless woman.

QI Yunzhi didn ’t want that to happen, lest Ye Chen have bad thoughts about herself.

”Young master, I ’m sorry ” Qi Yunzhi apologized to Ye Chen, because she had caused Ye Chen such trouble.

Qi Yunzhi knew that she had just made a mistake, if Ye Chen didn ’t help her, then maybe Qi Yunzhi would be in trouble.

”You don ’t need to thank me ” Ye Chen told Qi Yunzhi not to do that, Qi Yunzhi was now following him, so Ye Chen would treat Qi Yunzhi as best he could.

”Thank you very much ” Qi Yunzhi smiled at Ye Chen, Qi Yunzhi thanked Ye Chen for what he gave.

Qi Yunzhi ’s smile was so beautiful, Ye Chen was blown away when he saw Qi Yunzhi.

. ” Ye Chen tried to wake up himself , lest Ye Chen drown in Qi Yunzhi ’s charm.

Chi Shui once told Ye Chen that Qi Yunzhi ’s charm was very strong, so if Ye Chen was careless, perhaps Qi Yunzhi could cause confusion.

”Can you stand? ” Ye Chen asked Qi Yunzhi, he asked whether Qi Yunzhi could stand up or not.

”Of course ” Qi Yunzhi tried to stand up, when Qi Yunzhi tried to stand up, Qi Yunzhi found that her feet felt soft.

This made Qi Yunzhi have to sit back down, she was unable to stand up completely.

”Young master, it looks like my leg is soft. ” Qi Yunzhi told Ye Chen, her leg felt numb.

”Looks like there ’s no choice, I ’ll carry you ” Since Qi Yunzhi couldn ’t walk, Ye Chen decided to carry Qi Yunzhi.

”Won ’t that bother you? ” Qi Yunzhi said to Ye Chen, he asked if Qi Yunzhi would not trouble Ye Chen.

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”Of course not, if we continue here it will be dangerous. ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to wait too long, instead of waiting for Qi Yunzhi to recover, Ye Chen would rather carry Qi Yunzhi.

”Okay ” Qi Yunzhi nodded, Qi Yunzhi had no choice but to obey Ye Chen ’s wishes.

Ye Chen carried Qi Yunzhi, he started to carry Qi Yunzhi behind his back.

Qi Yunzhi was now on Ye Chen ’s back, she could feel the feeling of Ye Chen ’s back being extremely wide.

”Men ’s backs are very broad and strong. ” Qi Yunzhi admired Ye Chen ’s very strong back, being on Ye Chen ’s back was very enjoyable.

”You said something? ” Ye Chen asked Qi Yunzhi.

”no ” Qi Yunzhi shook her head, she didn ’t say anything about Ye Chen.

”Then let ’s go. ” Ye Chen took Qi Yunzhi along with herself, they continued their journey to find Chi Shui and Lord Meng.

With the help of Qi Yunzhi, Ye Chen had finally gotten very close to the whereabouts of Chi Shui and Lord Meng.

”Chi Shui is over there. ” Ye Chen could feel that Chi Shui was up ahead.

Ye Chen didn ’t hold back, he went straight to Chi Shui who was in front.

When Ye Chen went to Chi Shui ’s place, Ye Chen did find Chi Shui, but what happened to Chi Shui shocked him.

Currently Chi Shui was being tied up with chains, she looked unconscious.

Near Chi Shui there were also several patriarchs and Matriarchs from the big Dual Cultivation Sects, they were the same as Chi Shui, they were all tied up and unconscious.

”How could Shui be like that, isn ’t he already strong enough? ” Ye Chen was starting to worry, there seemed to be a strong person capable of capturing and defeating Chi Shui and the higher-ups of the Dual Cultivation Sect.

”Welcome to my place, it seems that you are a great person who was once again able to reach this place ” Lord Meng appeared, Lord Meng appeared all of a sudden.

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”What exactly are you planning? ” Ye Chen immediately asked what Lord Meng was trying to plan.

until now Ye Chen still didn ’t know about what happened, he still didn ’t know the purpose that Lord Meng had.

”hahaha, do you really want to know what I want?, actually my goal is very easy, I make entertainment for the strong people who stand in this God Realm ” Lord Meng told what he was doing.

”You mean you let everyone fight for the entertainment of some strong people in the God Realm? ” Ye Chen asked Lord Meng.

”Of course, that ’s what I ’ve been doing all along, I provide entertainment for those in need, I ’ll do anything for it, even if I have to use someone else ” Lord Meng said to Ye Chen.

”You really are a terrible person ” Ye Chen felt that Lord Meng was a very bad person.

”Hahahaha, why, even if half the population of the Dual Cultivation Sect disappears, then it will not affect this world, instead new seeds have the opportunity to thrive ” Lord Meng said to Ye Chen.

”That ’s not a good thing, if everyone thought like you, then this world would have been destroyed. ” Ye Chen saw that Lord Meng ’s thoughts were a little unreasonable, how could he think something like that.

”You won ’t understand what I ’m thinking, you still can ’t understand what I ’m saying right now ” Lord Meng knew that Ye Chen wouldn ’t be able to understand what he wanted and thought, only certain people would know about the matter..

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