ldn ’t be dealt with with the Golden Illusionist Bell, then Lord Meng ordered Chi Shui and the others to fight Ye Chen.

”Looks like I have no choice but to fight you ” Ye Chen also had no other choice but to fight Lord Meng.

”Skip them first if you want to fight me ” Lord Meng told Ye Chen to go past everyone if you wanted to fight him.

Ye Chen closed his eyes for a while, he started to take a deep breath, he had to use all his strength to fight the enemy.

After Ye Chen concentrated all his strength, it was time for Ye Chen to battle.

Lightning power emerged from Ye Chen ’s body, this fire power spread very quickly.

This place was enveloped in an extremely powerful lightning bolt, Ye Chen ’s strength and speed instantly increased greatly.

”God Thunder Armor ” Ye Chen  used the God Thunder Armor, instantly lightning enveloped Ye Chen ’s body and made an armor that was difficult to penetrate and gave Ye Chen a lot of strength and speed increase.

”What are you guys waiting for, hurry and finish him as soon as possible ” Lord Meng looked relaxed when he saw Ye Chen ’s strength, there was nothing too surprising about Ye Chen ’s strength.

Chi Shui and the people directly charged towards Ye Chen, they launched an attack towards Ye Chen.

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The moment Chi Shui and the others attacked Ye Chen, Ye Chen instantly disappeared, Ye Chen turned into a glimmer of light and arrived in front of Lord Meng.

” What ? ” Lord Meng was shocked when he saw that Ye Chen was already in front of him, Ye Chen ’s speed was extremely fast.

Ye Chen ’s speed had already been increased by tens or maybe hundreds of times, so it wasn ’t strange that Lord Meng couldn ’t keep up with Ye Chen.

”Feel this ” Ye Chen attacked Lord Meng, he attacked with full strength.

” When Ye Chen attacked Lord Meng, in front of Ye Chen there was a very strong barrier.

raiser prevented Ye Chen ’s attack from touching Lord Meng, Lord Meng only smiled when he saw the experiment being carried out.

”It was a good trial but still not completely able to defeat me ” Lord Meng informed that what Ye Chen did was not strong enough to win over Lord Meng.

”The artifact on this man ’s body is extremely troublesome. ” The barrier just now was clearly an artifact that had been created by someone so powerful that Ye Chen was unable to break through it.

Ye Chen only had a few seconds to attack Lord Meng, by that time Chi Shui and the others were already behind Ye Chen and attacked Ye Chen.

. ” Ye Chen avoided the enemy ’s attacks, there was no way he would receive the attacks of cultivators like Chi Shui and the others.

”Shui alone is troublesome to fight, plus they are all cultivators at the mid and peak stages of the Divine Overlord Realm. ” Ye Chen honestly had a hard time winning against Chi Shui whose strength had increased quite significantly.

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”Shui, can you hear me? ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui who was in front of him.

Unfortunately Chi Shui did not listen to Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s voice was unable to reach Chi Shui ’s ears or heart.

The Golden Illusionist Bell ’s ability had blocked all of Chi Shui ’s senses, Chi Shui couldn ’t fully control herself or recognize Ye Chen, Chi Shui only knew that Ye Chen was an enemy worthy of defeat.

”It ’s useless, she can ’t listen to you, you have to wake her up right away.. ” Chu Yuechan said that what Ye Chen did would not be able to resuscitate Chi Shui, Ye Chen had to use stronger means to resuscitate Chi Shui.

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