”Looks like I have to be very serious this time. ” Ye Chen felt that he had to be serious in dealing with Lord Meng.

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”Hyarghhh ” Ye Chen expended all the strength he had, an enormous aura of energy filled the room.

After Ye Chen released his power, Ye Chen ’s body was enveloped by four forces, fire, ice, wind and lightning enveloped Ye Chen ’s body.

Ye Chen has also opened the Veins of fire and wind, now Ye Chen ’s strength and speed have increased greatly.

”What the hell ” Lord Meng was very surprised when he saw what Ye Chen was doing, what Ye Chen was doing was something very amazing.

”Husband is great ” Chi Shui was also amazed when she saw Ye Chen ’s abilities, he was amazed by Ye Chen ’s abilities.

”Who are you? ” Lord Meng immediately asked about Ye Chen ’s identity, he started to feel strange about Ye Chen ’s identity.

”You don ’t need to know my identity, you don ’t know who I am either. ” Ye Chen said that Lord Meng wouldn ’t know who he was.

”Bastard, don ’t underestimate the ability I have, do you want to die? ” Lord Meng didn ’t like it when Ye Chen lowered his knowledge.

”So you get angry when you are humiliated, then why do you look down on others, you useless people ” Ye Chen said to Lord Meng.

”no need to say much, let ’s settle this by force and show who is more powerful ” Lord Meng stepped forward, he took the initiative to fight Ye Chen.

Frost Age, God Fire Sword, Sky wind Law, God ’s Judgment Lightning.
Ye Chen used all the strength he had, he used the four powers he had to face Lord Meng.

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,boom, rumble, whoosh .
, ” an enormous force instantly flew over Lord Meng, Lord Meng was flown without a fight.

this place instantly turned into four regions, first the fire area, the ice area, the wind area and the lightning-filled area.

”Looks like it drained my profound energy. ” Ye Chen used quite a bit of strength, just now he used up quite a lot of profound energy to use the God Fire Sword, Frost Age, Sky Wind Law, God ’s Judgment Lightning.

Ye Chen ’s profound energy was short, so Ye Chen could only rely on his Water Veins as endless reserves of profound energy.

” Cracks .
. ” Lord Meng came out from behind the rubble, on his body were several small wounds from Ye Chen ’s attack.

”Damn brat, it hurt a little earlier ” Lord Meng shouted at Ye Chen, he felt a little pain from the four attacks that Ye Chen had launched simultaneously.

”You are indeed a monster, you are able to withstand such attacks ” Ye Chen admitted that Lord Meng was indeed a monster, this person was able to withstand Ye Chen ’s most powerful attacks.

If it was an ordinary person, they might already be in serious trouble from the attack just now.

”The attack just now was great, but no matter how strong your attack is, it won ’t be able to defeat me ” Lord Meng said that Ye Chen ’s attack would not be able to defeat him.

”Then let me show that I can beat you ” Ye Chen said that he was able to defeat Lord Meng.

”You must have very little profound energy left, are you able to beat me with such a small amount of energy left? ” Lord Meng laughed at Ye Chen, obviously Ye Chen ’s chances of winning were extremely slim.

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”We won ’t know until we try. ” Ye Chen said that nothing would be known until this battle was over.

”Then feel this, Double Hammer Stone ” From underground came out a very large hammer.

This hammer directly hit Ye Chen, Ye Chen immediately used his hand to block the hammer that was launched by Lord Meng.

. ” Ye Chen was forced back by Lord Meng ’s attack, he was retreated several tens of meters by Lord Meng ’s attack.

”Hard and very strong ” Ye Chen was slightly numb when he received Lord Meng ’s attack, somehow Lord Meng ’s attack became more and more powerful.

”Holding my attack barehanded, you seem to have underestimated my strength too much ” Lord Meng said to Ye Chen.

”Not really, I just want to test the strength I have ” Ye Chen said that he only wanted to test his physical strength.

”It ’s useless, your physical strength won ’t work against me, you should know that my body is very tough, all of your attacks are nothing to me ” Lord Meng said that Ye Chen ’s attacks were nothing compared to his physical strength.

”His physical strength is indeed strong, I first met someone who has this strong physical strength, plus he can ’t die ” Ye Chen admitted that Lord Meng was the toughest opponent, even his attacks were blocked by Lord Meng without a major injury.

”Double Hammer Stone ” Lord Meng again launched an attack at Ye Chen, he launched the same attack as before, this time the Double Hammer Stone looked much bigger than before.

”I will rely on Heavenly Armor. ” Ye Chen decided to use Heavenly Armor to fend off Lord Meng ’s attack.

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Heavenly Armor pieces appeared in Ye Chen ’s hands, Ye Chen only used a few pieces of Heavenly Armor to fend off Lord Meng ’s attack.

” Clang .
. ” An extremely loud sound occurred as Lord Meng ’s attack collided with the Heavenly Armor.

The Double Hammer Stone instantly shattered as it hit Ye Chen ’s Heavenly Armor.

there ’s no way it could happen, there ’s no way my attack was destroyed ” Lord Meng again couldn ’t believe it, this time Ye Chen had destroyed his attack.

The Double Hammer Stone was made from a fairly hard and dense stone that Lord Meng had taken from the Red Rose Heaven Land, so the strength of the stone was unquestionable.

No matter how strong the rock that Long Meng picked up, it couldn ’t possibly match the hardness of Heavenly Armor, Heavenly Armor is an artifact with extremely strong defense and is difficult to penetrate.

”Feel this ” Ye Chen launched another attack towards Lord Meng, Ye Chen launched various kinds of powerful attacks towards Lord Meng.

This time Ye Chen decided to open his Water Veins, boundless profound energy overflowed from Ye Chen ’s body, this allowed Ye Chen to use all his attacks without worrying about running out of Profound Energy.

”This isn ’t normal, how can he continue to launch attacks like that ” Lord Meng couldn ’t think about Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s strength seemed limitless, he was similar to Lord Meng.

Lord Meng was only able to defend, Lord Meng made a very strong defense to withstand Ye Chen ’s attack.

Lord Meng ’s defense was extremely strong, Ye Chen ’s combined attack still had a hard time dealing any major damage to Lord Meng.

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”It ’s really useless, ordinary attacks don ’t work. ” Ye Chen couldn ’t continue like this, Ye Chen would only be wasting his time.

Lord Meng was very good at defending, apart from his strong defensive power, he still had an artifact that helped him deal with injuries quickly.

”Alright, no other choice, let ’s use it. ” Ye Chen had no choice but to use the most powerful ability he ever had.

”Heavenly Silver Flame ” Silver colored flames appeared around Lord Meng ’s body.

” what ’s this? ” Lord Meng didn ’t know the nearby Silver colored object, when Lord Meng came to his senses, he was already surrounded by the Heavenly Silver Flame.

”Gahhhh ” Lord Meng shouted as he received the Heavenly Silver Flame, the heat of the Heavenly Silver Flame was able to make Lord Meng ’s defenses fade.

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