It seemed that Ye Chen ’s attack this time injured Lord Meng, Lord Meng ’s defense seemed to be struggling against the Heavenly Silver Flame.

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”Damn it, Heavenly Silver Flame, how come you have something like this! ” Lord Meng shouted loudly when he saw Ye Chen possessing the Heavenly Silver Flame, he really couldn ’t stand the scorching heat of the Heavenly Silver Flame.

The Heavenly Silver Flame was extremely hot, this made it difficult for Lord Meng to withstand the attack that came from Ye Chen.

Lord Meng ’s defenses began to peel off by the heat from the Heavenly Silver Flame, this set Lord Meng ’s body on fire.

” unlucky .
. ” Lord Meng cursed so loudly, he felt a stinging pain from all over his body.

”I have to get out of this place ” Lord Meng Trying to get out, he will go underground to get out of this prison.

Ye Chen had carefully calculated what Lord Meng would do. 

Using Time Vision, Ye Chen was able to figure out what Lord Meng would do next.

Ye Chen immediately used the wind barrier, he used the wind barrier and started to lift Lord Meng ’s body into the air.

This of course made Lord Meng unable to escape, his escape route had been blocked by Ye Chen.

”Accept your fate. ” Ye Chen strengthened the power of the Heavenly Silver Flame, he added fuel to the Heavenly Silver Flame.

”Gahhhh ” Lord Meng kept on screaming, he screamed so loudly, the pain this time was unbearable.

Even though Lord Meng had an immortal body, he could still feel the pain from the Heavenly Silver Flame, so it wasn ’t surprising that Lord Meng would scream quite loudly.

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”Bastard, he blocked my exit. ” Lord Meng was in a lot of torment, he was really in a lot of pain when he found out that the exit was blocked by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled, he smiled when he saw what happened to Lord Meng, it seems Heavenly Silver Flame is more work than Ye Chen can imagine.

”Husband, I ’ve recovered, I ’ll help you ” Chi Shui just so happened to have started to recover her profound energy, now Chi Shui had the confidence to fight Ye Chen.

”Purple lightning domain ” Chi Shui started to launch a lightning strike towards Lord Meng, this time Chi Shui opened a domain which made Chi Shui ’s attack much stronger than before.

. ” a series of explosions occurred, this explosion created shocks and enormous destructive power.

When the lightning and fire collided it would trigger a very strong explosive reaction, so the person who was hit should receive quite a damaging impact.

Lord Meng did not move against Ye Chen, he did not move against the combined attacks of Ye Chen and Chi Shui.

A few moments later Lord Meng ’s screams finally stopped as well, now only the sound of smoldering embers could be heard.

”Did we manage to beat him? ” Chi Shui firmly believed that they had succeeded in defeating Lord Meng.

”It seems that the possibility is very small, you should know that he will not be easy to kill ” Ye Chen told that Lord Meng was not easy to kill.

”You two ” From within the fire came Lord Meng ’s voice, Lord Meng started walking out from within the flames, he walked out with several burnt and blistered body parts.

Lord Meng ’s appearance was quite terrifying, he was like a monster that looked extremely terrifying.

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”After such a powerful attack, he ’s still alive. ” Chi Shui was quite surprised to see Lord Meng still alive after receiving her and Ye Chen ’s attacks.

”This fellow, how can he still be alive after receiving such an attack ” Chi Shui couldn ’t imagine seeing Lord Meng not dying after receiving such a powerful attack.

”Shui, this person is hard to kill, we can only buy time until the time comes ” Ye Chen informed that they would not be able to kill Lord Meng.

”So it ’s like that ” Chi Shui started to understand what was happening, it seemed that they would not be able to kill Lord Meng.

”You have to pay for what you did, feel this, the abyss of death ” Lord Meng hit the ground very hard, he hit the ground with full force.

The ground beneath Ye Chen and Chi Shui instantly split open the moment Lord Meng did that.

Ye Chen and Chi Shui tried to fly up and out of the huge gap that appeared below them.

Unfortunately when Ye Chen and Chi Shui tried to escape, both of them discovered that an extremely strong suction force was pulling them down.

A swirl of darkness began to suck Ye Chen and Chi Shui down, they were sucked into the crevice of an enormous abyss.

In addition to a very strong suction, from the gap appeared several black hands, these black colored hands tugged at Ye Chen and Chi Shui ’s feet.

”What kind of technique is this, it ’s like a darkness technique ” Ye Chen sensed that this was a darkness technique trying to eat them.

”Master, this is indeed the power of darkness. ” Chu Yuechan immediately confirmed Ye Chen ’s words, she told Ye Chen that this was a darkness technique that was trying to eat Ye Chen.

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”I see, it ’s not strange ” Ye Chen understood, it seems that Lord Meng has a darkness technique, it is not strange that this person can find out the immortal method by hiding the heart in other places, it is a forbidden technique that not just anyone can use, if found out then it will create a lot of problems for the users.

”My clone still hasn ’t arrived at that place yet. ” Ye Chen felt that his clone was very old, until now they still hadn ’t arrived at the hiding place of Lord Meng ’s heart.

”You give up right now, otherwise this woman will die. ” Lord Meng suddenly took Qi Yunzhi hostage, Qi Yunzhi was strangled and lifted by Lord Meng.

”You better give up, and die in the abyss, otherwise this woman will die ” Lord Meng threatened Ye Chen, he threatened to kill Qi Yunzhi right in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gritted his teeth, he hated Lord Meng so much.

Honestly Ye Chen hated what Lord Meng did, what Lord Meng did had crossed the bottom line.

”Young master don ’t mind me, beat this guy ” Qi Yunzhi said to Ye Chen

Ye Chen intended to fight Lord Meng, just as Ye Chen was about to fight Lord Meng, he received very good news.

”Lord Meng, I warn you, you have already lost, you better surrender yourself voluntarily, otherwise you will die ”.

”Hahaha, this God won ’t be able to die, even if you do consecutive attacks like earlier, you won ’t be able to kill me ” Lord Meng belittled and belittled what Ye Chen said, he thought Ye Chen was just trying to brag in front of him.

Lord Meng couldn ’t be killed, even if his entire body were torn apart, Lord Meng could still restore himself to normal, so Ye Chen ’s attacks and tricks would have no effect on him.

”Then I ’ll show you an excruciating pain. ” Ye Chen snapped his fingers, when Ye Chen snapped his fingers, Lord Meng ’s expression immediately changed.

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His expression immediately looked like someone was enduring excruciating pain.

” you .
?, cough .
Lord Meng started holding his chest and coughing up some fresh blood.

The abyss under Ye Chen started to stop moving, even the black hand started to disappear like it was swept away by the waves.

”Now Your fate in my hand ” Ye Chen said to Lord Meng.

Ye Chen smiled at Lord Meng, Ye Chen seemed to really enjoy this moment.

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