ealm, Immortal Profound Sea Realm, Five Lord Divine Academy, Sacred Heaven Star Realm even.

”So almost everywhere there are people like this, they are really unpredictable ” Ye Chen did not expect that the Eternal Sun Star Realm, Immortal Profound Sea Realm, Five Lord Divine Academy, Sacred Heaven Star Realm would play something like this.

Ye Chen couldn ’t blame things like this, in this world it ’s hard to find a place filled with good people, there are bound to be people like this who wreak havoc in the God Realm, they are greedy people who want power and domination for themselves.

”This is quite shocking, it seems that a great power is harboring a very deep dark secret ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”You ’re absolutely right, the great powers of the God Realm do keep a lot of dark secrets, unfortunately they ’re only minor characters, so we don ’t know any further. ” Lord Meng was just a minor character among bad and irresponsible people, so Ye Chen couldn ’t expect more from Lord Meng.

”You are too careless, feel this ” Lord Meng took advantage of the opportunity, Ye Chen who was caught off guard was very easy to attack.

Lord Meng used a poison dagger artifact to stab Ye Chen, he used this to kill Ye Chen.

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”Little brother be careful, young master be careful. ” Chi Shui and Qi Yunzhi reminded Ye Chen, both of them reminding Ye Chen that Lord Meng was going to attack him.

Ye Chen had expected this, he used Heavenly Armor to protect himself.

The poisonous dagger in Lord Meng ’s hand seemed to be quite dangerous, so Ye Chen didn ’t want to take it, he used Heavenly Armor to protect himself.

”clang ”  the poisonous dagger bounced off, it was unable to break through the defenses of the Heavenly Armor.

Even the poison from the dagger was unable to get close to the Heavenly Armor, it was instantly pushed away by the Heavenly Armor.

”You really want to die, then I will grant your wish ” Since Lord Meng wanted to die, Ye Chen decided to grant it.

Ye Chen ordered his Clone to destroy Lord Meng ’s heart, with a Ye Chen clone ’s attack destroying Lord Meng ’s heart which was hidden in the safest place.

” No .
! ! ! ! ! ” Lord Meng looked in pain, he started to lose his heartbeat and his breathing became unstable, the blood in his body also started to stop flowing due to his heart being crushed.

”You definitely won ’t just let go, just watch over you ” before death, Lord Meng told Ye Chen that he would not be able to live in peace, surely the people behind Lord Meng would not remain silent.

”Don ’t worry, I will make sure that the people you know will catch up with you soon. ” Ye Chen wasn ’t afraid of Lord Meng ’s threat, rather Ye Chen would try his best to clean up these bad guys.

Lord Meng fell to the ground, he was breathless, it seemed that this was the end of his journey.

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”So you decided to get involved in this matter? ” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen.

”Actually I don ’t want to get involved in this matter, but I also won ’t be able to run away from this matter, ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen knew the fate that he had, sooner or later Ye Chen would definitely clash with these people, after all Ye Chen had to save Dongfang Xiu, definitely Ye Chen would fight these strong people.

”It ’s good that you realize this, you have great power, the greater the power the greater the responsibility, so you should be able to use it well ” said Chu Yuechan.

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