”I won ’t deny what you said, what you said is the truth ” Ye Chen wouldn ’t deny what Chu Yuechan said.

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”You have to build more strength, it won ’t be easy to fight them alone ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to build up his strength, it won ’t be easy for Ye Chen to fight against the rulers behind the God Realm, the rulers behind the God Realm must have many forces and methods, Ye Chen alone might find it difficult to face the enemy.

”Building strength is necessary, I will continue to build the power I have ” Ye Chen will definitely continue to build the power he has, he will continue to build power for himself.

”You can train all your women, Yanyan and the others are also training, so you must not lose ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Of course, you really didn ’t see that I was doing that ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

”Fufufu ” Chu Yuechan just giggled as she listened to what Ye Chen said.

”Little brother, is he dead? ” Chi Shui came, she came and asked Ye Chen.

”He should be dead already. ” Ye Chen informed that Lord Meng was dead.

”This fellow is so troublesome, I didn ’t expect that he would be so much trouble to fight. ” Chi Shui underestimated Lord Meng ’s strength too much, Lord Meng ’s strength could be said to be far stronger and more powerful than Chi Shui could imagine.

”Of course, he used a forbidden method that made himself immortal, so it wouldn ’t be strange that any of our attacks wouldn ’t be able to kill him ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui.

”Oh, I see, that ’s right. ” Chi Shui now understood, she now understood why Lord Meng was so hard to beat.

”But how did you kill him? ” Chi Shui was curious how Ye Chen could kill Lord Meng, when all the attacks they launched were unable to kill Lord Meng.

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”It ’s a secret ” Ye Chen didn ’t tell Chi Shui, Ye Chen didn ’t want Chi Shui to know what happened.

”You stingy ” Chi Shui snorted coldly, Chi Shui snorted coldly when she realized that Ye Chen didn ’t want to tell her.

Ye Chen just smiled, he seemed to be enjoying Chi Shui ’s sullen expression, Chi Shui was still a beautiful woman, so it wasn ’t strange that when she was angry, she still looked very beautiful.

Ye Chen went towards Lord Meng, he wanted to know what artifact Lord Meng had.

When Ye Chen went towards Lord Meng, Ye Chen found that Lord Meng had a lot of artifacts on his body.

”Shui, come here ” Ye Chen told Chi Shui to come closer, he wanted to show the artifacts that belonged to Lord Meng.

Chi Shui approached, she wanted to see what kind of artifact Ye Chen was talking about.

”How can he use so many artifacts at once? ” Chi Shui was quite surprised when he saw Lord Meng being able to use multiple artifacts.

The artifacts on Lord Meng ’s body numbered in the dozens, most of them were defensive type, so it was not surprising that Lord Meng ’s defenses were extremely strong and difficult to break through.

”Are you interested, this could be a pretty good collection ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui.

”It doesn ’t seem like it will have much effect on me being an assailant type, so I might as well keep it for the disciples to use. ” Chi Shui said that he wouldn ’t really need this, but the Sect would probably need it.

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”Then you just keep it. ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui to keep the artifact that could still be used.

Ye Chen already had a pretty strong defense, so Ye Chen shouldn ’t need this much.

”Okay ” Chi Shui nodded, he would save this thing for later use.

. ” just as Ye Chen and Chi Shui were discussing Lord Meng ’s belongings, this place suddenly started to crumble.

”Is this place going to be destroyed? ” Ye Chen looked up, he saw that this place would most likely be destroyed.

”Looks like Lord Meng ’s death has triggered the destruction of this place, let ’s get out of here immediately. ” Chi Shui led Ye Chen to leave the Red Rose Heaven Land.

”Yunzhi, let ’s go. ” Ye Chen took Qi Yunzhi away from this place, they had to leave this place as soon as possible.

Ye Chen didn ’t think about Lord Meng ’s treasure anymore, now they had to leave this place immediately, being trapped in this place would be very dangerous.

The Patriarch and Matriarch controlled by Lord Meng came to their senses, they looked panicked when they saw this place was chaotic and started to crumble.

”All of you quickly leave this place, this place will collapse ” Chi Shui said in a loud voice, he informed that this place would collapse soon.

”Let ’s go quickly ” the patriarch and Matriarch immediately left, they all rushed away from this place.

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Ye Chen and Chi Shui also left immediately, they went to find a way out of the Red Rose Heaven Land.

With Ye Chen ’s ability, Ye Chen was able to find a way out that was opened due to the destruction of the Red Rose Heaven Land.

”Let ’s go out ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui and Qi Yunzhi.

”What about the Seven Fairy Succubus? ” Chi Shui asked about the state of the Seven Fairy Succubus.

”You don ’t have to worry about that matter anymore, they are currently fine. ” Ye Chen informed that the Seven Fairy Succubus were fine, instead they were probably relaxing.

”So that ’s how it is ” Chi Shui really believed what said , she really believed what said .

Ye Chen and Chi Shui came out, they jumped out of the Red Rose Heaven Land.

., boom .
., boom .
., boom .
.., ” a huge explosion and explosion occurred in the Red Rose Heaven Land, the buildings and land of the Red Rose Heaven Land began to crumble and shatter into pieces.

The barrier that enveloped the Red Rose Heaven Land had already disappeared, so the collapse of the Red Rose Heaven Land would take the city and the buildings below under it.

The ruins of the Red Rose Heaven Land fell on the buildings and stalls below, luckily everyone had already left, they had all saved themselves.

”Mistress, are you okay, just now the Red Rose Heaven Land was enveloped by a black mist, it made it impossible for us to contact or approach ” the core disciples from Heaven Dream Sect came over, they asked Chi Shui and the situation of the Seven Fairy Succubus.

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”You don ’t need to worry, I ’m fine, quickly call all the disciples here, we will start looking for victims and the rest of the things that have fallen from Red Rose Heaven Land ” Chi Shui immediately gave orders to the core disciples, he told them to go and summon some disciples to help evacuate victims and valuables that could still be salvaged.

”Okay ” one of the senior female disciples nodded, they immediately went and called another female disciple.

”younger brother, you can return to Heaven Dream Sect, leave the matter at this place to me. ” Chi Shui asked Ye Chen to return to Heaven Dream Sect.

”Okay, I ’ll be back, before that, maybe they can help you ” Ye Chen took out the members of the Seven Fairy Succubus, he took out the members of the Fairy Succubus to help Ye Chen.

.. ” The members of the Seven Fairy Succubus screamed as they were forcefully kicked out by Ye Chen, even though they were engrossed in using the practice room inside the fairy gate.

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