”What do you think I will do to you? ” Ye Chen asked Chi Zuiye, Ye Chen has many ways to deal with Chi Zuiye.

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”Let me go quickly. ” Chi Zuiye had a bad feeling, she felt that Ye Chen was planning something very bad against her.

Chi Zuiye ’s strength disappeared, so Chi Zuiye didn ’t know what to do in the current situation.

”You were quite arrogant earlier, but why do you look so weak now, where did your arrogance go? ” Ye Chen said to Chi Zuiye.

”I was wrong, so please spare me. ” Chi Zuiye admitted her guilt, so she wanted Ye Chen to let go of herself.

”Hahahaha ” Ye Chen just laughed when he heard what Chi Zuiye wanted, how could Ye Chen let Chi Zuiye go so easily.

Ye Chen started to punish Chi Zuiye, he started slapping Chi Zuiye ’s buttocks and thighs.

, how dare you ” Chi Zuiye gritted her teeth, she was truly furious when she saw Ye Chen slapping herself so hard.

”So you still dare to fight, then feel this. ” Seeing that Chi Zuiye still dared to resist, Ye Chen decided to continue attacking Chi Zuiye.

., pah .
., pah .
., pah .
., ” Ye Chen landed a few slaps on Chi Zuiye, he punished Chi Zuiye quite severely.

”Stop right now ” Chi Zuiye told Ye Chen to stop right now, she couldn ’t stand Ye Chen ’s treatment anymore.

”I don ’t want ” Ye Chen refused to stop, he refused to stop punishing Chi Zuiye.

Chi Zuiye couldn ’t stand Ye Chen ’s treatment, she was truly humiliated by what Ye Chen had done.

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If Chi Zuiye could resist, maybe she had already fought Ye Chen, there was no way Chi Zuiye could endure this feeling and humiliation.

”hehehe ” Ye Chen felt very happy, he was very happy when he saw what happened to Chi Zuiye.

The satisfaction of doing this was overwhelming, he was truly content to punish an arrogant woman like Chi Zuiye.

Chi Zuiye could only accept what had happened, she was completely unable to endure Ye Chen ’s punishment.

”I give up, so let me go. ” Chi Zuiye decided to give in, she gave in and asked Ye Chen to let go.

”What will you give if I let you go? ” Ye Chen asked what Chi Zuiye would give her if she let go.

”I will give you something good. ” Chi Zuiye informed that she would give Ye Chen something good.

”What can you give me? ” Ye Chen asked what Chi Zuiye could give him.

”I can give you anything you want ” Chi Zuiye said to Ye Chen, Chi Zuiye can give anything to Ye Chen, she can give Ye Chen what he wants.

”Looks like you are quite rich ” Ye Chen saw that Chi Zuiye was quite rich, this woman even dared to promise everything Ye Chen wanted.

”So let me go. ” Chi Zuiye said to release himself, so Chi Zuiye would give Ye Chen whatever he wanted.

”Hmmm ” Ye Chen thought about the offer made by Chi Zuiye, Ye Chen thought about the offer that was being made by Chi Zuiye.

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Chi Zuiye hoped that Ye Chen would be provoked by the offer she made, so that Chi Zuiye would be able to escape from Ye Chen ’s grip on the palm of her hand.

As long as Chi Zuiye was able to get out of this dreamland, then it was certain that she would be fine.

”Sorry but I probably wouldn ’t do that. ” Ye Chen said that he probably wouldn ’t do that, Ye Chen didn ’t want to let Chi Zuiye go.

” You bastards .
. ” Chi Zuiye got even more annoyed when Ye Chen refused, even though she was already very kind.

”Hahaha ” Ye Chen smiled, he smiled and continued to punish Chi Zuiye.

Chi Zuiye had to feel endless humiliation, this was all because Ye Chen was unwilling to let go.

”Bastard, why did she bring such a person into the Sect? ” Chi Zuiye was angry and cursed Chi Shui, she cursed Chi Shui because she had brought a little monster like Ye Chen into the Sect.

The reason Chi Zuiye considered Ye Chen a little monster was because Ye Chen had caused her a lot of trouble, this made Chi Zuiye difficult and had a bad time.

After being quite bored playing with Chi Zuiye, Ye Chen decided to have some fun with Chi Zuiye.

”Are you going to react when I touch this tail too? ” Ye Chen touched Chi Zuiye ’s tail, Chi Zuiye shouldn ’t feel anything when Ye Chen touched it.

”kyahhhhh ” Chi Zuiye shouted, she screamed as Ye Chen touched her tail.

”why are you screaming, is this for real? ” Ye Chen asked Chi Zuiye, Ye Chen did not expect that Chi Zuiye would scream when Ye Chen touched her tail.

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”Stupid, do you think I ’m a toy? ” Chi Zuiye looked annoyed when she heard what Ye Chen said, to be honest what Ye Chen said was very annoying.

In dreamland, what Chi Zuiye made came true, so when she grew a tail, it was the same as Chi Zuiye ’s original part.

Ye Chen smiled at Chi Zuiye, he had other plans to fight Chi Zuiye.

”What are you planning? ” Chi Zuiye started to feel worse feelings from Ye Chen, it seemed that Ye Chen was planning something worse.

”hahahahaha ” Ye Chen laughed, he laughed evilly at Chi Zuiye, Ye Chen looked like a criminal bullying a young girl.

Ye Chen started to touch Chi Zuiye ’s tail and wings, he started to stimulate Chi Zuiye with his skills.

”Ahhh, no.
. ” Chi Zuiye groaned and shouted, she began to make a very melodious and passionate voice.

”Wow, she has a great voice. ” Ye Chen acknowledged Chi Zuiye ’s voice, Chi Zuiye ’s voice was very emotionally stimulating.

”What is this, what ’s going on, there ’s no way I could make a sound like that ” Chi Zuiye couldn ’t believe that she was being forced to make a sound like this by Ye Chen.

Who is Chi Zuiye, she is a very talented person and very good at Dual Cultivation, how can someone like Chi Zuiye be treated like this by Ye Chen.

Chi Zuiye tried to hold back the feelings that Ye Chen gave her, unfortunately he couldn ’t do anything about this, the feelings that Ye Chen gave were very comfortable and hard to endure.

”Damn it, I can ’t hold it in. ” Chi Zuiye couldn ’t defend herself, she couldn ’t endure Ye Chen ’s extremely aggressive attack.

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Ye Chen was very happy when he saw Chi Zuiye, he really enjoyed doing this.

Ye Chen did not hold back, he knew that this was only a dream world, so he did not hold back when dealing with Chi Zuiye.

Ye Chen had already used his full strength, so it was not surprising that Chi Zuiye had a hard time resisting Ye Chen ’s attacks.

Little by little Chi Zuiye began to sink and was defeated by Ye Chen, she was unable to withstand the waves that were launched by Ye Chen.

”Ahhh, this is convenient.
. ” Chi Zuiye started to feel a very comfortable feeling, she really really liked what Ye Chen was doing.

Chi Zuiye began to lose at the hands of Ye Chen, the woman who usually dominated men was defeated at Ye Chen ’s hands

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