”Shui what do you mean? ” Chi Zuiye asked Chi Shui, she asked what Chi Shui was talking about.

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”You will soon know what I mean, you need to know that the Seven Fairy Succubus and I, plus a few female disciples were unable to defeat Ye Chen ’s little brother, you should probably estimate that he is a worthy opponent, plus he has a weapon is very great and extraordinary. ” Chi Shui told a little about Ye Chen, she gave a warning to Chi Zuiye.

” what ? ” Chi Zuiye looked very surprised when she heard what Chi Zuiye had just said.

Honestly, Chi Zuiye did not expect that Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus would be defeated by Ye Chen, how strong is Ye Chen ’s ability, is Ye Chen really that strong to be able to defeat Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus.

Ye Chen touched Chi Zuiye ’s secret garden, he started exploring around Chi Shui ’s secret garden.

., this is great. ” Chi Zuiye really felt very happy, she was very happy when she felt Ye Chen ’s touch caressing her honey cave.

”Wow, she ’s already really wet. ” Ye Chen could see that Chi Zuiye was already very wet, it seemed that this woman was already very excited.

With Chi Zuiye ’s condition, it should be enough to start conquering Chi Zuiye

., stop, let me rest. ” Chi Zuiye was getting impatient, Ye Chen ’s attack this time was really too dangerous.

Chi Zuiye had already started to lose her mind, she had started thinking about Ye Chen, in her head there was only Ye Chen.

”Ancestor Zuiye, you don ’t need to hold back, just let go of everything, don ’t hold back. ” Chi Shui whispered to Chi Zuiye, she whispered to Chi Zuiye not to hold back.

Chi Shui was like a tempting demon trying to provoke Chi Zuiye, she kept on provoking Chi Zuiye into falling for Ye Chen.

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Chi Shui was very helpful, she used her Charm to confuse Chi Zuiye.

With the combined attacks of Ye Chen and Chi Shui, Chi Zuiye was in serious trouble.

”I ’m not strong anymore ” Chi Zuiye was made to reach the peak again, Chi Zuiye was really very happy with the feeling he had managed to get.

Chi Zuiye felt the best feeling during his life in this world, this could not be compared to the life that Chi Zuiye had lived.

Chi Zuiye looked tired after receiving Ye Chen ’s stimulation, she wanted to rest for a while.

”Husband, you are truly a woman ’s natural enemy, even ancestors can be easily treated like this. ” Chi Shui really recognized Ye Chen ’s ability, she had to admit that Ye Chen did have the ability to defeat a Veteran like Chi Zuiye.

”You ’re happy too soon, it ’s still early. ” Ye Chen informed that it was still early, for sure Chi Zuiye would rise up and put up a fight, there was no way Chi Zuiye would stay silent while receiving Ye Chen ’s attack.

Chi Zuiye started to recover herself, she tried to recover the strength she had.

” are you ready? ” Chi Shui asked Ye Chen, she asked if Ye Chen was ready.

”Of course ” Ye Chen was of course ready, he was ready to start a battle with Chi Zuiye.

”Then let me take it off for you. ” Chi Shui helped remove the cover on Chi Zuiye ’s body, Chi Zuiye ’s body was instantly exposed in front of Ye Chen.

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Chi Zuiye ’s body in front of Ye Chen was much more seductive than before, Milf ’s well-developed body was the best.

”Very good ” Ye Chen gave Chi Zuiye two thumbs up, Chi Zuiye had something very good, he had the capital to seduce any man.

”fufufu ” Chi Shui only smiled as she listened to what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen started to show interest in Chi Zuiye.

Chu Yuechan saw what was happening, she enjoyed what Ye Chen and Chi Shui were doing.

”Master, show your abilities. ” Chu Yuechan wanted Ye Chen to show his abilities, so that he could defeat and obtain Chi Zuiye.

”aren ’t you going to start? ” Chi Shui asked Ye Chen, Chi Shui asked Ye Chen, he asked after seeing Ye Chen who showed no signs to do Chi Zuiye.

”I won ’t do it until he begs herself. ” Ye Chen said that he wouldn ’t start before Chi Zuiye pleaded.

”You are really really bad ” Chi Shui saw that Ye Chen was very mean, she intended to do bad things to Chi Zuiye.

Ye Chen smiled as he listened to what was said by Chi Shui, he smiled when he heard Chi Shui ’s words.

Ye Chen started to take out his younger brother, Ye Chen used this thing to lure Chi Zuiye.

”Ouch ” Chi Zuiye felt that something hard was slap her, when Chi Zuiye opened her eyes, she discovered something truly amazing.

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” what ’s this? ” Chi Zuiye immediately gaped when she saw what was in front of her, what was in front of her was very shocking to Chi Zuiye.

Ye Chen ’s killing weapon scared Chi Zuiye, Chi Zuiye had seen something like this for the first time.

”The size is not normal, is he still human? ” Chi Zuiye saw that Ye Chen was abnormal, Chi Zuiye even thought that Ye Chen was a monster incarnate.

Ye Chen would definitely be surprised when he heard Chi Zuiye ’s opinion of him, how could Chi Zuiye say that to Ye Chen.

”What are you waiting for, don ’t you want to give it a try? ” Ye Chen asked Chi Zuiye.

Ye Chen told Chi Zuiye to try, Chi Zuiye probably never tried something like this.

Chi Zuiye actually didn ’t want to be ordered by Ye Chen, unfortunately her hand suddenly moved towards the killing weapon in front of her eyes.

”It seems that the ancestor looks surprised, not strange, Ye Chen does have a very good artifact, he is a dragon among men ” Chi Shui looked very proud when she saw Ye Chen, she looked very proud when she saw Ye Chen ’s artifact.

Chi Shui was sure that Chi Zuiye would definitely not be able to leave after trying this, this female killing weapon was very strong and difficult to deal with, it was possible that a proud woman like Chi Zuiye would be easily subdued by Ye Chen.

”Wow, this is great, I want to try it. ” After holding on for some time, Chi Zuiye wanted to test the power of Ye Chen ’s huge thing, it would definitely be great to be able to try something like this.

”Ye Chen felt a touch coming from Chi Zuiye, to be honest Chi Zuiye ’s touch was very delicious.

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”This skill, she really is a dangerous opponent ” From Chi Zuiye ’s touch and manner, Ye Chen could easily conclude that Chi Zuiye had above average skills, it was evident from the comfortable feeling Ye Chen felt.

Without waiting for Ye Chen ’s order, Chi Zuiye started to lick and began to eat Ye Chen ’s large object.

Chi Zuiye took the initiative, she tried a few things that belonged to Ye Chen, Chi Zuiye was very interested in Ye Chen, she was already starting to get impatient with the passion in her body.

”This is the best ” Chi Zuiye immediately gave Ye Chen an assessment, she gave Ye Chen a full assessment.

Chi Zuiye could immediately admit that Ye Chen had the best artifact, Chi Zuiye would not miss this opportunity to see what kind of ability Ye Chen ’s item was.

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