eing hit by such an attack. ” Yun Kenz acknowledged the Heaven Dream Sect ’s ability, they were able to withstand the combined attacks they did.

”You seem very excited, this is going to be quite a fierce battle ” said one person, this might be quite a fierce battle, their current opponent is much stronger than before.

”Let ’s go. ” Yun Kenz stepped forward, he immediately advanced towards Chi Zuiye, Yun Kenz could immediately detect the powerful figure of Chi Zuiye, so he headed straight for Chi Zuiye.

The remaining nine people advanced, they all advanced towards Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus.

”Don ’t hold back your strength, all of you must use the full strength you have ” Chi Shui told everyone to use all their strength, they should not hold back when fighting the enemy.

”We understand. ” The Seven Fairy Succubus members nodded, they would all use their full strength to kill the enemy.

They would not be able to underestimate the abilities possessed by the enemy, if they were not vigilant, then they would be instantly killed on the scene.

Chi Shui led the Seven Fairy Succubus, they directly faced the nine mercenaries present.

. ” Explosion after explosion began to occur, at this time there were countless great battles, the entire Heaven Dream Sect was shaken by the fighting that was taking place.

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from a distance Ye Chen was watching the battle, he would find the right time to launch an attack on the enemy.

Chi Zuiye, Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus fought splendidly, they displayed fierce resistance, meanwhile the female disciples from the Heaven Dream Sect also helped by making small attacks from behind, their aim was to outwit the enemy to confuse them.

”Bammm ” Chi Zuiye and Yun Kenz exchanged a few blows, both exchanged some very powerful blows.

”Not bad, your ability is really great. ” Yun Kenz acknowledged Chi Zuiye ’s ability, Chi Zuiye ’s ability was worthy of facing him.

”Who are you, why have I never seen you? ” Chi Zuiye was surprised to find that Yun Kenz could match her own strength, most likely the strength of this man was on par with the great elders and leaders of the God Realm.

If Chi Zuiye ’s strength still hadn ’t increased from Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen, then it was likely that he would be easily defeated.

Yun Kenz ’s strength turned out to be at the tenth level, it was really comparable to the strong people in the God Realm, at least his strength should be in the top 200 strongest people in the God Realm.

”You ’ll never know my name, I a mercenary, my name changes frequently with the tasks I do ” Yun Kenz told that his name was always changing, he didn ’t have a fixed name, he always used many names to use.

”You are a mercenary, why don ’t you just work for me, I can pay you more. ” Chi Zuiye said that she could pay more for Yun Kenz.

”I have no interest in getting paid, I will carry out my task to completion, I will never fail in carrying out my duties ” Yun Kenz firmly refused Chi Zuiye ’s offer, he did not want to fail in the task, it would affect the reputation of the mercenaries.

”Too bad ” Chi Zuiye felt pity, even though Yun Kenz had the power to use against the enemy.

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”Boom ” Yun Kenz ’s body began to be enveloped by lightning, his body was enveloped by a lightning so strong that it made the ground beneath him lift and shatter into small pieces.

  ”Lightning Chain Trap ” Chi Zuiye ’s used the lightning chain technique, he bound Yun Kenz ’s body.

Hundreds of lightning chains instantly enveloped Yun Kenz ’s body, within seconds, Yun Kenz ’s body was completely restrained by the chains.

”Supreme Purple Lightning ” Chi Zuiye used an extremely powerful attack, an extremely powerful lightning bolt appearing above the sky.

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