Very dark clouds appeared, these dark clouds made a very large and very strong roar.

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An enormous thunderbolt descended from the sky, this lightning instantly fell in front of Yun Kenz.

”Boom ” a very, very large explosion occurred, this huge explosion was caused by the lightning with great power falling on Yun Kenz.

A huge explosion like a nuclear explosion occurred, this explosion was so huge that it swept through the area around Heaven Dream Sect.

the impact of the explosion was so strong that it shook nearly of the White Rose Star Realm.

Luckily the White Rose Star Realm was huge, if only the White Rose Star Realm was a small star, then it was certain that the White Rose Star Realm would be destroyed in just one hit.

”Zuiye ’s power is very, very strong. ” Ye Chen admitted that Chi Zuiye was so powerful, she was able to make a huge explosion that shook almost half of the White Rose Star Realm.

Ye Chen firmly believed that if Chi Zuiye had not yet fully used her full strength, there was no way that Chi Zuiye would immediately use her full strength.

”hahahaha, this is very interesting, you are strong, I will not be bored in facing you ” Yun Kenz appeared with several wounds on his body, Chi Zuiye ’s attack was capable enough to injure Yun Kenz.

”He didn ’t die after receiving such an attack. ” Chi Zuiye began to believe that Yun Kenz was a strong person, it was evident from his attacks that were unable to kill Yun Kenz.

Yun Kenz released himself from the chains that bound him, he began to advance towards Chi Zuiye, Yun Kenz made a swift and deadly attack.

Chi Zuiye upgrade her speed, she began to follow Yun Kenz ’s movements.

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. ” Chi Zuiye and Yun Kenz again made several exchanges, they exchanged blows and attacks.

The moment the two attacks made direct contact with each other, an explosion and a massive explosion occurred, this blowing away the debris that was in the Heaven Dream Sect.

Each of Yun Kenz ’s attacks was extremely aggressive, he used an attack that was quite aggressive against Chi Zuiye.

”This man is very aggressive, his every attack is very aggressive. ” Chi Zuiye saw that Yun Kenz was a very aggressive person, every attack made by this person was very strong and had an enormous impact.

Chi Zuiye could not help but use his extra strength against Yun Kenz.

On the other hand Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus were showing their abilities, especially the Seven Fairy Succubus, they were showing the power they had just obtained, they were using extremely powerful techniques, even more powerful than those in the Heaven Dream Sect.

”Since when did they have such a powerful technique? ” Chi Shui saw that the Seven Fairy Succubus were very strong, they had much greater strength than before.

”We can ’t continue like this, let ’s start with the girls around this place. ” Due to the difficulty against Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus, the mercenaries decided to attack the female disciples around Heaven Dream Sect.

. ” the mercenaries started attacking the female disciples around this place, they launched wide area attacks to kill the disciples in the Heaven Dream Sect.

The female disciples weren ’t as strong as Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus, they naturally had to flee from this attack.

”These people, they are shameless ” Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus were furious when they found out that they were targeting the female disciple who was behind.

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Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus tried their best to stop these people unfortunately they had a hard time stopping them.

the mercenaries cooperation was excellent, they had a good cooperation, some people attacked the female disciples, while some held back Chi Shui and the Seven Fairy Succubus

”I can ’t stay still ” Seeing what happened to Heaven Dream Sect, Ye Chen could no longer stay silent when he saw what happened to the Heaven Dream Sect.

”You should go, use all the abilities you have ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to use all the abilities he had, his current opponent was very strong, Ye Chen needed his full strength to fight them all.

”I will use the power of heavenly lightning, I can ’t stay silent when I see what happens ” Ye Chen could no longer stay with him, he had to save them.

. ” with our speed, Ye Chen went and protected everyone, himself protecting all the female disciples from the mercenary attacks.

”Who else is this? ” the mercenaries directly asked about Ye Chen, they all didn ’t know where Ye Chen had come from.

”Who are you, why are you interfering in our business ” one of the mercenaries immediately asked Ye Chen ’s identity, he asked why Ye Chen was interfering in their business.

”I just happened to be passing by around this place he saw something unpleasant to look at, so I decided to help ” Hoarsely, Ye Chen said to the mercenary.

”We are giving time for you to leave right now and forget what happened, otherwise don ’t blame us if we kill you ” the mercenary decided to give Ye Chen a stern warning.

”Sorry but I won ’t go, I won ’t let you guys act as you please ” Ye Chen said to the mercenaries.

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”You made a big mistake, you will be buried around this place ” Seeing Ye Chen make a refusal, they decided to kill Ye Chen.

They were not very wary of Ye Chen, they were all not wary because they saw that Ye Chen ’s cultivation was extremely low.

It just so happened that Ye Chen used Reideran Pendant necklace, so its power was well hidden, then these people would definitely think Ye Chen was very weak and useless.

”I have to end things quickly ” Ye Chen intended to end the battle quickly, he wouldn ’t be able to win if he didn ’t open the Lightning Vein.

”In this state, Ye Chen can only use Lightning Veins, otherwise he won ’t be able to win over this mercenary.

Even the heavenly lightning would not help much, the current Ye Chen had not been able to fully bring out the true power of the Divine Lightning.

Ye Chen opened the lightning vein, when Ye Chen opened the Lightning Vein, an enormous power flowed into Ye Chen ’s body, this naturally made Ye Chen very strong.

”You die ” the mercenary tried to kill Ye Chen, he would crush Ye Chen to ashes with his powerful profound fire.

The moment the mercenaries tried to attack Ye Chen, from Ye Chen ’s body came a very strong white lightning, Ye Chen became slightly transparent and disappeared from the sight of the mercenaries.

Ye Chen appeared behind the mercenary body, just now Ye Chen passed through the mercenary body and attacked him.

. ” the mercenary ’s body was bleeding profusely, from his body was bleeding profusely from the multiple wounds that had appeared.

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The mercenaries instantly fell to the ground, not only were the outsides injured, the insides of the mercenaries had also been shattered by Ye Chen ’s attack.

” What ? ” the mercenary comrades looked very surprised when he saw what happened, to be honest what happened was very shocking for them.

One of them was killed in just seconds, it was too suspicious at all.

”That lightning, don ’t tell me it ’s heavenly lightning ” Seeing the lightning on Ye Chen ’s body, everyone immediately concluded that this was heavenly lightning.

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