rvive an anteater monster’s attack as strong as this.

  Ye Chen ignored the warnings given by Fan Fumi, he didn’t show any signs of dodging the monsters’ attacks.

  Ye Chen raised one hand, he stopped the attack using his two fingers.

.” The pangolin monster’s movement stopped immediately, the monster couldn’t move anymore.

  ”Huh?” Fan Fumi gaped when she saw what Ye Chen did, what Ye Chen did was quite shocking to Fan Fumi.

  Fan Fumi gaped when she saw what Ye Chen did, what Ye Chen did was quite shocking to Fan Fumi.

  What Ye Chen did was unreasonable, how did Ye Chen stop the attack of the pangolin monster which was spinning very fast, it was a very difficult thing to do

  ”how could he do that?” Fan Fumi started to wonder, how could Ye Chen do something like that, what Ye Chen did was absolutely impossible.

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  ”What?, this monster is weak, why are you afraid of a monster like this?” Ye Chen asked Fan Fumi.

  ”weak, do you think he is a weak monster?” Fan Fumi almost fell while listening to what Ye Chen said, what Ye Chen said was absolutely impossible.

  Ye Chen just smiled, he smiled when he heard what Fan Fumi said.

  The pangolin monster tried to push Ye Chen away, he tried his best to bump into Ye Chen.

  The pangolin monster’s efforts were fruitless, he was still unable to push Ye Chen away.

  ”I don’t have time to deal with you, why don’t you go there” Ye Chen used his legs to kick the pangolin monster.

  The pangolin monster was kicked into the sky by Ye Chen, it seems that this monster will be flown quite far by Ye Chen.

  Ye Chen clapped his hands to clean the dust, all matters were solved, the monster must have been flown far enough by Ye Chen.

  ”Wow you are very strong, is the human power that strong?” Fan Fumi asked Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen about the strength that Ye Chen has.

  Ye Chen has a very large and strong power, this makes Fan Fumi amazed by the strength that is possessed by Ye Chen.

  ”No, I’m not that strong.” Ye Chen said to Fan Fumi, he wasn’t that strong.

  ”You’re lying, you can easily fly a monster just now, you must be strong” Fan Fumi didn’t easily believe what Ye Chen said, she didn’t easily believe what Ye Chen just said.

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  ”Is there no strong cultivator in your place?” Ye Chen asked Fan Fumi, is there not a strong enough cultivator in this place.

  ”In the village there are only a few people with quite strong strength, the strongest Elf race is in the center of the Elven village, there are elders and Queen who have very strong strength,” Fan Fumi said to Ye Chen.

  ”I see.” Ye Chen nodded, it seems that Fan Fumi’s place of origin is not very strong, it is not strange that she does not know many things.

  ”Can I go to where you live?” Ye Chen asked Fan Fumi.

  ”Of course, let’s go, let’s go, there must be a lot of people who will be surprised when they see you” Fan Fumi immediately dragged Ye Chen, she took Ye Chen to go to the village where she lived.

  On the way Fan Fumi told the place where he lived, the place she lived was called the Happiness forest village, this place was very pleasant to live in, everyone was very happy to live in this place.

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