Chapter 1746 Reduce the size of Titan

  The arm of the shattered Titan re-grows, the Arm of the Titan re-grows as if unaffected by the power of the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

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  ”It’s growing again” Ye Chen saw that this Titan was able to regenerate its body even after receiving an attack from the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

  ”It seems that this Titan is not affected by the power of the Divine Yin Yang Sword.” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that the Divine Yin Yang Sword had no effect on Titan.

  ”This is so troublesome” Ye Chen felt troubled, he was troubled when he found out that his attacks had no effect on Titan.

  ”What are you going to do now?” Chu Yuechan asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what method Ye Chen would use to deal with this matter.

  ”Fortunately I have a way” Ye Chen has a way to fight Titan.

  ”I hope this method works.” Ye Chen really hoped that the method he was going to use would work.

  Ye Chen stretched his hand forward.

  ”Half Dimension” Ye Chen used a technique that could divide dimensions, he intended to reduce the dimensions around Titan.

  The dimensions around Titian began to shrink, this made the Titan’s body begin to shrink and shrink.

  Ye Chen used a lot of Profound Energy, himself used a lot of Profound Energy to use Half Dimension.

  Half Dimension had an enormous profound energy requirement, Ye Chen’s enormous profound energy was being sucked in at an extremely fast rate.

  Titan’s body is getting smaller and smaller, in just a few seconds, the 50-mile-tall Titan becomes the size of a mouse.

  The Titan was so small that Ye Chen didn’t think it was a huge monster.

  Ye Chen succeeded, he had succeeded in making a large Titan the size of a mouse.

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  Ye Chen stepped forward, he took the Titan that was already in its small size until it shrunk like a mouse.

  The Titan in Ye Chen’s hands started to attack Ye Chen, the Titan attacked Ye Chen using its strength.

  Ye Chen saw that the Titan’s strength became very weak when it was reduced to this size.

  ”This is very great.” Ye Chen felt that this power was very great, this was the greatest strength that Ye Chen possessed.

  ”I didn’t expect that it would turn out like this” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

  Chu Yuechan didn’t expect that the result would be like this, Ye Chen was able to defeat the Titans in such a manner, it was truly extraordinary.

  Ye Chen kept the Titan in a cage, Ye Chen deliberately did this to give it to Xing Shenyi, let Xing Shenyi decide what to do with the Titan.

  Just as Ye Chen was about to leave, he found that his body was weak, it was obvious that Ye Chen had run out of Profound Energy.



  Xing Shenyi herself was still in a fierce battle, she was trying to attack the Elder who was being protected by the Golems.

  ”It is very difficult to break through their defenses.” Xing Shenyi felt that it was very difficult to break through the defenses of the Elder Elf.

  ”Looks like you are having a hard time dealing with this matter.” Nan Rou appeared behind Xing Shenyi, Nan Rou’s appearance left Elder Elf confused.

  ”Who else is this woman?” The new elders didn’t know Nan Rou, they didn’t recognize Nan Rou’s presence.

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  ”You don’t need to know who I am.” Nan Rou said to the Elder Elf, she started to help Xing Shenyi and launched several meteor shower attacks towards the Elder Elf.

  ”Boom” several explosions occurred near the Elder, this made the Golem that was used to defend shattered by the combined power of Nan Rou and Xing Shenyi.

  ”Good, this is the time.” Xing Shenyi saw this opportunity very well, he saw that this was a golden opportunity to capture the Elder Elf.

  The earth dragon instantly won over the elder’s body, itself capturing the elder’s body.

  ”Arghhh” The elder’s body was caught by the ground dragon.

  After capturing the Elder’s body, Xing Shenyi immediately used a seal, Xing Shenyi sealed them so they wouldn’t put up any resistance.

  ”Successful” Xing Shenyi was happy that everything was over, all the elders had been captured and they would not be able to escape again.

  Xing Shenyi looked at Nan Rou, for some reason Nan Rou helped her.

  ”Thank you very much” Xing Shenyi thanked Nan Rou, she thanked Nan Rou for helping her.

  ”No need to thank me, I helped you to take revenge” Nan Rou said to Xing Shenyi.

  Nan Rou helps Xing Shenyi to take revenge against the Elder.

  Nan Rou snapped her fingers, when Nan Rou snapped her fingers, the ground started to fly and attack Elder.

  ”Wait don’t do that” Xing Shenyi stopped what Nan Rou was doing.

  Too bad Xing Shenyi couldn’t stop what Nan Rou was doing.

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“All the elders shouted, they felt excruciating pain from Nan Rou’s attack.

  ”They deserve it” Nan Rou said to Xing Shenyi, these people deserve this.

  ”You don’t need to do such a thing.” Xing Shenyi said to Nan Rou.

  Nan Rou didn’t need to do such a thing, Xing Shenyi would make a proper punishment for them.

  ”If that’s what you want, then it won’t happen, what you do will not discourage them and they will repeat it again” Nan Rou couldn’t believe this matter, she was sure that these people would repeat this problem again.

  They are very cunning people, they will definitely look for a loophole in the future to throw tantrums again.

  ”I” Xing Shenyi was a little confused when she was faced with what Nan Rou had said.

  ”It’s okay let him do what he wants” Ye Chen came over, he let Nan Rou do what she wanted.

  ”Ye Chen, why did you do that?” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen did such a thing.

  ”I’ll let her do what he wants, just let her punish them’ Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi, he told the reason why he allowed Nan Rou to do that.

  Ye Chen wouldn’t do it himself, let Nan Rou do it for him, that way Ye Chen wouldn’t have to get his hands dirty.

  Xing Shenyi was silent, Ye Chen let Nan Rou punish the Elders.

  ”Before that, let’s go help Fan Fumi and the others, looks like they are in danger” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

  ”Ye Chen what about the Titan you fought” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen, she asked where the Titan is now.

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  ”If you’re looking for a Titan, then this is it.” Ye Chen pointed out the Titan’s existence, he showed Xing Shenyi the Titan’s whereabouts.

  ”Why is it so small?” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen, she asked why Titan became so small.

  ”Oh that, I purposely minimized it” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

  Ye Chen did this on purpose, he did this on purpose to defeat Titan.

  ”This is amazing” Xing Shenyi was shocked by what happened, she didn’t expect Ye Chen to be able to do that.

  ”You keep it.” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

  Ye Chen told Xing Shenyi to keep it, he knows what to do with a Titan that has been shrunk to such a degree.

  After giving away the Titan, Ye Chen went to see what Fan Fumi and the others were doing, he really wanted to know if they could win with the plan he had made.

  Ye Chen went into the hole, he looked for the whereabouts of Fan Fumi and Han Rizu.

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