to the way it was.

.” when everyone thought that the situation had returned to normal.

  Suddenly there was an earthquake, everyone immediately panicked by what happened.

  Elven Village never had an earthquake, this was probably the result of someone doing it.

  ” What happened?” Xing Shenyi immediately found out what had happened, why such a huge earthquake had occurred.

  ”Queen, this is terrible, the main barrier of the tree of life has been destroyed” Elf reported what had happened.

  ”Who did it?” Xing Shenyi immediately asked about the culprit, she wanted to know the person who had done it.

  ”This is elder Gao Win, he is the one who has barged in by force.” Elf told what happened to Xing Shenyi.

  ”What is he doing?” Xing Shenyi immediately asked what Gao Win was doing.

  ”I don’t know” Elf didn’t know what Gao Win was doing, to be honest she didn’t know about what Gao Win was doing.

  ” what is it?” Ye Chen asked Xing Shenyi, he immediately asked about what happened.

  ”It’s about Gao Win, that person seems to be doing something bad” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that Gao Win was doing something bad.

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  ”What are you waiting for, let’s see.” Ye Chen took Xing Shenyi to see what happened.

  ”Come on” Xing Shenyi immediately agreed, she along with Ye Chen went straight to Gao Win’s place.

  On the way Ye Chen and Xing Shenyi started to notice something was wrong, both of them noticed that the plants around them were starting to wither.

  ”Seems like something happened” what was happening around made Ye Chen feel something odd, it was impossible for the trees and plants to wither so quickly.

  ”Don’t tell me that this fellow absorbed the Essence of the tree of life” Xing Shenyi knew the root of the problem right away, he immediately knew the root of the problem.

  ”Is it a dangerous thing?” Ye Chen asked Xing Shenyi.

  ”Of course, it can dry up the entire forest in this place” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen.

  ”Then we have to stop it before it’s too late.” Ye Chen immediately asked Xing Shenyi to stop Gao Win.

  They couldn’t let bad things continue, otherwise Elven Village would be in trouble.

  ”I should have crippled him until he was helpless” If Ye Chen had known that Gao Win would do something bad, Ye Chen would have crippled him to the core.

  Ye Chen and Xing Shenyi arrived at the tree of life, when they arrived, they saw Gao Win who was absorbing the power of the tree of life and starting to get stronger.

  ”The strength has increased.” Ye Chen saw the increase in Gao Win’s strength, the increase in Gao Win’s strength was enormous.

  ”He really did, Ye Chen quickly stop him” Xing Shenyi told Ye Chen to stop Gao Win.

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  If not stopped, then this will become a bigger problem.

  Xing Shenyi didn’t want any bigger trouble to happen, so Xing Shenyi told Ye Chen to stop Gao Win.

  ”Can I destroy it?” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

  The current Ye Chen didn’t have enough profound energy, he couldn’t fight for a long time, if he could Ye Chen would have ended this with one move.

  Xing Shenyi looked at Ye Chen, she seemed hesitant to answer Ye Chen’s question.

  ”Do whatever you want” Xing Shenyi finally allowed Ye Chen to do what she wanted.

  Xing Shenyi could understand that Ye Chen might find it difficult to fight if she held back, so Xing Shenyi told Ye Chen to give up everything he had.

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