Chapter 1748 back against Gao Win

  ”Then I won’t hold back anymore.” Ye Chen didn’t hold back, he attacked Gao Win with his full strength.

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  ”Feel this” Ye Chen attacked Gao Win, Ye Chen made a powerful attack towards Gao Win.

  Gao Win who was focused didn’t see the arrival of Ye Chen’s attack, he ended up being hit by Ye Chen’s attack instead.

.” Ye Chen flew Gao Win, Gao Win was flown far enough away by Ye Chen.

  ”Damn it” Gao Win was angry, he was furious with what Ye Chen had just done.

  ”Just stop here” Ye Chen said to Gao Win, Ye Chen stopped what Gao Win was doing.

  ”Fucking human, in this place I will kill you” Gao Win said to Ye Chen, he wanted to kill Ye Chen using the full power he just got.

  Gao Win’s current strength is immense, he has immense strength that can defeat his enemies.

  ”I should say that to you, your journey seems to only end here, from now on I will end you here” Ye Chen said to Gao Win, he said that Gao Win’s journey only ended here.

  ”God Fire Sword” Ye Chen’s  immediately used the strongest power, he intended to crush Gao Win to the root.

  Ye Chen knew very well that Gao Win’s weakness was fire, so Ye Chen intended to destroy Gao Win with his fire power.

  A fire sword with a very strong radiance appeared, this fire sword had a rather powerful and terrifying aura.

  Ye Chen didn’t have much profound energy, he couldn’t display the much bigger and stronger God Fire Sword.

  ”I hope this attack works.” Ye Chen hoped that his attack would work against Gao Win.

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  ”Just like that, it’s too weak” Gao Win said to Ye Chen.

  Gao Win summons a dragon, Gao Win’s technique is almost the same as that used by Xing Shenyi.

  The difference that can be seen is that Gao Win’s dragon looks more rugged, while Xing Shenyi can make much better dragons than Gao Win’s, this shows the difference in talent that the two of them have.

  Although it wasn’t as good as Xing Shenyi’s, this earth dragon looked much bigger, it was dozens of times bigger than the one Xing Shenyi made.

  ”Destroy” Ye Chen pointed the God Fire Sword at the earth dragon, Ye Chen crushed the earth dragon with the fire laser.

  The fire laser shot instantly exploded the earth dragon, the earth dragon instantly exploded and shattered into pieces.

  Ye Chen took this opportunity to attack Gao Win, he pointed the God Fire Sword at Gao Win.

  Gao Win stretched his hand forward, several Golems appeared in front of Gao Win and parried Ye Chen’s attack.

  Ye Chen’s attack was stopped by these Golems, Ye Chen couldn’t penetrate any further because it was too thick.

  ”Damn, he was able to withstand my attack” Ye Chen grumbled, he grumbled towards Gao Win who could withstand his attack.

  ”Ten thousand Hole fangs” Gao Win used the earth technique, from beneath the ground appeared a huge hole in which there were pointed fangs that spun like a mower.

  A person who was sucked into it would definitely die instantly and turn into mush.

  Ye Chen intended to go and dodge this attack, just as Ye Chen was about to dodge, Ye Chen felt a very strong pulling force pulling his body down, this made Ye Chen pull himself down.

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  It turned out that the spin generated by the fangs created a very strong suction vortex, it attracted anything that was on it including Ye Chen.

  ”Ye Chen” Xing Shenyi shouted, she was worried about Ye Chen’s condition.

  Ye Chen’s body went inside, he was now in a place full of earthen fangs spinning like a cutter.

.” a loud voice rang out from within, it was a heart-wrenching sound for those who heard it.

  ”Hahaha he has definitely turned into mush, you won’t find him again” Gao Win looked very happy to know this.

  ”Gao Win, how dare you” Xing Shenyi looked very angry, she seemed very angry with what Gao Win did.

  ”Dear Queen, don’t be so angry, I did this for you, so I hope you give me a decent reward” Gao Win said to Xing Shenyi.

  Gao Win asked for a decent reward, or rather he wanted Xing Shenyi’s body and soul.

  Gao Win now has a stronger power, now Gao Win can do anything including getting Xing Shenyi which was previously difficult to obtain.

  ”Dream, I won’t do anything like that.” Xing Shenyi wouldn’t do what Gao Win said, she wouldn’t do what Gao Win wanted.

  ”You have no reason to refuse, because you won’t be able to do it.” Gao Win stretched out his hand.

  Gao Win’s hands swelled and started to catch Xing Shenyi who was in front of him.

.” Xing Shenyi couldn’t dodge, Gao Win’s speed was much faster than imagined.

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  ”Quickly let me go.” Xing Shenyi told Gao Win to let go of himself.

  ”I won’t do that” Gao Win refused to let go of Xing Shenyi, he wanted to enjoy Xing Shenyi in front of him.

  Gao Win couldn’t wait to enjoy Xing Shenyi, he wanted to immediately taste a beautiful woman like Xing Shenyi.

  Ye Chen felt that this was very annoying, what Gao Win did was very annoying.

.” Ye Chen cut Gao Win’s arm, he cut Gao Win’s arm with the God Fire Sword.

.” Gao Win felt the pain, Ye Chen’s attack turned out to be effective enough to injure Gao Win.

  ”Bastard, this hurts” Gao Win roared, he felt excruciating pain.

  The pain was excruciating, Gao Win was annoyed at what Ye Chen had done.

  ”Human, why don’t you die” Gao Win was annoyed when he saw Ye Chen who was still alive.

  ”I’m not easy to kill” Ye Chen said to Gao Win, Ye Chen was not easy to kill, so what Gao Win did was still not enough to get Ye Chen killed.

  ”I will definitely kill you” Gao Win will definitely kill Ye Chen, he will do everything he can to kill Ye Chen.

  ”Hahahaha, I hope you are not disappointed” Ye Chen said to Gao Win.

  Ye Chen opened the Water Vein, he opened the Water Vein and started to gain boundless profound energy.

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  ”Okay, I’ll end this right away.” Ye Chen would end this as soon as possible.

    “Shadow Clone” Ye Chen’s made several clones, the strength of all the clones made by Ye Chen is the same.

  ”Use all the abilities you have to kill him” Ye Chen told the Clones to use everything they had to defeat Gao Win.

  Ye Chen’s orders were listened to by all the clones, all the clones immediately did what Ye Chen ordered.

  They all directly attacked Gao Win with Ye Chen’s various techniques.

.” All techniques were used, all powerful techniques were launched towards Gao Win, this made a huge explosion and destroyed the area around this place.

  The huge explosion that occurred caused destruction everywhere, various kinds of trees and ground were shattered by Ye Chen’s attack.

  that attack should be enough to defeat Gao Win.

  ”grrrrr” just when Ye Chen thought the battle was over, he heard Gao Win’s growl, this voice was so loud that Ye Chen could hear it very clearly.

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