Chapter 1753 Ye Chen & Xing Shenyi (2)

  ”Now no one can disturb us anymore” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi, from here no one will disturb them.

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”You really are very excited.” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen.

”Of course, how could I not be excited when I see a beautiful goddess like this” Ye Chen replied to Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen was still a normal male, he would naturally be excited when he saw a beauty like Xing Shenyi.

Xing Shenyi was an extremely perfect Elf, she truly had a very strong beauty and body and was also very seductive.

Her body was created to fascinate men, she is a masterpiece of splendid beauty.

Xing Shenyi turned her attention to hers, she looked very embarrassed when she looked at Ye Chen, Ye Chen was like a hungry wolf that had its prey.

Since there was not much time, Ye Chen immediately started, Ye Chen first teased Xing Shenyi’s most sensitive point, Xing Shenyi’s most sensitive point was the ear.

”Ahhh, no, don’t be there.” Xing Shenyi couldn’t stand it when Ye Chen touched that part, ears were a very weak thing and made Xing Shenyi quickly reach the peak.

”What’s wrong?, is this comfortable?” Ye Chen asked to know Xing Shenyi’s reaction, more precisely Ye Chen wanted to see what kind of reaction Xing Shenyi showed when Ye Chen touched his ears and stimulated them.

”This feels really weird.” Xing Shenyi was confused, she was flustered when Ye Chen touched her.

”You don’t have to hold back” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi, Ye Chen told Xing Shenyi not to hold back, let it flow like water, then Xing Shenyi would get what he was looking for.

”Even if you say that” Even though Ye Chen said that, Xing Shenyi still couldn’t do it, she was still a little stiff when it came to having sex with the opposite sex.

”Relax, don’t think too much about it, I will teach you to be a woman” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen told Xing Shenyi to enjoy more, that way Xing Shenyi could get what she was looking for as a woman.

Xing Shenyi tried to calm herself down, she tried to calm down even more so she could have more fun.

As Xing Shenyi tried to enjoy more, he found much greater enjoyment, the way Ye Chen treated herself was simply amazing, this made Xing Shenyi feel incomparable pleasure.

., I’m already in the limit” in just a matter of minutes, Xing Shenyi had already reached the peak, Ye Chen’s skills were indeed unmatched.

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Xing Shenyi was instantly helpless, she was instantly helpless when she received successive attacks from Ye Chen.

”Looks like he’s not in the mood” Ye Chen saw that Xing Shenyi wasn’t excited, she wasn’t excited when she was with Ye Chen.

”Let’s use the Passion Goddess technique.” Ye Chen wanted to use the Passion Goddess technique on Xing Shenyi, so that Xing Shenyi could be more excited and not afraid anymore.

When Ye Chen used the Passion Goddess technique Xing Shenyi started to get excited, the strength in his body disappeared and he became very passionate.

”What happened?” Xing Shenyi started to feel a strange feeling, she felt a strange feeling when Ye Chen used the Passion Goddess technique.

Xing Shenyi felt very excited, she felt very excited.

Xing Shenyi wanted to express herself, she wanted to let go of everything that had been buried for a very long time.

”Ye Chen” Xing Shenyi hugged Ye Chen’s neck, she hugged Ye Chen’s neck and started kissing Ye Chen.

what Xing Shenyi did was very bold, she became a very aggressive woman towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite happy when he saw this, Xing Shenyi was finally willing to be honest with herself.

Ye Che followed Xing Shenyi’s style of play, Ye Chen did his best to keep up with Xing Shenyi.

Xing Shenyi’s hands started to be dishonest, she started to be dishonest towards Ye Chen’s body.

”You have become so brave,” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

”Ye Chen, quickly give it to me” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, Xing Shenyi wanted Ye Chen.

”Then why don’t you do it yourself” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen told Xing Shenyi to start, he let Xing Shenyi take the lead.

”Alright” Xing Shenyi nodded, she would do what she could.

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Xing Shenyi’s knowledge is of course quite a lot, she naturally knows what to do between couples.

Xing Shenyi stripped Ye Chen of clothes, Xing Shenyi was quite skilled, she was able to disarm Ye Chen quickly.

”pretty skilled” Ye Chen had to admit that Xing Shenyi had abilities, she had pretty good basic skills.

After being disarmed by Xing Shenyi, Xing Shenyi looked at Ye Chen’s who was already very excited.

”Is this excited because of me” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she started to play with Ye Chen’s with her very soft hand.

.” Ye Chen groaned, he felt Xing Shenyi’s comfortable smooth hand.

Xing Shenyi actually played Ye Chen’s little brother using both hands.

”It’s because you are too beautiful, I can’t stand it.” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi, he told Xing Shenyi about what happened.

”I am very happy with what you said” Xing Shenyi was very happy with what Ye Chen said, she was very happy with Ye Chen’s praise.

”I will give you a present” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she intended to give a present to Ye Chen.

Xing Shenyi no longer held back, and with Xing’s powerful Passion Goddess technique, she showed a side that she had never shown to outsiders.

Xing Shenyi started to use the double peaks that she had, after which she used her small mouth to serve Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s little brother was eaten by Xing Shenyi, it felt very comfortable for Ye Chen.

Xing Shenyi’s skills weren’t bad, at least she had a very good foundation.

”The suction power is terrible.” Ye Chen felt that the suction force was very strong, Xing Shenyi sucked in Ye Chen’s power very quickly.

” Wait a moment?” Ye Chen stopped Xing Shenyi.

”What’s wrong?, are my skills not good?” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen, she asked if his skills were not good so Ye Chen was uncomfortable.

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” You.
., do you want to suck your husband dry” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

Ye Chen told what happened, what Xing Shenyi did was not right.

”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” Xing Shenyi apologized to Ye Chen, she didn’t mean to do such a thing, she was too excited to do that.

”Then I will make up for it.” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, she would make up for what she had done earlier.

Xing Shenyi gathered pure energy around herself, she injected the energy into Ye Chen.

”Can she do such a thing?” Ye Chen felt very refreshed, he didn’t expect that Xing Shenyi could do something like this.

Ye Chen felt pure energy filling him, it was extremely rich and the amount made Ye Chen feel like he was in the highest place in this world.

”Is this one of your hidden abilities?” Ye Chen asked Xing Shenyi who was serving his little brother.

”Of course, only I can do such a thing” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen.

”You Elves are truly terrifying, you have great abilities.” Ye Chen saw a potential he had never seen before.

”There’s still a lot more I can do” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen, Elves are very special, it’s not strange that they try to hide themselves from humans.

”Is this one of the reasons why you are hiding in this place” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

Xing Shenyi stopped, she looked at Ye Chen with her crystal clear eyes.

”That’s true, in the past Elves were often made slaves by gods and humans, that’s why our ancestors made this place far from gods and humans.” Xing Shenyi told Ye Chen the past, she told that in the past the Elf in made slaves by gods and men.

”I see, you all have great abilities, if greedy people come, they will definitely do bad things” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

”Fortunately you are not a bad person” Xing Shenyi said to Ye Chen.

”How do you know that I’m not evil, you should know that I’m a wolf that will eat you” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi.

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”if you are evil, you will not help me to that extent, even you help the long discarded Cursed Elf, that is enough to prove you are a good person” Xing Shenyi smiled at Ye Chen, she showed a very very beautiful.

Ye Chen was blown away by the smile that Xing Shenyi just showed, his smile was very beautiful.

Ye Chen couldn’t stand it, he pounced on Xing Shenyi who was in front of him.

.” Xing Shenyi was surprised by what Ye Chen did.

”What are you doing?” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen.

”It seems that I have determined my third wish” Ye Chen said to Xing Shenyi who was below him.

” What’s that?” Xing Shenyi asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know the third wish that Ye Chen had.

”I want you to be my wife, do you want to?” Ye Chen said as he took Xing Shenyi’s hand.

Xing Shenyi’s face immediately turned red, she immediately blushed when she heard Ye Chen’s proposal.

”Why don’t you answer it?” Ye Chen asked Xing Shenyi, he wanted an answer from Xing Shenyi.

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