Chapter 1761 Ran Giku

  ”Sorry I don’t want to came with you” Qi Yunzhi refused these people, she didn’t want to go with these people.

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”Why, what makes you unwilling, you are a beautiful woman, you should not waste this opportunity, you should know that we come from a rich and well-known background” the man around started to boast.

”That’s because you guys can’t interest me” Qi Yunzhi said to the naughty man in front of her.

”-_-” Qi Yunzhi’s words were extremely painful, Qi Yunzhi spat out direct rejection words, this would definitely make anyone feel embarrassed.

”Looks like she’s in trouble” Xia Qingyu said to Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu saw that Qi Yunzhi was in trouble.

”Let’s see what Yunzhi will do.” Ye Chen wanted to see what Qi Yunzhi would do.

”You, we don’t know who we are talking to, I am the young master of the great Ran family” the young man said to Qi Yunzhi.

”I didn’t know that, do you think you have great power?” Qi Yunzhi said to these people.

Qi Yunzhi looked so innocent, she looked so innocent like she didn’t know anything.

”I am the young master from out Ran my name is Ran Giku, everyone in this city must know me” Ran Giku said to Qi Yunzhi.

”Qingyu, do you know where this person came from?” Ye Chen did not remember this person, to be honest the Ran family was never known to Ye Chen.

”It seems that there have been some changes, I don’t know either” Xia Qingyu said to Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu estimated that there was a slight change in the strength of this city, considering that 1 year had passed.

”I don’t know” Qi Yunzhi said that she didn’t know, to be honest Qi Yunzhi didn’t know who she was talking to.

”-_-” Ran Giku looked dark, he was really devastated by what Qi Yunzhi said, what Qi Yunzhi said made Qi Yunzhi’s face crumble.

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”It’s useless to tell you” Ran Giku felt that talking to Qi Yunzhi was a waste of time.

Instead of spending time talking to Qi Yunzhi, Ran Giku could kidnap and take this woman by force.

”Alright, just come with me” Ran Giku invited Qi Yunzhi, he told Qi Yunzhi to come with him.

”I told you I didn’t want to came with you, didn’t you hear it?” Qi Yunzhi said to the person in front of her.

Qi Yunzhi didn’t want to come, she didn’t like going with someone she didn’t even know.

”You, how dare you reject me, you don’t know what trouble you’re getting into” Ran Giku said to Qi Yunzhi.

Ran Giku’s patience had a limit, Qi Yunzhi kept refusing his kindness, how could Ran Giku not be angry with this matter.

”You also don’t know what kind of trouble you’ll get into.” Qi Yunzhi said to Ran Giku.

”What can you do to me, you can’t do anything to me” Ran Giku said to Qi Yunzhi.

Ran Giku strongly believed in his abilities and strength, so it was not surprising that he was not afraid of the threat posed by Qi Yunzhi.

”Young master, look at this person trying to bully me” Qi Yunzhi said to Ye Chen, Qi Yunzhi ran towards Ye Chen, she hugged Ye Chen’s arm and told Ye Chen about the bullying by Ran Giku.

”Why do you have to run like that, can’t you solve this problem yourself” Ye Chen said to Qi Yunzhi.

Qi Yunzhi was already strong enough to defend herself, cultivators on this earth could not necessarily injure Qi Yunzhi.

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”he’s so weak, I’m afraid to kill him” Qi Yunzhi said to Ye Chen.

Qi Yunzhi did not know this person’s cultivation level, this person was extremely weak and would probably be crushed if Qi Yunzhi used her strength.

”she’s absolutely right, maybe her strength can kill this person.” Xia Qingyu quite agreed, Qi Yunzhi made a pretty reasonable excuse.

”Okay, then I will take care of it” Ye Chen said to Qi Yunzhi.

Ye Chen decided to take care of this matter, it should be very easy to solve this matter.

”You better not disturb my maid” Ye Chen said to Ran Giku, Ye Chen told Ran Giku not to disturb his maid

”So that woman is your maid, hmm, your taste is good too” Ran Giku had to admit that Ye Chen had a good taste, he had very good taste and was good.

”Of course, compared to you, you are nothing” Ye Chen replied.

”What did you say ?” Ran Giku immediately got angry when he heard Ye Chen’s words, he was really very angry with Ye Chen’s rude words.

”Do I need to do it again?” Ye Chen said to Ran Giku.

”Bastard, you are so arrogant, it’s not strange that your servant is like that, even the master is like that” Ran Giku said to Ye Chen.

”Hahaha, it’s so funny, you have to look in the mirror, weren’t you the one who teased other people and used coercion first, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Ye Chen said to Ran Giku.

”grrr” Ran Giku gritted his teeth, he was furious with Ye Chen’s words.

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”You really don’t know who you are dealing with” Ran Giku said to Ye Chen.

Ran Giku started to expend his own strength, he showed quite a lot of power in front of Ye Chen.

Ran Giku’s strength was at the Sky Realm, on earth the Sky Realm stage was quite a high stage for someone under 25 years of age.

Ye Chen just smiled, he saw Ran Giku who was doing something very stupid.

”I will make you regret for having dared to challenge young master Ran” Ran Giku stepped forward, she advanced towards Ye Chen and started to take a kick.

”Turtle Round Kick” Ran Giku spun like a turtle, around

Ran Giku began to create a fairly strong wind.

”His attack is too open.” Ye Chen saw that Ran Giku’s attack was too open.

”You two retreat.” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu and Qi Yunzhi to retreat.

”The attack is weak, there is no need to retreat” Xia Qingyu said to Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu was confident in the face of the attacks that were coming towards her.

”My fiancée, don’t be like that, step back for a while” Ye Chen said to Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu to back off, he would finish this quickly.

” dead .
” Ran Giku’s attack was getting closer and closer, in a few milliseconds it would hit Ye Chen.

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Just as Ran Giku’s attack was about to hit Ye Chen’s body, Ye Chen stretched out his left hand towards the front.

With Ye Chen’s hand in front, Ran Giku’s attack automatically stopped.

.” Ran Giku’s strike hit Ye Chen’s hand, the crashing sound was so strong that it made quite a loud sound.

”arghh” Ran Giku shouted, he held his leg which he just used to kick Ye Chen’s hand.

Ran Giku’s leg was clearly broken from attacking Ye Chen.

Ran Giku’s loud shout caught the attention of the people in the distance, they immediately saw what was happening.

People saw Ran Giku lying on the ground holding his leg, everyone could tell that Ran Giku’s leg had been broken.

”What are you doing” people said to Ye Chen, they asked about what Ye Chen just did.

”I didn’t do anything” Ye Chen said that he didn’t do anything.

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