e able to leave easily” said the policeman to Ye Chen.

Since Ye Chen has no guarantee, then Ye Chen won’t be able to leave easily.

”Why don’t you call your leader to this place” Ye Chen said to the police in in front of him.

”leader is out and she can’t accept someone like you” the policeman said to Ye Chen.

police leader was out, so the police leader couldn’t meet Ye Chen.

”Where is the person who has dared to beat and break my son’s leg” a middle aged man came in, he roared very loudly, this person was like an angry lion.

”he is here” The police informed the man who just came, he informed that Ye Chen was in this place.

”You…” This man immediately lifted Ye Chen’s collar, he lifted Ye Chen’s collar with one hand and tried to lift Ye Chen.

When this man wanted to lift Ye Chen, he found that Ye Chen’s body was very heavy, this made him unable to lift Ye Chen into the air.,

”how dare you break my son’s leg” Because he couldn’t lift Ye Chen, this man decided to shout at Ye Chen

”Old man what are you saying, I didn’t do that, quickly let me go” Ye Chen said to the old man in front of him.

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”Son, you are so brave, don’t you know who you are dealing with right now.” The middle-aged man gave off a terrifying aura, he gave off an extremely terrifying aura around himself.

This aura was definitely a killing aura, the middle-aged man used a very strong killing aura on Ye Chen.

The policeman in front of Ye Chen was frightened, he retreated slowly to avoid the trouble that Ye was facing Chen.

”I really don’t know who you are, why don’t you introduce yourself” Ye Chen replied.

Ye Chen didn’t know who the man in front of him was, he didn’t have any information about this man.

”I am the head of the Ran family, my name is Ran Ging, I am the owner of a big business in this city” this man told Ye Chen his name.

.” Ye Chen opened his mouth and said oh well, this person’s position is just ordinary, he is just a merchant who is arrogant because of his wealth.

”What’s with that reaction of yours, aren’t you scared?” Ran Ging said as he pulled Ye Chen by the collar.

” why should i be afraid?” Ye Chen asked Ran Ging, Ye Chen didn’t have a reason to be afraid, there wasn’t anything that made Ye Chen fear Ran Ging.

”You” Ran Ging was very angry, he was angry when he saw Ye Chen’s behavior that was very disrespectful towards him.

”I will teach you a lesson” Ran Ging said to Ye Chen.

Ran Ging tried to teach Ye Chen a lesson, he raised his hand and wanted to hit Ye Chen.

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”Feel this” Ran Ging intended to hit Ye Chen, he used his hand to hit Ye Chen.

”Stop right there” just as Ran Ging was about to hit Ye Chen, he was stopped by someone.

” Who ?” Ran Ging asked the person who had just arrived.

A woman with quite a dignified appearance came to this place, she was wearing a dragon outfit under her police uniform.

”Long Shumin” Ye Chen saw this person in front of him, it was clear that this was Long Shumin who was the leader of the dragon army.

”Leader Long, are you here?” the police immediately greeted Long Shumin, he welcomed the arrival of Long Shumin who came back from a trip outside.

Long Shumin looked at Ye Chen, she felt familiar with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used a disguised appearance, she used a disguise to escape from the girl.

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