Chapter 1788 Goddess Shen Niang wants to kill Ye Chen

  ”What really happened ?” Shen Faye looked confused as to why there was such a terrifying power of darkness.

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The terrifying power of darkness had frightened Shen Faye, Shen Faye could feel that the darkness that had just emerged had a terrifying hatred and killing intent.

”We have to do something, it seems he is in serious trouble” Shui Yixian said to Shen Faye.

”What can we do, he is there, going there is impossible for us to do” Shen Faye said to Shui Yixian.

Currently going to Ye Chen’s place was an impossible thing to do, they couldn’t do anything about this matter.

Shui Yixian really couldn’t do anything, what Shan Faye said became the truth, they couldn’t go to Ye Chen’s place.

Ye Chen started walking forward towards Shen Niang, Ye Chen extended his hand towards Shen Niang’s crystal.

”What do you think he’s doing?” Shen Faye tried to guess what Ye Chen was up to.

”I don’t know about this matter, it’s definitely not a good thing.” Shui Yixian felt that this would be a bad thing.

Ye Chen touched the crystal that sealed Shen Niang’s body, he used dimension power to destroy the crystal.

Dimension power is a very strong force, all objects will be destroyed easily under the power of dimension power.

”cracked .
.” The crystal started to crack, a dark force started to leak out.

”this ?” Shui Yixian and Shen Faye felt goosebumps, both of them had goosebumps as they felt the power of darkness leaking from within the crystal.

”What is it, it’s so terrifying” Shen Faye was afraid, he was afraid of the darkness that came out of the crystal.

”It’s terrible” even someone like Shui Yixian felt goosebumps when he felt this terrifying darkness, to be honest, this darkness was terrifying.

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The darkness was expanding, it was getting stronger and spreading all around, Shui Yixian and Shen Faye felt weak from the terrifying pressure that was around them.

”This is dangerous” Shui Yixian started to fall, she didn’t have the strength to stand up, the strong pressure had made her body feel so scared and unable to stand up.

Shen Faye is still much better, she can still stand, it’s just that she can’t move.

”Master, wake up” Chu Yuechan tried to resuscitate Ye Chen, she tried to resuscitate Ye Chen using all kinds of means.

” Where am I ?” Ye Chen saw the darkness around him, he was covered in the darkness all around and couldn’t see anything.

Ye Chen started to remember where he was now, after knowing where Ye Chen was now, Ye Chen understood where he was.

”I’m too careless, I have to fight back” Ye Chen was too careless, how could he be controlled by this darkness.

”Scram” Ye Chen used all the strength he had, he removed all the darkness that was around him.

With Ye Chen’s immense strength, Ye Chen got rid of the darkness that controlled him.

Ye Chen’s consciousness returned, Ye Chen came back to his senses and knew what he was doing.

Ye Chen hastily pulled his hand back, he kept his distance from Shen Niang.

”You finally came to your senses” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Fortunately I was able to fight it, it was quite dangerous” Ye Chen was grateful that he was able to resist, otherwise he would be completely controlled.

”Yuechan, what do you think is going on?” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, he asked what happened to Shen Niang.

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”I don’t know, but it seems that something happened to the goddess Shen Niang, she was filled with an extremely terrifying evil power, it was so terrifying that it gave me goosebumps” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Even Chu Yuechan felt goosebumps when she felt the power of darkness leaking from within the crystal.

” Cracked .
“The crystals are getting crushed, the cracks are getting worse and soon the crystals will break.

”I have to do something” Ye Chen had to do something, he couldn’t let the crystal in front of him be broken.

Ye Chen stepped forward and tried to make a seal to prevent the crystal from sealing Shen Niang’s body from being broken.

”break” when Ye Chen had just finished making the seal, suddenly the crystal shattered, a terrifying power of darkness came out and knocked Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen used the Heavenly Armor, he still had time to use the Heavenly Armor.

”Fortunately” Ye Chen was grateful that he was still alive, it was very dangerous.

After the crystal broke into several small pieces, the goddess Shen Niang was freed, and around her appeared a terrifying darkness.

”That darkness actually came from the goddess Shen Niang” Ye Chen finally realized that the terrifying darkness came from the goddess Shen Niang.

”Why does she have the power of darkness like this, it scares me” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan was really scared, this power of darkness was terrifying.

Shen Faye and Shui Yixian had even fainted, they had both passed out and were lying on the floor.

The power of darkness suppression had made both of them faint and unconscious, Shen Faye and Shui Yixian had been frightened to the point of fainting on the spot.

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”So I’m left alone” Ye Chen saw that right now he was living alone, Shen Faye and Shui Yixian would no longer be able to help him.

Ye Chen had to face this matter alone, he was only left alone with no one to help him.

Goddess Shen Niang opened her eyes, Goddess Shen Niang’s eyes were red and a little scary.

The red eye color and the dark aura around her made Shen Niang look terrifying.

Ye Chen was very wary, he was very wary of Shen Niang.

Ye Chen still didn’t know what was going on, so it wouldn’t hurt for Ye Chen to be more wary of the goddess Shen Niang.

Goddess Shen Niang looked at Ye Chen, she looked at Ye Chen blankly.

”that .
., you .
.?” Ye Chen intended to ask Goddess Shen Niang.

.” Ye Chen suddenly choked, the goddess Shen Niang was already in front of Ye Chen and immediately strangled Ye Chen’s neck.

”Too fast, is this true god power ?” Ye Chen couldn’t see Shen Niang’s movements, Shen Niang was very fast.

” who are you?” Shen Niang asked Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen about his origin.

Shen Niang felt quite familiar with Ye Chen, she felt very familiar with the strength in Ye Chen’s body.

Ye Chen felt so much like someone, Shen Niang couldn’t remember who it was.

”I am Ye Chen” Ye Chen told Shen Niang his name.

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”Can you let me go” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen asked Shen Niang to release himself.

”Who are you, how dare you order me?” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen, Shen Niang was not happy with the orders given by Ye Chen.

”I’m not ordering you, I’m asking you to let me go” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Ye Chen tried to stay calm in his current state, Ye Chen’s condition was indeed bad, he was now in Shen Niang’s hands.

”I will not grant your request, you should just disappear from this world” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

Shen Niang really looked very vicious, he really wanted to eliminate Ye Chen.

”What’s with this woman?, this is even the first battle, why is she like this?” Ye Chen was helpless, why would the goddess of life and mercy be like this.

A terrifying killing intent emanated from Shen Niang’s body, this killing intent was truly terrifying.

”That’s terrible, she’s not joking.” Chu Yuechan panicked, she panicked when she saw Shen Niang wanted to kill Ye Chen.

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