Chapter 1793 Ye Chen tried to get goddess Shen Niang (1)

  Ye Chen was very brave, he made a goddess like Shen Niang be like this, to be honest what Ye Chen did could not be imagined by Chu Ning’er.

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”That is indeed my master.” Chu Yuechan acknowledged Ye Chen, what Ye Chen did was a great thing.

”I hope he will survive after doing this.” Chu Ning’er prayed that Ye Chen would be safe.

Don’t let Ye Chen crumble after doing something like this to Shen Niang.

Shen Niang will definitely be furious, Chu Ning’er can vouch for this.

”Let’s see if he can solve this problem.” Chu Yuechan wanted to see if Ye Chen could solve this problem.

Both of them saw what Ye Chen was doing, both of them looked closely at what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen was starting to have a bit of trouble, he was having trouble with Shen Niang’s voice, Shen Niang’s voice was too tempting for Ye Chen.

”I have to endure, I can’t lose” Ye Chen had to endure, he couldn’t lose to Shen Niang.

Ye Chen tried to calm his heart, he did his best to stay calm in this kind of situation.

Even though Ye Chen tried his best to calm down, in fact he still couldn’t do that, Ye Chen was still affected by Shen Niang’s overpowering charm.

Shen Niang had a charm that was hard to resist, even though he looked like this, she could still make one feel excited.

”Looks like master is in trouble.” Chu Yuechan saw that Ye Chen was in trouble, Shen Niang’s charm was too strong.

”He definitely can.” Chu Ning’er was sure that if Ye Chen could do it, Ye Chen would definitely be able to get through all of this.

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Shen Niang was really starting to get cornered, he was starting to lose control, what Ye Chen was doing was too comfortable, there was no way Shen Niang would be able to survive this problem.

Shen Niang who had already reached the highest stage was unable to withstand Ye Chen’s technique.

Shen Niang should have been able to let go of everything in this world, but somehow she was still influenced by Ye Chen’s lust.

Ye Chen’s ability made Shen Niang feel unbearable, this was too delicious for a goddess like Shen Niang.

Shen Niang herself had never felt anything like this, this was probably the first time she had felt something like this.

”My mind is going blank” Shen Niang started to feel unable to think, his mind was completely blank and it was hard to think.

Ye Chen kept trying to corner Shen Niang, he did his best to corner Shen Niang.

”heheh” Ye Chen was overjoyed, he was overjoyed when he saw that Shen Niang had started to fall into his palm.

”You won’t be able to run anymore” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang, Ye Chen said that Shen Niang wouldn’t be able to run anymore.

”Damn it, just watch over you, I definitely won’t let you go” Shen Niang said that she wouldn’t let Ye Chen go.

”Hahaha” Ye Chen laughed when he heard Shen Niang’s words, Shen Niang can still be arrogant when the situation is like this.

”I think I should let you know your current position” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

”Are you capable of doing that?” Shen Niang said to Ye Chen.

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Shen Niang tried to lure Ye Chen, if Ye Chen tried to destroy her clothes, then it is certain that the mechanism of Shen Niang’s clothes would activate, Ye Chen would be instantly thrown away.

”Are you trying to challenge me?” Ye Chen tore Shen Niang’s clothes, he used dimensional power to tear them.

Honestly it’s quite difficult to tear Shen Niang’s clothes, Shen Niang’s clothes are like an armor which is very hard to break.

If it didn’t have dimensional power, Ye Chen probably wouldn’t be able to destroy it.

”Impossible” Shen Niang was very surprised by what Ye Chen did, what Ye Chen did made her very surprised.

”Let go of me” Shen Niang started to panic, she rebelled again and tried to free herself from Ye Chen.

”You are so cute, before you were so arrogant, now you look so scared, I will definitely make you regret it” Ye Chen said to Shen Niang.

Ye Chen was very happy when he saw Shen Niang’s expression, Shen Niang’s expression was very funny.

The gods of the past would definitely not believe it when they saw this, Shen Niang was actually made into this by Ye Chen, to be honest this was an absolutely impossible thing to do.

Ye Chen tore Shen Niang’s clothes, he destroyed all the clothes with ease.

Now Shen Niang was completely naked in front of Ye Chen.

”Wow, this is so beautiful” Ye Chen was stunned and amazed by the scene in front of him, the scenery in front of him was very beautiful.

”This is too beautiful, how in the world can there be something like this” Ye Chen was speechless, Shen Niang’s body was extremely beautiful, she possessed something extraordinary and perfect.

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Shen Niang had it all, she had a slender body, huge double peaks, beautiful buttocks, flat stomach and extremely soft skin, all of these were perfection that even Ye Chen could not understand.

”Damn, how does she have such a perfect body” even Chu Yuechan and Chu Ning’er who had extraordinary beauty had to acknowledge Shen Niang.

”The first level of beauty in the past was indeed extraordinary, I didn’t expect that she would become like that” Chu Yuechan had to admit it.

He had to admit that Shen Niang was a stunning beauty and was impossible to resist.

”Master is very lucky, if he can get it, then.” Chu Yuechan thought a little about what would happen if Ye Chen could get the first goddess in God Realm.

Shen Niang started to feel that her body had become windy, all of her clothes had been destroyed by Ye Chen.

”He doesn’t mess with what he does” Shen Niang didn’t expect things to come this far, to be honest Shen Niang didn’t expect all of this to happen.

Shen Niang might lose, there was currently nothing he could do, she could only endure the humiliation that was inflicted on her by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen extended his hand towards Shen Niang’s body, he touched the double peaks and sensitive parts of Shen Niang’s body.

.” Shen Niang’s voice immediately came out, Ye Chen’s touch this time was much more extraordinary than before.

” What’s this?” Shen Niang didn’t understand this feeling, she was very confused and couldn’t think anymore of what was going on.

This feeling made her body feel strange and her mind wandering, this was not like her.

Shen Niang was a very formidable woman, she was able to withstand Ye Chen’s super powerful techniques.

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So far, no one had been able to endure this long against Ye Chen.

”Wow this is really really good, touching it directly feels much more pleasant” Ye Chen was happy, touching it directly was much more fun than anything, to be honest it was a really great feeling.

Ye Chen was addicted to this feeling, he wanted more and more, Ye Chen wanted to feel more from Shen Niang.

”This is really very serious” Shen Niang really couldn’t fight back, she couldn’t hold on anymore.

Shen Niang’s consciousness was already at the threshold, Ye Chen’s touch this time made her unable to hold on anymore.

Shen Niang started to enjoy this, there was no more resistance from Shen Niang.

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