Chapter 1809 Quest Party

  Seeing the oddities that kept happening, Sun Xuanyin guessed that this must be the Mask Hero’s doing, but where he was now, Sun Xuanyin didn’t see his whereabouts.

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Sun Xuanyin couldn’t find any sign of the Mask Hero, she couldn’t find any sign of the Mask Hero.

”Is this him or not?” Sun Xuanyin began to doubt, herself began to doubt who was behind it all.

Sun Xuanyin did not find a clue, rather there was no clue around this place.

”I can’t do anything.” Sun Xuanyin bit her finger, for the first time she was confused about what to do.

”Heheheh” Ye Chen chuckled from afar, to be honest it was quite funny to see Sun Xuanyin bewildered like this.

”I’m really satisfied, this woman finally got what she deserved.” Ye Chen was overjoyed, he was quite happy when he saw Sun Xuanyin get into such trouble.

”You really are quite naughty and evil” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, what Ye Chen did was quite evil.

”Why, I did it for my own good” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen did this for his own good.

”I know, but in reality you have confused the goddess” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”You mean that bitch, do I care, she is such a troublesome opponent, I can’t put down my guard if it’s her” Ye Chen couldn’t put down his guard, if he were to put down his guard, then it is certain that Ye Chen would get into trouble.

Sun Xuanyin was an extremely dangerous woman, Ye Chen couldn’t lower his guard when he faced someone like Sun Xuanyin.

If Ye Chen were to let his guard down, he would lose, so it was better to anticipate everything before it was too late.

Sun Xuanyin didn’t make any progress, she didn’t make any progress because she was stopped by Ye Chen.

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Honestly, Sun Xuanyin was very upset about what had happened, the problem was that she couldn’t do anything about it.

”I’ll just go back.” Sun Xuanyin decided to go back, she decided to go back right now.

”hehehe she has given up, that’s great.” Ye Chen was very happy, he was happy that Sun Xuanyin had given up.

”Okay, time to go back” Ye Chen decided to go back, he decided to go back and prepare for the Quest.

Ye Chen started to prepare himself, in a few hours he would go on a mission.

Ye Chen’s time was wasted quite a bit.
When Ye Chen bothered Sun Xuanyin, it made Ye Chen unable to use his time just to rest for a while.

”What a hassle” Ye Chen had prepared everything, now was the time to go.

Mu Xueying had already provided the coordinates for Ye Chen, Ye Chen was going to meet up with colleagues party on a mission.

The coordinates given by Mu Xueying were in front of the Sect’s entrance, there they would gather.

”Hello, are you from Jade Lotus Peak and going on a mission together?” There were a total of six people already gathered at the Sect’s entrance, they were all waiting for the other members.

Here is a total of the first five peaks of Cloud Sky Peak, Flying Sword Peak, Dewdrop Peak, Blooming Life Peak and Double Pair Peak.

Each sends one representative, only Double Pair Peak sends two.

”I’m from Jade Lotus Peak” Ye Chen told that he was from Jade Lotus Peak.

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”Very good, we have been waiting for you, now we are just waiting for the representatives from Black Rose Peak” almost everyone has gathered, now they are just waiting for the representatives from Black Rose Peak.

This was an S tier Quest, so only the best disciples from each peak could take this Quest.

Everyone in this place was a list of the best disciples in their respective peaks.

”So I’m not the last.” Ye Chen was relieved that he wasn’t the last.

”Of course, we just have to wait for people from Black Rose Peak before we leave.” They only needed to wait for people from Black Rose Peak before they left.

Like Jade Lotus Peak, Black Rose Peak was dominated by women, so they should just wait for the women who hadn’t arrived yet.

The people in the party looked at Ye Chen, they looked at Ye Chen with curious gazes.

To be honest, Ye Chen was the only male disciple in Jade Lotus Peak, of course Ye Chen’s existence would be very conspicuous.

Ye Chen was one of the strongest people in this Sect, only a few people know Ye Chen’s strength.

They know that Ye Chen have enough power, so this is a good help for everyone.

Ye Chen was forced to wait together with the rest of the Party, they were waiting for the arrival of the Black Rose Peak.

Ye Chen got acquainted with his party members, here are a few people who are willing to get acquainted with Ye Chen.

Here were Min Caun, Yu Diren, Tu Wenta, Bai Sangsa, Gu Finzu, Hun Xufi

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”she took so long” after waiting for almost 1 hour, there was no sign of arrival from Black Rose Peak.

”whether they forget or not come along” Everyone was getting tired of waiting, they were all tired of waiting for quite a long time.

”It’s possible that they didn’t come.” Ye Chen said that it was possible that the representatives from Black Rose Peak would not participate in this mission.

”If that’s the case, we will immediately inform the Sect.” Min Caun said that they should tell the Sect this matter.

”Looks like it’s not necessary, it’s just a waste of the time we have, we’d better go straight away” Ye Chen said to everyone, there’s no point for them to report this matter, they can just leave.

”Yes, that’s right, it will take a long time if we have to report to the Sect, we should go right away and complete the mission” Everyone agreed with Ye Chen, they all agreed with what Ye Chen said.

”if you say so” since everyone agreed to go, then Min Caun had no choice but to go with the majority vote.

”Are you guys waiting for us?” After a while finally the representative from Black Rose Peak came as well.

Black Rose Peak sent out two people, one was named Xun Bingje, and the other was a woman Ye Chen was already familiar with.

”Why should she come?” Ye Chen shook his head, in a situation like this why did this woman have to come.

Honestly, Ye Chen’s mood immediately dropped when he saw who had come together with the representatives from Black Rose Peak.

Honestly Ye Chen was the laziest to meet this woman again.

The woman beside Xun Bingje was Sun Xuanyin, she came and went along with Xun Bingje.

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”Why are there two, isn’t there only one?” Min Caun asked Xun Bingje, should Black Rose Peak send one person to complete the task.

”This is an order from Lord Peak, so I brought it with me.” Xun Bingje informed that this was a request from Mo Chiyi.

”Hello everyone, please take care of me.” Sun Xuanyin said to everyone, showing a gentle and full of smiles to everyone.

”We will take good care of you, you stay close to us” all the men said to Sun Xuanyin, they would protect Sun Xuanyin well.

Hun Xufi glared at her partner, she was annoyed when she saw her partner looking at Sun Xuanyin with such lustful gaze.

Hun Xufi was Gu Finzu, they were a couple within this Sect, so it wasn’t strange that Hun Xufi was angry when she saw her partner seeing another woman who was much prettier.

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