Chapter 1815 Stuck in the bath with Sun Xuanyin (2)

  ”Big brother Ye Chen, why are you so afraid of that beautiful big sister, isn’t she quite good at it” Chu Ning’er appeared next to Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen about the reason why Ye Chen was afraid of Sun Xuanyin.

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”I’m not afraid of her, it’s just that she can cause a lot of trouble, for now I just want to avoid her” Ye Chen said to Chu Ning’er.

Honestly, Ye Chen had never been afraid of Sun Xuanyin, it was just that a woman like Sun Xuanyin could give Ye Chen additional trouble.

When Sun Xuanyin found out Ye Chen’s identity, this woman would definitely spread it all over the God Realm, after which Ye Chen would not have a quiet life.

Ye Chen already knew enough about Sun Xuanyin, this woman would definitely use what she could use against Ye Chen.

”So that’s big brother’s reason” Chu Ning’er nodded, she already understood the reason Ye Chen tried to avoid Sun Xuanyin

”My body is dirty, I’m going to take a shower” Ye Chen decided to go and come downstairs, it seems he needs a little cleaning.

Ye Chen came down from the top floor, and went straight to the public bath downstairs.

Chu Ning’er returned to the fairy gate, she had to stay close to Ye Chen and keep an eye on Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan is currently busy with Fu Lanling, so Chu Ning’er is currently in charge of keeping an eye on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took off his clothes and put on a towel, after which Ye Chen went straight into the water.

”this feels very comfortable.” Ye Chen felt very comfortable, the bath in this place felt very fresh.

The water here is very fresh, it’s perfect for relaxing after training or doing a job.

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Ye Chen was not surprised that this place had a bath like this, considering that this place was very expensive, it should not disappoint.

Ye Chen was enjoying his time, this place was so quiet that it made Ye Chen feel calm and peaceful.

”I didn’t expect that you would go to this place” Just as Ye Chen was feeling inner peace, he heard a female voice from behind.

Ye Chen of course immediately turned around and saw who the woman behind him.

The woman behind Ye Chen was Sun Xuanyin, she was behind Ye Chen and was looking directly at Ye Chen.

”Why are you in this place, isn’t this exclusively for men?” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

”Let it go, we’re the only ones here.” Sun Xuanyin didn’t care, she didn’t care about a small matter like this.

”-_-” Ye Chen was helpless, this woman had no shame towards herself.

Sun Xuanyin was now wrapped in a towel, so now she only used the towel to cover herself from Ye Chen.

”So why are you here?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin.

”Of course I want to take a shower.” Sun Xuanyin drew closer to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin entered the water together with Ye Chen.

”this is very fresh.” Sun Xuanyin felt that the water in this place was very fresh, she loved this feeling.

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Ye Chen kept his distance from Sun Xuanyin slightly, he made sure to have a safe distance with Sun Xuanyin.

Sun Xuanyin realized what Ye Chen was doing, she realized that Ye Chen was trying to stay away from her.

”Why do you keep staying away from me, I won’t eat you” said Sun Xuanyin jokingly with Ye Chen.

”I was afraid that would happen” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin, Ye Chen didn’t believe Sun Xuanyin’s words, this woman was clearly trying to take advantage of Ye Chen.

”Fufufufu” Sun Xuanyin laughed, she drew closer to Ye Chen, Sun Xuanyin came closer to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen moved away slightly, himself slightly away from Sun Xuanyin.

The more Ye Chen tried to stay away, the more Sun Xuanyin tried to get close to Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen and Sun Xuanyin were doing was so cute, they both looked like two rabbits one chasing and one running away.

Sun Xuanyin didn’t want to give up, she kept trying to get close to Ye Chen using her skills.

Sun Xuanyin used her strongest Charm power, she used her highest ability to lure Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s defense was strong enough, Sun Xuanyin wouldn’t be able to break through Ye Chen’s defense.

After quite a long struggle, Sun Xuanyin finally gave up, she being the first to give up.

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Ye Chen was completely unapproachable, this man was unapproachable by her.

”You are so unreasonable, if you are afraid of women then why did you join Jade Lotus Peak, isn’t that a place filled with women?” Sun Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, it is indeed a place filled with women, why are the women there so kind, they are definitely different from you?” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

”Unlike me ?, what really makes them look good?” Sun Xuanyin started to raise her eyebrows, Sun Xuanyin started to dislike it when someone compared her to other women.

”They are good women and also very beautiful, Peak Lord and Senior Sister over there are the best, you can’t compare to them” Ye Chen said to Sun Xuanyin.

This was a good time, it was time for Ye Chen to irritate Sun Xuanyin, that way Sun Xuanyin would not come near him again.

Sun Xuanyin’s face began to darken, it was obvious that she was annoyed by the words Ye Chen had just said.

this was the first time Sun Xuanyin had heard of this kind of thing, she was actually compared to a woman who came from a mid-ranked star, it was clearly a ridiculous thing for Sun Xuanyin.

”This man is annoying, if only I could reveal my true identity” To be honest Sun Xuanyin was very annoyed, she was annoyed with Ye Chen’s treatment.

Sun Xuanyin had never been treated like this, most men would try to flatter her or perhaps lower their heads when they saw her.

The most dangerous of Sun Xuanyin was her Charm, Sun Xuanyin’s Charm was the most powerful weapon he possessed.

Sun Xuanyin had already used this weapon to confuse countless people and make them submit to her orders, this was the second time she had failed to attract anyone other than the Mask Hero.

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”We can finally relax” while Sun Xuanyin was teasing Ye Chen, Xun Bingje and a few maids entered.

”Why did they come in?” Ye Chen don’t believe when he saw this how the womanss got in.

”Oh, I forgot, I just exchanged signs at the entrance.” Sun Xuanyin had already exchanged signs at the entrance, she wanted to tease Ye Chen alone and didn’t want anyone else to enter.

And these women thought that this bath was the female side, so they entered without much thought.

”You, do you know what you have done?” Ye Chen did not expect that Sun Xuanyin would go this far.

”Everything is already done, so there is nothing we can do, hide quickly.” Sun Xuanyin told Ye Chen to hide.

Ye Chen hid himself, looking for a place that no one would see.

Luckily this place was big and there were some rocks that could be used to hide, so it should be safe for Ye Chen.

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