Chapter 1817 Managed to escape from Sun Xuanyin’s entanglement

  ”Do you have a problem with that?” Ye Chen asked Sun Xuanyin.

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Ye Chen was purposely hiding his possessions, he didn’t want Sun Xuanyin to find out that he had such a good treasure.

Ye Chen had the ability to make the little brother below small, so his size wasn’t as big as usual.

”Hmmm, it’s not strange if you try to avoid girls, I think I already know the root of the problem.” Sun Xuanyin already knew the root of the problem, she already knew why Ye Chen was trying to avoid a woman.

”-_-” this woman’s words were so annoying and so hurtful, Sun Xuanyin tried to destroy Ye Chen’s pride as a man.

Luckily Ye Chen wasn’t angry when he heard Sun Xuanyin’s words, otherwise Ye Chen would have silenced this woman using his abilities.

”what’s small?” Xun Bingje apparently listened to what Sun Xuanyin had to say.

”Nothing, I was just guessing something” Sun Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin tried to stop laughing, unfortunately she couldn’t hide this from Xun Bingje.

” ? ? ? ” Xun Bingje felt strange towards Sun Xuanyin, what Sun Xuanyin did was very strange.

The more Xun Bingje was with Sun Xuanyin, the more she felt that this woman was strange.

Sun Xuanyin didn’t care what Xun Bingje thought, she was having fun with Ye Chen.

For some reason Sun Xuanyin was very happy when she played with Ye Chen, she thought Ye Chen was very funny to play with.

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Sun Xuanyin was getting more and more daring, she used her hands to stimulate Ye Chen.

”Damn, good technique” Ye Chen sensed that Sun Xuanyin was starting to put up a fight, she used her hands to tease Ye Chen’s.

Ye Chen had to be able to withstand Sun Xuanyin’s attack, defeat here could not be tolerated by Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin continued to chat with Xun Bingje, she did this to distract from Xun Bingje.

Sun Xuanyin’s hands never stopped, she continued to tease Ye Chen with her skillful fingers.

”Oh no, this is quite serious.” Ye Chen was starting to feel threatened, he was starting to not stand up to Sun Xuanyin’s attack.

Sun Xuanyin’s skills were indeed very excellent, she possessed excellent skills and could make a man feel good with just a small touch.

”I won’t stay silent, it’s better to fight than to lose at the hands of this woman.” Ye Chen didn’t want to lose without putting up a fight, he decided to fight Sun Xuanyin.

Ye Chen again used his finger to touching Sun Xuanyin’s sensitive spot, although it was still touching in a random motion, Ye Chen occasionally touched Sun Xuanyin’s sensitive spot.

”Ahhh! ! !” The moment Ye Chen touched the most sensitive part, Sun Xuanyin let out a sweet moan.

”What the hell, even if his movements are careless, he can find my sensitive spot.” Sun Xuanyin said in her heart.

Even though Ye Chen’s movements were very bad, in fact Ye Chen was occasionally able to find his sensitive spot, Sun Xuanyin at least couldn’t stand it when she saw her sensitive spot being touched by Ye Chen.

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”Yin, why don’t you come back, you look so red, you might be sick from the trip.” Xun Bingje said to Sun Xuanyin, she asked Sun Xuanyin to return to the room.

”I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.” Sun Xuanyin again told Xun Bingje to be quiet, she was fine even now Sun Xuanyin was enjoying Ye Chen’s touch.

”You’re trying to lie to me, let’s go back to the room.” Xun Bingje took Sun Xuanyin back, she dragged Sun Xuanyin away from Ye Chen.

Sun Xuanyin initially refused, but when she knew Ye Chen’s identity would be exposed if Xun Bingje looked back, Sun Xuanyin had no choice but to go with Xun Bingje.

Sun Xuanyin actually didn’t want to leave her place, she was just having fun while replying to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen made good use of this opportunity, he immediately went and dived into the dark part.

Ye Chen swam without leaving a ripple, this made him invisible to others.

”Fortunately I was able to get away from that woman.” Ye Chen was grateful that he was able to leave.

”This woman is quite brave, maybe I should find a chance to fight her” Ye Chen wanted to avenge what Sun Xuanyin had done, he would avenge what Sun Xuanyin had done to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hated it the most when he saw a domineering woman like Sun Xuanyin, he preferred to make a woman like Sun Xuanyin fall from her throne.

”I’ll just go back” Ye Chen decided to go back, he decided to just go back to his room.

Ye Chen continued to be in the room until the next day, he spent time doing some experiments with the items he got from the Space Ring inheritance.

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”wow last night was really fun” everyone looked so excited, they just filled up again after nightfall.

At night Ye Chen heard some strange noises, he heard a strange sound coming from several rooms in this place.

Even without using God Eyes Ye Chen could tell what these people were up to, they hired the services of the maids at the oasis inn to entertain themselves.

”Master please come again when you have time” all the maids ushered Min Caun’s party off, they just got extra paid and earned some trust from Min Caun’s party members.

”Let’s go quickly and complete this quest, don’t delay any more.” Ye Chen didn’t want to delay, he had already delayed too long to let Min Caun and the young masters around have fun.

”Why are you in such a hurry, don’t you use the additional services at the inn to relieve stress and fatigue” said Min Caun

”I’m not interested” Ye Chen was not interested, he chose his wife instead of using things like that.

”Listen we are men, so don’t hold back” Seeing Ye Chen trying to restrain himself, Min Caun advised Ye Chen.

”Listen, I have a beautiful woman at home, why should I bother with the brand” Ye Chen said to Min Caun.

”Huh, you.
., oh yeah that’s right, you have a beautiful fiancée, I almost forgot.” Min Caun remembered that Ye Chen had a beautiful fiancé like Xia Qingyu.

”He has a fiancé?” Sun Xuanyin immediately looked at Ye Chen with a strange look, she just found out about this matter.

If Min Caun hadn’t said this, then until now Sun Xuanyin wouldn’t have known that Ye Chen had a fiancé.

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”Interesting, I wonder who this man’s fiancée is.” Sun Xuanyin wanted to know who Ye Chen’s fiancée was.

Sun Xuanyin liked to snatch someone from a woman the most, so maybe she would do it to Ye Chen.

Even though Ye Chen wasn’t good, at least this man was pleasing to the eye, Sun Xuanyin could use Ye Chen as a toy.

Ye Chen Min Caun and the party members left the city, they focused on finding the whereabouts of the monster they were hunting.

This time the weather was very good, the weather was very hot and their visibility was very good.

”If the weather continues like this, then we can find our target” with very favorable weather, they can find the target they are looking for.

Ye Chen used God Eyes, he searched for the whereabouts of any suspicious monsters.

Under the ground there were several monsters hiding, they wanted to ambush someone who passed above them.

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