Chapter 1822 [Bonus chapter]Yu Lung managed to escape

  ”She can be sad too, I don’t think she has a heart.” Ye Chen thought that Yu Lung wouldn’t be sad, but she could still be sad when she saw Cerberus dying right in front of her.

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Ye Chen approached, himself approached and intended to catch Yu Lung, this is the time for Ye Chen to catch Yu Lung.

Yu Lung noticed the arrival of Ye Chen, she realized that Ye Chen was coming towards her.

”You, you will pay for what you have done” Yu Lung said to Ye Chen, she said that Ye Chen will pay for what happened.

”You better give up right now.” Ye Chen told Yu Lung to give up right now.

”Give up, are you joking with me, you don’t know who the woman you are fighting is” Yu Lung’s body began to heat up, a puff of smoke began to emerge from Yu Lung’s body.

.” the ground began to shake, there was a very large earthquake, this earthquake made the ground below begin to crack and create a large fissure.

” what is this woman trying to do” Ye Chen started cursing, he retreated and kept his distance from Yu Lung.

From underground, a huge Flame started to burst out and burst out at a terrifying speed.

This Flame spread very quickly, in a short time tens of thousands of miles away was enveloped in flames.

The area around this place was more like a spooky hell, flames churned and erupted from the ground as if they were coming out of the depths of a star’s core.

”I will destroy you and this place” Yu Lung will destroy Ye Chen and this star.

”Aren’t you quite exaggerating” Ye Chen said to Yu Lung, Ye Chen felt that what Yu Lung was doing was quite excessive.

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”You will feel what I feel” Yu Lung said that Ye Chen would feel what she is currently feeling.

”You crazy woman” Ye Chen said to Yu Lung, this woman is not normal.

”I am indeed a Crazy woman, and this Crazy woman will have buried  you  in this place” Yu Lung said to Ye Chen.

”Gigantic Magma Flame Blow” Yu Lung used all the power he had, as Yu Lung did that, outside this star began to gather enormous amounts of fire and magma.

Even from down here Ye Chen could see it very clearly.

The magma and flames began to gather and form an enormous fist, its size grew and made the temperature on the surface of the Sky Red Gravel Star rise rapidly.

”A mass destruction attack, she wants to wipe out everyone” Ye Chen saw that Yu Lung was trying to annihilate everyone, this woman wanted to destroy Ye Chen along with the Sky Red Gravel Star.

”I won’t let you do that” Ye Chen said that he wouldn’t let Yu Lung destroy this place.

Ye Chen tried to stop Yu Lung’s attack, he intended to freeze Yu Lung’s attack.

”Get out of this world” Yu Lung said to Ye Chen, she really wanted Ye Chen to disappear from this world.

Yu Lung started to move the Gigantic Magma Flame Blow downwards, her dropping a destructive object towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stretched his hand upwards, he was going to destroy the Gigantic Magma Flame Blow using Ice Age.

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”Ice Seal Cube” an Ice enveloped the Gigantic Magma Flame Blow and froze it instantly.

” what happened?” Ye Chen hadn’t done anything, he still hadn’t done anything about the Gigantic Magma Flame Blow.

”Damn, who’s interfering with our battle?” Yu Lung was angry when she saw that someone had dared to interfere with their battle.

”Flame demon Yu Lung, I finally found you” a woman came, this woman was wearing a pure white dress and descended from the sky very elegantly.

”Who else is this?” Ye Chen didn’t know who else had come, whether he was friend or enemy.

”You, aren’t you Lei Qiaolin?” Yu Lung immediately knew who this woman in front of him was.

”That’s right, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, it looks like your situation is getting worse,” said Lei Qiaolin.

The woman who had just arrived was Lei Qiaolin, she was a very elegant looking woman with a beautiful appearance.

”What business do you have to meddle in my problems?” Yu Lung said to Lei Qiaolin.

”I have a problem with what you are doing, I can’t let you destroy a place and annihilate a life so easily” Lei Qiaolin just happened to be passing by, he would not let this demonic woman destroy a star.

”What a hassle, you have interfered with my business, don’t blame me for doing this” Yu Lung attacked Lei Qiaolin, he attacked Lei Qiaolin with a fire palm attack.

”Ice Cube ultimate” several Ice Cubes appear, these Ice Cubes immediately shoot large amounts of Ice.

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”Boom” Yu Lung immediately retreated, she immediately changed her movement to defensive.

”I won’t let it go” Lei Qiaolin wouldn’t let Yu Lung, she made an Ice to catch Lei Qiaolin.

”Damn it, this woman is really troublesome, plus that man hasn’t reacted yet, if he doesn’t take action until then” Yu Lung was getting confused, in a situation like this she wouldn’t be able to fight Ye Chen and Lei Qiaolin.

The only way that Yu Lung can use is to escape and save herself.

”Young man, you are very lucky, I will look for you another time” Yu Lung said to Ye Chen, she will let Ye Chen loose for a while.

”Do you want to run away, I will not let you” Ye Chen will not let Yu Lung escape.

Letting this female monster escape would be the same as causing future trouble for everyone in the God Realm.

This crazy woman must not be allowed, Ye Chen can’t let this crazy woman run around and cause trouble.

”Stop ! ! !” Lei Qiaolin stopped Ye Chen, she stopped Ye Chen who was trying to chase after Yu Lung.

”Why did you stop me?” Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin, why did this woman stop him.

”Don’t chase her, she will go where you can’t go, if you chase after her you will get in trouble” Lei Qiaolin warned Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen not to chase Yu Lung.

Lei Qiaolin seemed to know where Yu Lung was going, this woman knew where Yu Lung was going.

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Yu Lung opened the portal, he entered the portal and disappeared very quickly.

Ye Chen’s chance was lost, he had no chance to catch up to Yu Lung.

”Did you know that you just got me into trouble” Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin, he was not happy with this woman suddenly and meddling in her troubles.

Lei Qiaolin raised her eyebrows, she seemed displeased when she heard what Ye Chen said.

”Is that how you thank someone?” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen should be thanking her for saving him.

”I don’t need your help to solve my problem” Ye Chen said that he didn’t need help from Lei Qiaolin, from the beginning Ye Chen could solve this problem.

Lei Qiaolin’s face was unsightly when she heard this, this beautiful woman was not happy with Ye Chen’s ungrateful treatment Lei Qiaolin saved her.

”You ungrateful man” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she was like a teacher scolding a student.

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