Chapter 1824 Challenge from Lei Qiaolin

  ”Okay that’s enough, let’s finish this.” Lei Qiaolin was a little fed up, She was going to force Ye Chen to tell hER who he was.

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”Let’s have a bet” Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen to make a bet.

”Bet?” Ye Chen responded to Lei Qiaolin’s words, Ye Chen wanted to know what this woman wanted.

”Let’s have a game, if one of us wins, then that person can ask the loser something” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, he told Ye Chen what she wanted.

”Oh, that’s interesting, then I’ll come along” After hearing what Lei Qiaolin said, Ye Chen became interested, Ye Chen was interested in what Lei Qiaolin said.

”Very good, he was provoked” Lei Qiaolin looked happy when she saw Ye Chen who had been provoked by her words, now it was time to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

”Very good, then let’s start right away” Since Ye Chen had agreed with what she said, Lei Qiaolin decided to start.

”Okay, this will be a very easy game” if you can catch me within 5 minutes, then you win” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin didn’t have much time, so she decided to find something easy to do.

”Hmmm, okay” Ye Chen nodded, he didn’t mind the game that Lei Qiaolin wanted.

”Didn’t you agree very quickly” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen agreed very quickly, this man doesn’t seem to think what Lei Qiaolin can do if he loses.

”What’s wrong, aren’t you the one who challenged me, don’t tell me you’re afraid” Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

”Who is afraid, I am not afraid of you” Lei Qiaolin is not afraid, she is not afraid of Ye Chen.

”Then let’s do it” Ye Chen said as he looked at Lei Qiaolin.

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Ye Chen thought about what he would do with Lei Qiaolin, he couldn’t wait to do something bad to Lei Qiaolin.

Ye Chen was a bad boy, so it wasn’t strange that Ye Chen planned something bad with Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin started to feel a bad feeling, she felt an uncomfortable feeling from Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin didn’t know who was in front of her, she had just challenged a small demon that was difficult to overcome.

”Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Lei Qiaolin tried to calm herself, everything will be fine.

”Okay, are you ready?” Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen.

”You can start at any time.” Ye Chen said that Lei Qiaolin could start at any time.

”Okay, then let’s start now.” Lei Qiaolin flew, herself flew and away from Ye Chen.

As Lei Qiaolin moved away, Ye Chen didn’t show any sign of moving away, Ye Chen was still standing where he was.

”What’s wrong with that person?” Lei Qiaolin saw that Ye Chen didn’t move, which was actually what Ye Chen was planning.

Lei Qiaolin did not approach Ye Chen, she kept as much distance as possible from Ye Chen.

”Looks like he’s not after me.” Lei Qiaolin saw that Ye Chen wasn’t after him.

”Wait a minute, don’t tell me he ran away” Lei Qiaolin felt something was wrong, why didn’t Ye Chen chase after Lei Qiaolin, did Ye Chen take this opportunity to run away.

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”Damn, how could I be tricked by this brat” Lei Qiaolin felt cheated, how could she be deceived by Ye Chen.

Lei Qiaolin felt herself to be an idiot, how could she be fooled by a young man like Ye Chen.

”Why are you grumbling like that, don’t you want to run away?” Ye Chen whispered behind Lei Qiaolin, he said near Lei Qiaolin’s ear.

”Ah! ! !” Lei Qiaolin immediately retreated, she immediately retreated and away from Ye Chen.

”Since when have you been there?” Lei Qiaolin was surprised when she saw Ye Chen was already behind her.

Lei Qiaolin was not aware of Ye Chen’s arrival or presence, Ye Chen suddenly appeared and surprised her.

”How can he appear like that?” Lei Qiaolin did not expect that Ye Chen would appear suddenly, his existence could not be detected by her Spirit Sense.

”You missed an opportunity earlier, you should have caught me when you had a chance” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen.

”I still have many chances to catch you” Ye Chen still has many chances to catch Lei Qiaolin.

”Next I will make sure that you won’t be able to catch me” Lei Qiaolin will make sure that Ye Chen won’t be able to catch him.

”Let’s see if you can escape from me, you won’t be able to escape from me” Ye Chen said that Lei Qiaolin would not be able to escape from him.

”You expect too much” Lei Qiaolin said to Ye Chen, she immediately left and shot away from Ye Chen.

Unlike before, Lei Qiaolin became very serious, she used her full speed to escape.

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”This way he shouldn’t be able to catch up with me” with this speed, Ye Chen shouldn’t be able to catch up with Lei Qiaolin.

”Is this the fastest speed you have?” Ye Chen was beside Lei Qiaolin, he followed close to Lei Qiaolin.

”Sigh, how come you” Lei Qiaolin was surprised when she saw Ye Chen clinging tightly to her, this man’s speed was quite fast too.

Lei Qiaolin increased her speed again, she became so fast it made ripples while flying.

Lei Qiaolin’s speed was already abnormal, this woman’s speed was abnormal and extremely fast.

She might be able to circle this star in just a very short time.

Lei Qiaolin used full speed, she used everything he had to escape from Ye Chen.

”Is this already the fastest?” just when Lei Qiaolin thought that he had run away from Ye Chen, Lei Qiaolin found that Ye Chen was still clinging tightly to her.

”Impossible, how could he possibly be able to catch up to me” Lei Qiaolin couldn’t believe it when she saw Ye Chen who had returned to chase after her.

”why?, are you so surprised” Ye Chen smiled at Lei Qiaolin, he smiled seeing Lei Qiaolin who was surprised by him.

”Ice Seal Cube” Lei Qiaolin sealed Ye Chen’s movement, he sealed Ye Chen in an Ice block.

”okay he won’t be able to move anymore” with this Ye Chen won’t be able to move, Lei Qiaolin just needs to wait for the time to run out.

” Cracks .
.” The Ice Cube that sealed Ye Chen’s body shattered, it turned into a myriad of Ice shards.

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”Is attacking allowed, you didn’t say this from the start” Ye Chen said to Lei Qiaolin.

Lei Qiaolin gaped, she looked surprised when she saw that Ye Chen was able to free himself from her attack.

”No way, I’ve never seen someone break free that fast.” Lei Qiaolin couldn’t believe he couldn’t believe it when he saw Ye Chen manage to break free within seconds.

”why don’t you answer me” Ye Chen asked Lei Qiaolin, he asked Lei Qiaolin who was currently confused and thinking about something.

”You don’t seem normal, who exactly are you?” Lei Qiaolin asked Ye Chen, Ye Chen is really not normal.

”I am still normal, maybe you are not normal” said to Lei Qiaolin.

”I’m still normal” Lei Qiaolin immediately refuted what Ye Chen said, Lei Qiaolin was still normal and didn’t have any abnormality.

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