Chapter 1833 go to the secret place of the Blood Seeker Organization

  ”That’s interesting, then take me there quickly.” Ye Chen told Hu Yinan to immediately bring himself to the Blood Seeker Organizational’s place.

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”Are you sure you want to do that?” Hu Yinan said to Ye Chen again, the place they were going to was a very dangerous place, no one would ever return after Blood Seeker Organization’s secret base.

”You don’t have to worry about that matter, I’ll sort this out myself” Ye Chen said to Hu Yinan.

time for Ye Chen to take care of Blood Seeker Organizational, after what happened, Ye Chen will try to take care of the Blood Seeker Organizational.

The Blood Seeker Organization was indeed big and powerful, but now that Ye Chen had also become very strong, it was time to get rid of the troublesome organizations and send assassins to look for him.

”I’ll tell you” Hu Yinan finally agreed to tell Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen about the whereabouts of the Blood Seeker Organization.

That place was in a secluded star and slightly far from the God Realm, it was a no-man’s place that was the headquarters of the Blood Seeker Organization.

Hu Yinan also reminded that it was only a gathering place for Blood Seeker Organizations, he couldn’t guarantee that Qiao Xin was here.

”Even if Qiao Xin isn’t there, we can still find information in that place.” Even though Qiao Xin wasn’t there, Ye Chen could still find information about Qiao Xin’s whereabouts from the person who was in that place.

”Then come with me, make sure you use something to protect your identity” Hu Yinan said to Ye Chen.

”Don’t worry, it will be a very easy thing to do.” Ye Chen said that it was a very easy thing to do.

Ye Chen took the God Mask, he took the God Mask and covered himself.

”Let’s go” Ye Chen took Hu Yinan away, he told Hu Yinan to guide the way.

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Hu Yinan led the way for Ye Chen, she led Ye Chen to the most dangerous place in God Realm.

Ye Chen and Hu Yinan flew over, they headed towards a remote part that was outside the God Realm.

This place is quite far away, around there are no stars and sun, it can be said that this place is very dark.

Ye Chen could understand why the Blood Seeker Organizational place was around this place, apparently this was the reason, this place was very remote and far from all kinds of things.

It’s also very dark in here, everyone will find it difficult to see what’s around.

Ye Chen saw a star that was black, this star was so dark that its surface was invisible.

”It’s too dark” Ye Chen saw that the star in front was too dark.

”This place is indeed very dark, this is the most suitable place for an assassin to fight” Hu Yinan said to Ye Chen.

”Then we will light up this place” Since this place is dark, Ye Chen will make it light.

”Master what are you going to do” Hu Yinan asked Ye Chen, she asked what Ye Chen would do.

”I don’t like going through the back door, let’s just knock on their front door” Ye Chen said to Hu Yinan.

Ye Chen didn’t want to sneak, this place seemed too risky and they would be easy to find.

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Assassins would become extremely powerful when the terrain was favorable to them, so fighting them required more than intelligence.

From Ye Chen’s hand emerged a profound flame, Ye Chen made an enormous profound flame.

An enormous profound flame appeared, enormous in size and equal to the size of a sun.

The light that came out of this fire made a very strong light and made the area around this place very bright.

”So bright” Hu Yinan did not expect that Ye Chen would make such a huge sun.

”Okay, this sun will be here and illuminate everywhere.” Ye Chen used this sun to illuminate everywhere.

”Come with me” Ye Chen headed towards the star in front of him, he went straight into the star.

What Ye Chen did was very conspicuous, naturally all assassins came out of their hiding places.

They wanted to ambush Ye Chen using their strength.

”God Domination Pressure” Ye Chen used God Domination Pressure, immediately a terrifying pressure enveloped the entire star.

This aura was extremely powerful, this aura enveloped the entire star and made a

weak Assassin instantly fall and become unconscious, some Assassins even knelt down when they felt the terrifying pressure released by Ye Chen.

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”Where is your leader?” Ye Chen asked, he asked where the person who was the leader of the Blood Seeker Organization was.

Everyone in this place was silent, they were all silent and didn’t want to say where the leader of the Blood Seeker Organization was.

”we won’t say where the leader is” all assassins are very loyal, they have a rule where they won’t reveal the information they have.

”Are you sure?” Ye Chen asked everyone, Ye Chen still has a little patience, he still has quite a lot of patience when facing assassins in this place.

Ye Chen’s pressure became stronger, he had a very strong pressure and made the Assassins fall one by one.

”Who is this person, his aura is so terrifying” Everyone in this star couldn’t stand it, they were all unable to defend against Ye Chen’s strength.

”Oh, so you are Mask Hero, what made someone like you come to this place?” An old man appeared, he was an old man with quite a strong aura.

”It seems you are the person in charge of this place” Ye Chen said to the old man in front of him.

”I am the strongest person in this place” the old man told that he was the strongest person in this place.

”I want to ask you something” Ye Chen said to the man in front of him, he wanted information about someone.

”What kind of information do you need from me?” the old man asked Ye Chen.

This old man seemed unwilling to fight Ye Chen, he seemed to know that fighting Ye Chen was a difficult thing to do.

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”I want to talk in a place that is not too crowded, it is too friendly here” Ye Chen said to the old man in front of him.

”Okay” the old man nodded, he told Ye Chen to follow him.

”First can you release the pressure, it’s terrible” The old man said to Ye Chen, Ye Chen’s pressure was terrible, he felt a great power from Ye Chen.

It turns out that the rumors about the Mask Hero are true, this person is very strong, it is not strange that the great powers in the God Realm are afraid of him.

The old man brought Ye Chen along with himself, the three of them went to a special room which looked very dark.

”So what do you need?” the old man asked Ye Chen.

”I need something from you, I’m looking for one of the people from this organization” Ye Chen said to the old man in front of him.

”This place is a large organization with a lot of individuals and clans within it, who you are looking for will be quite difficult to find considering there are too many people whose identities are still unknown” the old man told Ye Chen that it was difficult to know what Ye Chen wanted.

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