Chapter 1837 Qiao Xin was approached by young master of Jing Clan

  Jing Clan is a very strict place, here the guard is very strong and it is not easy to leave, currently there are countless people watching this place, almost everyone is watching where Qiao Xin is.

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”This place is really annoying.” Qiao Xin cursed lightly, she felt that this place was really annoying.

Qiao Xin wanted to leave immediately, she didn’t like living in a place like this, unfortunately Qiao Xin couldn’t do that, she wouldn’t be able to leave this place because the security was too tight.

”Who can save me in a situation like this?” Qiao Xin wanted to know if there was anyone who could save her, she really wanted to be saved by someone.

Qiao Xin thought of Ye Chen, it had been a long time since she had been with Ye Chen.

”Where is that man now, did he just forget about me, that’s the man they always are” Qiao Xin sighed, it seems Ye Chen had forgotten herself too quickly.

Even though Qiao Xin quite liked Ye Chen, she liked Ye Chen who became the man of her own best friend.

Somehow this kind of relationship felt so good, Qiao Xin was happy with the feeling of danger when Li Jingyi would find her.

Qiao Xin smiled to herself when she was with Ye Chen, she felt happy and comfortable when she was with Ye Chen.

”Miss Qiao, why don’t you come out” while Qiao Xin was thinking about Ye Chen, a male voice came from outside.

”he again, doesn’t he get bored coming here every few hours” Qiao Xin’s mood immediately changed, she felt annoyed when she heard the voices of people outside.

”Miss Qiao” people outside kept calling Qiao Xin, Qiao Xin felt annoyed when she heard this voice.

”why are you disturbing my nap” Qiao Xin came out, herself said to the person outside.

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Qiao Xin tried not to get angry, she restrained herself from getting angry when she came out.

If Qiao Xin got angry, she might even be in danger considering this was the enemy’s place, so being gentle with the enemy was something Qiao Xin had to do.

Qiao Xin had already carried out various sneak missions, blending in and getting close to the enemy had already been mastered by Qiao Xin.

A young man was in Qiao Xin’s courtyard, this young man was handsome and had quite a bit of charm around him.

At first glance this young man was a handsome man with many fans.

Every member of Jing Clan was an Assassin, they were a dangerous Clan and good at infiltration, perfection in appearance was prioritized to support them in carrying out their duties.

Here are many handsome young masters and beautiful young ladies, they guard their bodies to lure the enemy.

Sometimes a dangerous weapon is ignorance, so Assassins will very quickly kill their targets.

This young man’s name was Jing Sanli, he was the young master of the Jing Clan and one of the candidates who could approach Qiao Xin.

The Jing Clan already knew Qiao Xin’s identity, they already knew that Qiao Xin was the Wind Shadow and they wanted to make Qiao Xin a good seed for the Jing Clan’s descendants.

The Jing Clan guarded their bloodline well, they would only accept the best Assassins to carry on their Clan.

”Sorry for disturbing Miss Qiao’s sleep, is Miss Qiao disturbed?” Jing Sanli asked Qiao Xin.

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”of course, I want to sleep, can’t young master Jing let me sleep” Qiao Xin said to Jing Sanli.

”Then how about I accompany Miss Qiao inside, I will take good care of Miss Qiao” Jing Sanli said to Qiao Xin.

”-_-” Qiao Xin’s face became uncomfortable, she met such a shameless person.

Jing Sanli seemed to have quite a bit of experience, Qiao Xin could see that from how this man was blatantly trying to get Qiao Xin.

Qiao Xin wasn’t surprised when she saw this, the Jing Clan’s education must be strict, men and women must have been told to do that since they were little.

”That’s not necessary, I can sleep alone” Qiao Xin said to Jing Sanli.

Even though Qiao Xin was already angry and dissatisfied in her heart, she could still smile, Qiao Xin could still control her anger and not be angry with Jing Sanli.

had Qiao Xin not been in the Jing Clan, she might have already broken and crushed the lower half of Jing Sanli.

Qiao Xin didn’t like Jing Sanli, she really didn’t like this man, she thought this man was the worst she had ever met.

”Oh what a shame, even though I want to be with Miss Qiao” Jing Sanli didn’t give up, he was still excited and tried to be alone with Qiao Xin.

”Young master Jing, if you don’t mind, how about you give me a break, tomorrow I still have to perform” Qiao Xin said to Jing Sanli.

Qiao Xin asked in a gentle tone, she asked Jing Sanli to give herself some rest.

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Qiao Xin’s words and face made Jing Sanli unbearable, Qiao Xin’s beauty was hard to resist and reject.

”Ahhh, Miss Qiao Xin is so beautiful, then I won’t bother Miss anymore, I hope Miss will choose me” Jing Sanli said to Qiao Xin.

”It depends on the young master’s ability” said Qiao Xin to Jing Sanli.

”I will definitely do my best” Jing Sanli said that he would do his best to get Qiao Xin’s attention.

”Then I’ll go first.” Jing Sanli said goodbye, he said goodbye to Qiao Xin and left the courtyard.

”This sucks, I hope I get out of here soon” Qiao Xin hoped that she could quickly leave this place.



Because Ye Chen had made such a big mess, Ye Chen finally decided to go find a star that he could train with, Ye Chen was looking for a quiet place away from life.

Here Ye Chen continued to practice, he kept trying to perfect the Five Lord Elements Technique.

Right now Ye Chen was able to fuse four elements, but when Ye Chen tried to combine five elements, Ye Chen’s profound energy was drained enormously, as a result Ye Chen could only use this for 1 to 2 times.

”The consumption of profound energy is enormous.” Ye Chen saw that the consumption of profound energy when combining five elements into one was extremely terrifying, even with Ye Chen’s profound energy, he couldn’t afford to use this again and again.

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Ye Chen had to be wiser when using the Five Lord Elements Technique, it absorbed too much of Ye Chen’s profound energy.

As a result, Ye Chen might be forced to use his veins to defend himself and it wouldn’t be good to use things like that for a long time.

I’ve been training in this place for a few hours, looks like I’ll have to go back soon to meet with Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen wanted to come back soon, he wanted to go back soon and meet Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen returned, he went towards the inn and waited for news from Hu Yinan.

Hu Yinan came back, she brought news for Ye Chen, she got all the information Ye Chen needed.

”You did a great job” Ye Chen was pleased with Hu Yinan’s work, Hu Yinan did a very good and tidy job.

”Thank you very much” Hu Yinan thanked Ye Chen, she was happy to be praised by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw all the information of important people in the Jing Clan, it turned out that there were many important people with great power in the Jing Clan.

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