s a result, Ye Chen served the young lady of their rich and pleasant family.

”This is troublesome.” Ye Chen felt that this was troublesome, if he had no interest, then he would not have come to this place.

About 30 minutes later the people gathered, they all gathered and the show could start.

”Welcome everyone, tonight we will show you the best show, you will not feel a loss for seeing our show” a man said to the audience, it seems he is the host who is in charge of guiding everyone.

For some reason the Jing Clan was like a television artist family, Ye Chen felt that they had a very strong entertainment business.

If Ye Chen didn’t know what the Jing Clan had behind the scenes, then he wouldn’t have believed that they were a normal Clan.

”Okay, first we will show you the art of fighting” the host said to everyone, they will show an art of fighting with handsome actors who dazzle everyone.

.” All the women screamed, almost all the women were excited when they heard this.

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Ye Chen covered his ears, Ye Chen’s surroundings were too noisy, the women around were too noisy as they shouted towards the stage.

the members of the Jing Clan began to show their abilities, they showed their skills and wowed the audience.

”nothing special” was different from the others, Ye Chen didn’t see anything special, he didn’t see anything interesting from the show.

It seemed that Ye Chen was expecting too much from the Jing Clan, they were not as good as Ye Chen thought.

After a few minutes, the Jing Clan members finished their moves, they thanked the audience.

” clap .
.” The audience in this place immediately applauded, they gave a round of applause for the performance of the Jing Clan.

”Okay, next is a show from beautiful women, you guys will definitely like it” said the host.

”This is what we’ve been waiting for” This time it was the boys’ turn to get excited, they were all excited and started to go too far.

They don’t care, they want to see their idol performing.

Ye Chen felt like he was watching a concert, there were so many crazy men and women in this place.

”It can’t be helped, this is their hobby” Ye Chen couldn’t do anything, this was the hobby of every individual, so Ye Chen couldn’t do anything about this matter.

Everyone has different hobbies and thoughts, there are some people who don’t like this kind of thing, while there are some people who really like and even are too fanatical about artists or idols.

Some beautiful women came down with umbrellas and some carried long ribbons, they started to dance and some sang.

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”An opera” this time Ye Chen saw that this was a show where there was good dancing and singing.

”not bad either” these women are quite entertaining, they are quite entertaining the men in this place.

”ahhh, goddess look here” the men were very enthusiastic, they were very enthusiastic when they saw beautiful girls dancing and singing.

”Where is Qiao Xin?” Ye Chen had not found Qiao Xin, he was curious when Qiao Xin would appear.

The show continued, the situation seemed to be getting hotter, everyone seemed happy and happy when they saw the show.

”Looks like something’s not right” Ye Chen started to feel that something wasn’t right, the people from the Jing Clan actually used charm techniques to make both men and women excited, that way their performances would still go well and would never be boring to the eyes.

No wonder Ye Chen didn’t find anything interesting, it turned out that the Jing Clan used enchantments to get their audience excited and shouted like that.

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