Chapter 1842 managed to bring Qiao Xin to safety

  ”It turns out that the power of this attack is much stronger than I imagined.” Jing Mazun didn’t expect that Ye Chen’s attack would be so powerful, Ye Chen’s attack was very strong and had a very strong destructive power.

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”I’ll stop it” as Array seemed to be starting to falter, Jing Mazun would step up and stop Ye Chen’s attack.

”Great king Knife Flame” Jing Mazun used an extremely powerful ability, himself using the strongest technique to stop DESOLATE PALMS.

Jing Mazun knew that he would not be able to stop this by normal means, so he used this technique to stop DESOLATE PALMS.

”Boom” An explosion occurred, the huge blade of fire crashed into DESOLATE PALMS and made a huge explosion in the sky.

This huge explosion covered the city, countless buildings and various walls near the Jing Clan had to be destroyed by the impact of the huge explosion.

” Cough.
.” Jing Mazun backed away, he coughed a few times after trying to withstand the attacks from DESOLATE PALMS.

”much stronger” Jing Mazun felt that the power of DESOLATE PALMS was very strong and made him choke.

Luckily the attack just now was issued by Ye Chen’s Clone, if Ye Chen was alone, then it would not be easy for Jing Mazun.

After dealing with the commotion, Jing Mazun immediately looked for Ye Chen’s whereabouts, he immediately looked for the whereabouts of Ye Chen who was out there.

”Hurry and find that person” Jing Mazun told everyone to look for Ye Chen’s whereabouts, he told everyone to look for Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

All the Jing Clan members left, they were looking for the whereabouts of Ye Chen who had already left the Jing Clan.

Ye Chen went to the nearest town, Hu Yinan followed behind Ye Chen and made sure Ye Chen didn’t leave a trace.

Qiao Xin just kept quiet, she kept an eye on who the man who had just saved her was.

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Ye Chen took Qiao Xin to a small village far from the city, they would be safer staying in a secluded place for the time being.

Ye Chen rented a house, he did this and had planned this from the start.

Ye Chen brought Qiao Xin in, himself threw Qiao Xin on the bed.

”You are a troublesome woman” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, Qiao Xin had made Ye Chen feel troubled, she had made Ye Chen feel troubled with what he was doing.

”What would you do ?” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen, Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen.

”Moreover” Ye Chen smiled at Qiao Xin, he smiled as he looked at Qiao Xin in front of him.

Qiao Xin quickly covered her body, she felt a fiery gaze from Ye Chen.

”Don’t look at me with that look” Qiao Xin told Ye Chen not to look at her with that look.

”What, are you embarrassed” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, Ye Chen saw that Qiao Xin was ashamed of herself.

”Of course” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen, Qiao Xin was indeed embarrassed, she was indeed embarrassed when she faced Ye Chen.

Ye Chen revealed his true appearance, showing who he was to Qiao Xin.

”Ehhh! ! !” Qiao Xin looked surprised when she saw the real Ye Chen, she was quite surprised when she saw who the real Ye Chen was.

”Ye Chen, it’s you ?” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen, Qiao Xin didn’t expect it to be Ye Chen.

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”What’s wrong?, Are you surprised to find out that it’s me” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

”Of course” Qiao Xin nodded, she was indeed surprised to find out that the person who had saved her was Ye Chen.

”Even though I went to great lengths to come up with a plan to save you, you ended up ruining it yourself” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin.

Ye Chen’s plan was in vain, he instead caused a huge mess and angered the Jing Clan.

”I’m sorry, I didn’t know” Qiao Xin lowered her head, she didn’t know that Ye Chen was trying to save her.

If only Qiao Xin knew about this, she would definitely cooperate with Ye Chen.

Too bad Qiao Xin didn’t know about this matter, she didn’t know about Ye Chen’s plan to save her.

”Then I’ll ask for a gift instead” Ye Chen climbed onto the bed, climbed onto the bed and started to hug Qiao Xin.

” what are you doing?” Qiao Xin asked Ye Chen, she asked what Ye Chen was trying to do.

”I want you” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, Ye Chen told that he wanted Qiao Xin.

”why suddenly” Qiao Xin was surprised by Ye Chen’s confession, Ye Chen was too sudden and made Qiao Xin feel shocked.

”What’s the matter, don’t you want to?” Ye Chen asked Qiao Xin.

”It’s not like that, it’s just that you’re in too much of a hurry” Qiao Xin said to Ye Chen.

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”I don’t want you to be in trouble like before, that’s why I want you right now.” Ye Chen saw that Qiao Xin continued to be in trouble, that’s why he decided to get Qiao Xin instead.

”Wait a minute” Qiao Xin wasn’t ready, she wasn’t ready for Ye Chen’s sudden confession like this.

Ye Chen ignored Qiao Xin’s refusal, he immediately kissed Qiao Xin who was in front of him.

”umm” Qiao Xin couldn’t resist, all her resistance and resistance wouldn’t work on Ye Chen.

”Why can’t I refuse this man?” Qiao Xin couldn’t refuse Ye Chen, somehow Qiao Xin couldn’t refuse Ye Chen’s request.

Qiao Xin felt like she was being enchanted by Ye Chen, this made it difficult or even impossible for Qiao Xin to resist Ye Chen.

”This is very delicious” The kiss that was shared with Ye Chen was very delicious, Qiao Xin liked the kiss given by Ye Chen.

Since the early debut of the hidden relationship she had with Ye Chen, Qiao Xin became much more passionate, sometimes she often dreamed of Ye Chen and had sex with Ye Chen.

It was most likely because Qiao Xin liked Ye Chen, it made her mind always filled with Ye Chen and Ye Chen.

Qiao Xin started to follow Ye Chen’s play, she followed Ye Chen’s moves.

since Qiao Xin already had a lot of knowledge on male and female matters, Ye Chen didn’t need to teach her.

Qiao Xin just needed practice, she just needed to practice and start developing her own abilities together with Ye Chen.

., Chu.
., Chu.
., Chu.
..” Qiao Xin started to be aggressive, she started to be aggressive and kissed Ye Chen passionately.

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Seeing Qiao Xin getting wilder, Ye Chen decided to match Qiao Xin, he balanced Qiao Xin’s strength with her own abilities.

Ye Chen would show Qiao Xin that he had the ability, he would show what kind of strength and ability he had.

.” Qiao Xin had an amazing pleasure, she felt happy and very comfortable with this kiss.

After a few minutes of kissing, Ye Chen started to take off Qiao Xin’s clothes.

” Wait .
.” Qiao Xin tried to stop Ye Chen.

”No need to be shy anymore” Ye Chen said to Qiao Xin, Ye Chen tried to persuade the timid Qiao Xin.

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